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Full Service Van Lines

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6601 Lyons Road
Coconut Creek, FL 33073

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For the past 27 years we have continued to maintain the utmost level of professionalism, and customer satisfaction in the industry. We are one of the most respected and recommended moving companies in the US. At Full Service Van Lines, our customers come first. We listen to and understand every individual need, while skillfully handling every step of the moving process in a professional manner. Full Service Van Lines offers full service moving, packing and storage services at competitive prices and guarantee to exceed all your expectations. Full Service Van Lines has moved thousands of families and businesses throughout the U.S, all while establishing a great reputation of dependability and trust. We pride ourselves in providing affordable moving services, with the best movers who care for each and every customer. Helping a family or organization relocate is a huge task and we very well know the extent of the responsibility and expertise it entails. At Full Service Van Lines, the customer is the top priority and we ensure that the entire moving process goes as smooth and stress-free as possible. Our packing and moving services are tailored to suit each customer, no matter how big or small their needs. So, when you're choosing a reputable mover, " Full Service, At Your Service."


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Number of Trucks 11
Warehouse Size 15800 sq ft

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Full Service Van Lines Reviews - 7

1 out of 5
Overcharged, Late, and Broken Itemsby Shannon C.

I have been waiting to write a review because we are looking into what legal measures we can take against this company. We hired them to move us from Washington, DC to Los Angeles, California. As brief as I can bring myself to make this, given my rage, and in chronological order:

1) They doubled the price after our stuff was on the truck
2) They were horrible at packing everything and left items behind (an entire closet full, for example, after I pointed it out twice during the packing)
3) They could not locate our entire shipment for months; after a couple of months, they figured out it had still not left the East Coast and they hired another company WITHOUT our permission to complete the job
4) In the end, they were THREE MONTHS LATE
5) The second company they hired did not show up twice in a row on the date we had scheduled with them for move-in, after reserving the loading dock with much difficulty. When my husband called them after their second no-show, the company actually made fun of his stuttering - like, really - rather than apologize
6) We were upcharged AGAIN by the second company, before they would start moving our stuff in, and without giving us any reassurance it was, in fact, our stuff
7) Some of the stuff they delivered was clearly marked with someone else's name and was not ours; we had to insist that they take it back down to the truck
8) Our fragile family heirlooms were destroyed by their mishandling and horrible packing (they actually threw unprotected crystal into some pots and pans and just boxed it up)

If your name is ROB and you are missing some items from these movers, we should make contact and join in a lawsuit together.

1 out of 5
3 months passed still don't have my thingsby Remi B.

I haven't had the best experience to say the least with this moving company. I had reserved their services in May 2015 for a cross country move from Maryland to Utah and to this day (Aug 13, 2015) I still haven't received my things or gotten any reliable information from them on when I will get my stuff. From the communication I've had, which has been very much from my side only with their dispatch manager, my things have been in the same warehouse since the day they were picked up. I've gotten no date for delivery or resolution to my case. I can't even file a claim with their company till my items are delivered. This is mostly theft at this point. From the multiple calls a week that I did for the 3 months this has been going on, I've only gotten 1 call from them. I hope you have better luck than I did but I definitely won't be recommending this company.

1 out of 5
It's been 2 months, where is my furniture?!?!?!?! by Angie f.

 Do not hire these irresponsible "movers"!!!!!!!

I unfortunately did not have anyone to warn me about them when I contacted them back in May for a PA to NV move and have been living A nightmare ever since!!!

To start, the driver was more worried about getting in my pants than doing his job!!!! He didn't even have the paperwork and tools needed to complete his job!!! I had to take pictures of the paperwork I went to the library to pick up !!!! Then during the pick up, I was charged for extra inventory which were a few boxes from the original inventory and the driver, Ivan Lugo tried charging $600 extra. When I questioned how he calculated this, he said "Ima give you a discount and only charge $295". Where Did he get $600 from?!?!? The fact that he couldn't explain the charges to me, and also the fact that he had been talking about ripping off other customers in the past, raised a flag!!!!!!!

That's just the beginning!!!

My furniture was picked up 6/4/15 and it is now 8/10/15 and nothing has arrived!!!!! The last time I heard from "Shawn" the head dispatcher was on 7/20/15 and he has yet to respond to my emails or return my calls to provide an update. It's so bad that I have to block my number or call from another phone so they can answer my calls!!!! I call and speak to their secretary (some guy who just answers the phone and takes messages and can't even provide you with any info) and I can clearly hear Shawn in the background every single time!!!! Yet I'm told Shawn is in the warehouse and will call me back.... 3 weeks later and still waiting for that call back!!!!!

I am so tired of trying to contact them I've almost given up at this point!!!!! I've not only given these crooks over $2000 at this point, I've had to sleep on an air mattress for over 2 months, with someone who has back problems and is going to therapy for it weekly!!!! This is ridiculous!!!!

I've tried to keep calm and not put their business out there but at this point, I've had it!!!! Maybe this review will get their attention... or the one on the BBB site...Or CONSUMERAFFAIRS.COM.... Or RIPOFFREPORT.COM.. Or MOVINGCOMPANYREVIEWS.COM...Or MYMOVINGREVIEW.COM...Or MOVINGSCAM.COM...Or MOVERREVIEWS.COM....Or PROTECTYOURMOVE.ORG....and every single site I come across!!!!!! The list goes on!!!!!

Better yet, maybe when my lawyer contacts them... Maybe then will I get a straight forward and realistic response along with my furniture!!!!!!

Trust me Full Service Van Lines.... I will see you good for nothing thieves in court!!!!! And God forbid you maliciously ruin, destroy and/or lose my furniture because I'm writing reviews about your "service" over 2 months after your empty promises, I will own this company by the time I'm done with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 out of 5
Can't get my belongingsby David H.

I signed up for a $3000 "white glove delivery" of my belongings from NY to AZ. Allan from sales was very helpful, no complaints there. The pick-up went relatively well - I wasn't too happy about one of the movers dropping a deuce in my bathroom, but when nature calls I guess . . .

Once I found a local apartment, I gave them the drop-off address and was given a 7-10 day delivery estimate. I called back a week later and was told my stuff was in Phoenix, but they didn't have anyone to bring it to me - and they couldn't even give me an estimate of when they'd have movers in the area. I called several times over the next two weeks to try to get an update on my delivery - on at least 3 separate occasions, I was told I'd get a call back that day and never received one. The two times I was able to reach the dispatch manager, he told me the same thing - my stuff was in Phoenix, but he still didn't have anyone who could deliver it and still had no idea when he would. Why they couldn't just subcontract one of the dozens of available local AZ movers I have no idea - I guess I was supposed sleep on the floor of my empty apartment while they waited for one of their movers to make an unscheduled appearance in Phoenix.

I finally got fed up and informed them I'd just pick up my stuff in exchange for a partial refund. After the dispatch manager told me "it doesn't work like that," I got Allan to agree to take $450 off the balance so I could pick it up myself. I was transferred to a "customer service" rep, who told me to call back after I'd sent an e-check for the remaining balance to get the pick-up address - she said to call back before 5 EST, when she'd be leaving (this was last Friday and I really wanted to get it resolved so I could make moving plans over the weekend). After reluctantly sending the check (thus forfeiting any leverage I had), I called back at 4 EST to get the address but got no answer. After trying several more times, I realized she was gone for the day, an hour earlier than she said she'd be.

I called back yesterday (Monday) and was told (you guessed it) they'd call me right back. After waiting a few hours, I barraged them with calls until the dispatch manager picked up and told me the only people who knew where my stuff was were in an "all-day meeting," but that he'd get the info and call me back (he didn't). Same thing happened today, so this is at least the sixth time someone told me they'd call me back the same day, only to disappear.

So, to review, not only did they have no idea when they could deliver my belongings, they have no idea where my belongings are.

3 out of 5
Good service, poor estimateby Chris B.

After taking quotes from a few places and thoroughly searching online reviews, I chose Full Service Van Lines to take care of my family move from Maryland to Florida.
My sales point of contact was Allan, who was very friendly and always willing to help. I spent nearly an hour with Allan on the phone as I walked around my house and described a full inventory of what I wanted to be moved. As the weeks up to the move passed, I continuously updated the inventory for things we sold or forgot to put on etc. My quote was $4,500 including packing for 950 cubic feet.
I was very insistent in my quote that the pickup must be on a specific day. This was key in the planning of my move. I was less concerned with delivery date, but I asked for 3 days after collection.
2 days before collection, my order was handed to a driver by dispatch and he contacted me stating he would be there on the morning of my requested day (Friday).
Sure enough, at 8:30am two local 3rd party guys showed up, with 2 employees in a Full Service Van Lines truck arriving shortly after. The guys were friendly and definitely did a good job. Shortly after seeing everything, the driver warned me that it looked closer to 1200 cubic feet. Each cubic foot above my quote would be billed at $4.75 (my original rate). I offered my disappointment, as the only things to be packed were those quoted.
When the truck was finally loaded I was informed that I had taken 1500 cubic feet, which would cost me an additional $2500 from that originally quoted. This was 50% extra from the original quote. At this point I said I would remove some large items that I felt had not been efficiently packed, like desks and tables that could have been broken down and flattened. In the end I settled with the driver on $1900, and a Monday delivery promise, which was reasonable taking everything into account. I then paid 50% of remaining bill by personal check, with the final 50% payable on collection.
Monday rolls around and 1 hour before expected delivery I have Full Service Accounts Administrator Nancy on the phone, stating my personal check had not cleared from Friday, therefore I would have to pay cash (over $5k owing at this point) to get delivery that day. Now I should have thought about this before using a check, I don’t blame the company for their stance on this matter. In the end Nancy managed to get an OK from the manager to deliver my possessions after I had a Bank of America associate in the local branch assure her the money was going to be good. Realistically the check I gave them could have bounced the next day, so I do appreciate the service provided by Nancy.
After the office gave them the ok, the same crew and van arrived at my house and smoothly delivered every single item in the exact condition it left my old house. I gave them the cashier’s check for the remaining balance and they were on their way.
Long story short, the physical service was excellent, Friday pick up and Monday delivery 1000 miles away, not one item was damaged. However, the original quote was way off and I advise anybody to firstly quote on the high side when giving an inventory and also take the time to dismantle any furniture yourself or demand the movers do it to save cubic feet on the truck. I have a suspicion that every moving company operates in a similar manner, as they have to quote low to get custom.

1 out of 5
Don't Repeat Our Full Service Van Lines Nightmareby Darla S.

Let me start out by saying that we should have known better than to hire this company. While we tried to do extensive research before choosing a long-distance mover, we now realize that there are many things that a company can do to make the information that you uncover look quite different from the reality. One site that we somehow failed to turn up was this one: -- and we highly recommend that anyone researching a long-distance move read the information there carefully!

Our experience with FSVL/FSM began in mid-September when we talked to a salesman there named Pete. He was super-eager to get the sale, calling and texting us multiple times even after we told him we'd decided to go with another company -- to the point of being almost stalker-ish. Most of his follow-ups were links to sites we should check out to see how BAD other movers were and to verify that no "hostage complaints" were on file for FSVL. We hate ourselves for eventually being swayed by this -- but FSVL's assurance that they'd pick us up on Oct. 20/21 and deliver our stuff in 3-5 days ("likely even less but we can't guarantee") finally won us over. We backed out on the mover we felt better about and decided to go with FSVL after all. Shame on US. We should have gone with our gut to stay away from anyone so high-pressure on the sale - who talked more "smack" about other companies than positive about FSVL.

Nevertheless, we contracted with them and made our 1/3 deposit payment on 9-18. We were told that as our move date neared, we'd get updates on exact pick-up time/date. On Oct.6, when we'd heard nothing, we sent an email inquiring about the status but were told it was too early to know -- they'd call us a week out. Okay, we could understand that.

But a week out and still no contact from FSVL made us antsy. We called them and were told we'd know more a couple of days out. Okay, kind of tough to plan days off work, packing, etc., but what could we do but wait? (Each time we called, we spoke to someone named Derek/Derrick (sp) or Matt.)

A couple of days out and when we called them (they still didn't contact us), we were told pickup would likely be on the morning of the 20th -- the driver would call to verify. He didn't. We called back and were told there were mechanical issues with the truck and the move would likely be the second day -- the driver would call to verify. He didn't. We called back and spoke to Matthew, who said he'd find out something definitive and call right back. He finally called back 5 hours later to say that the truck was broken down and our move probably wouldn't happen until late on the 21st -- if at all. By that time, we had everything packed and ready to go, our cable/internet disconnected. If we didn't get picked up on the 21, we'd be stuck hanging around in an apartment full of boxes with access to virtually nothing. Also, we had to be in FL for my husband's business by the 23rd, so we had to get out of there.

I was so frustrated that I contacte FSVL via Twitter, and we also began a series of phone calls to FSVL (with lots of promises of return calls that never came) to try to get them to give us a definitive pick-up date and time. When we finally got Derek on the line, we informed him that we were recording the conversation - which we were -- and that since we paid the 1st third of our deposit for a reservation for pick-up, we expected it to be honored. At first, he said he didn't want us to be unhappy but couldn't "help it if trucks broke down," but then he quickly decided to send a crew "that he calls in emergencies sometimes" to pick us up on the afternoon of the 21st after all.

The crew was 3 guys in a U-Haul. They brought ENTIRELY BLANK paperwork from FSVL for us to sign. Instead, we wrote on the paperwork that it WAS presented to us blank and that we couldn't agree to/sign regarding any of the terms on the paperwork. We MADE COPIES, which we kept. The plan was for our stuff to sit in the U-Haul at the home of the driver (Mike) until the 23rd, at which point the real FSVL driver would show up with the real (repaired) FSVL truck, transfer our stuff, and head to FL. Mike assured us that he had rottweilers at his house and our stuff would be safe sitting in his driveway in the meantime. OMG. As you can imagine, we were SICK by now, but we had no idea what else to do except keep good records, take photos of the U-Haul, and hope we'd ever see our stuff again. We called Derek after they left to inquire about why they'd expected us to sign blank paperwork, and he said that it was because of the "special circumstances" and they'd get us the right paperwork later. He also promised to keep us fully informed about how the entire process was going.

We never heard another word from anyone at FSVL, so on the 23rd, we called to find out whether our stuff had indeed been transferred to the FSVL truck. Surprise -- we were told Derek was unavailable would have to call us back. He didn't. We actually called Mike, the guy who'd picked up our stuff in the U-Haul, and he confirmed that the stuff was still sitting in his driveway in that U-Haul.

When we finally got in touch with Derek, he said the truck was still under repair so he didn't know when the transfer and trip to FL would happen, but he'd call us on Saturday. We figuredhe was just stone-walling and wouldn't call since FSVL doesn't have office hours that day, and sure enough, we were right. On the 27th, we still had no clue about the whereabouts of our stuff, and I again went to Twitter -- tweeting both @bestfloridamovers (FSVL) and owner Maxx Socher himself (Be sure to google his name when doing moving research), and asking them to please help us get our stuff!

Late on the 27th, we finally got a call from the real driver of the real FSVL truck. He said he'd arrive with our stuff on the morning of the 28th -- after unloading another family's stuff a few miles north. He did indeed show up as promised (much to our relief). He was driving a FSVL truck, but none of our stuff was in that. Our stuff was in a second different U-Haul driven by his one assistant. The driver brought the same paperwork that we'd seen at pickup -- only now it was completed (as the law/DOT requires). He encouraged us to backdate it to the actual pickup date, which we refused to do. Instead, we wrote on the paperwork that the real pickup came with BLANK paperwork. He asked us what FSVL had told us about why our move was so delayed, and when we told him, he said that what they had told us was about "80% truth" but didn't elaborate on the other 20%.

We got everything back, which at this point, quite frankly, was a happy surprise. However, our sofa had a large grease smear on the front, and our dresser and coffee tables both had large, deep scratches. We later discovered that two decorative knobs were missing from our tansu as well -- we hadn't noticed because when they delivered it, they turned its face toward a wall. Strategically perhaps? We don't know.

A few hours after the delivery, we got a follow-up call from Matt asking how everything went. Needless to say, we were in no mood to speak with him at that moment and told him we really didn't think he had enough time to hear all we had to say about the damage our stuff had incurred or how we thought it went! We also received an email from him later saying that he understood we had some damage and to please call him to initiate the claims process. Oh, and I even got a Twitter reply -- the day AFTER the move -- asking me to please call FSVL. Wow. Too bad nobody at FSVL cared to speak with us until it was all over with!

The truth is that we are just so happy to be done with this experience that we'll suck up the damage if it means NEVER having to deal with these people again! Plus, if their claims process is anything like the rest of their operation, we'd expect nothing from them anyway! Their lack of professionalism truly made our move the move from hell! BE SMARTER THAN WE WERE! HIRE SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR MOVE!

2 out of 5

Jake Pena with Full Service Van Lines came out to our house and viewed all furniture and items to be shipped. Quoted $6072.00. On moving day first truck wasn't tall enough for our custom wall unit. Second truck leaked rain water (had mold on back of custom wall unit). Third truck was a new Budget Rental truck. After 1/2 loaded they said we had more cubic footage than they originally thought and it would cost a about $800.00 for every 3 lineal feet additional in truck. We had to be out of our sold house and closing was taking place in 2 days on new house. Hotel arrangements made, etc. Couldn't change and find a new mover and they knew it. Final price was $14,470.00. I argued with mgr. Jason on the phone and he reduced it to $12,300.00. Jason said "if I signed waiver against damage claims he would reduce it another $500.00 but I refused. He also said if I didn't write and website bad reviews he would process any claims quick but if I did "it would take over 10 months". Since he used a subcontractor to deliver my goods his insurance company refused to honor damage claims stating that couldn't know which one caused the damage. DO NOT BELIEVE ALL THE FIVE STAR REVIEWS ON THEIR WEBSITE. NO ONE GETS ALL FIVE STAR REVIEWS.

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