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Golan's Moving & Storage Inc.

( 2.4 overall, based on 5 reviews)

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3600 Jarvis Ave
Skokie, IL 60076

We’ve packed and moved thousands of satisfied Chicago area residents and businesses over the last 20 years – many of them multiple times – from every corner of the city and across the suburbs, Naperville to the North Shore. We pride ourselves on providing quality moving services with our expert movers in Chicago at an affordable price.

Whether you’re moving across town, across the country or across the sea, Golan’s moving company in Chicago can do it all, including providing boxes, packing services, storage at our Skokie facility, and expertise with specialty tasks such as piano moving and auto transport. Our experienced Chicago movers – from the office to the truck – deliver superior customer service and handle your belongings with great care and efficiency.


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  • Corporate Relocation
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Moving Company Business Info

Number of Trucks 27
Warehouse Size 1 million cubic feet

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Golan's Moving & Storage Inc. Reviews - 5

1 out of 5
Over $12k in damage!!! Stay away from Golan's!!!by

Let me start this out by saying that I had used Golan's in the past to help me move some heavy items from the basement to the first floor and vice/versa. They had always been adequate so I decided to use them for my long distance move from IL to TX. What a mistake! My original interaction was with Brendan who told me about the insurance policy. Basically, he talked me out of insurance based on the fact that my items were self-packed and he said that if there was any damage, nothing would be covered anyways. I informed him that I had some very heavy, expensive audio-video gear and he assured me that he would tell the movers to be very careful. To say that they weren't careful would be an understatement. They tossed this stuff around like rag-dolls and were far more focused on speed than care. I pointed to an item that was painted with auto finish and told them to treat it as they would a car. The next thing I know they're pushing it along the top of a crate, protecting it with a single blanket with holes in it. The paint was gauged so deeply that it is going to have to get shipped to New York and refinished! They trashed a nice cherry entertainment center and thought it would be a good idea to push a 450 lb elliptical machine over hardwood floor with no sliders under it. They needed to remove the arm of the elliptical to get it up the stairs, and they had difficulty getting it back on. They figured a hammer was the best way to accomplish this. Precor said that they have never seen so much damage to a $7k elliptical before. Expensive gear was being placed with the "this side up" arrows facing downward despite my constant reminders. The movers continued to tell me not to worry, and that everything would be covered. They never suggested doing any particular documentation, but I did let Brendan know how the move was going. After talking to Julie Gold several times, the most she would offer me was $2,500 for over $12k worth of damages and the countless hours I spent in the claims process. She kept telling me that it was my fault for not buying insurance, and I had to keep reminding her about my conversation with Brendan. I asked to speak to the owner several times, but he had no interest in speaking to a customer that had over $12k worth of damage. Julie was skilled at the art of acting empathic but failed when it came down to really taking ownership for the companies failures, she didn't come through. If I didn't know better, I would have thought that this was an episode of Candid Camera. The Three Stooges would have done a better job moving us. All I can say is STAY AWAY FROM GOLAN'S!!! I would like to spare as many people having to go through what I did.

1 out of 5

Long story short, I used Golan's Moving and Storage to move from Chicago to the suburbs. The move took longer than originally quoted, they didn't use the tape and packing materials I asked them to, they damaged lamps and furniture, and last but not least, THEY STOLE FROM ME!!!

My iPad and printer were stolen by one of their illegal workers. I had overwhelming proof that it was indeed one of their employees and they said they were not responsible for the iPad. the printer was returned to me due to what they called a "miscommunication". I was told to file a police report for the stolen iPad so I did. Bottom line there is that the police have better things to do than worry about a stolen iPad, so the iPad was never seen again.

Regarding the broken lamps and damaged furniture; I was told to go through their claims process... This was quite possibly the most aggrevating part of the whole ordeal. The claim took over 4 months before I could even get someone on the phone to explain what the status was. I must have made over 25 calls to their "3rd party claim proccessing company". The first time I called I was given the name of the woman who was working on the "claim" and was told she was not in the office. I thought to myself, ok, she is not available today so I will try again soon. The messed up part is the next 24 times I called this so called woman was either not in the office or unavailable. I was getting nowhere with this so I decided to try calling the skokie office to speak with the branch manager. The manager at the skokie office is a woman by the name of Julie Gold. When I tried to explain the situation to her and stated I wanted my money back for the move, she just laughed and said, "that's never gonna happen" and then hung up on me. I couldn't even believe how disrespectful and unprofessional she was.

At this point I was furious. I started to research what legal recourse I had and needless to say I wasn't pleased with what I was finding. At the very most, I could take them to small claims court. In small claims court, even if a judgement is passed there is still no gaurantee they will pay up. I didn't have the time or money to take them to court so I was forced to sit for almost 6 MONTHS while my "claim" was being "processed". The total amount of the stolen iPad and damaged belongings I totaled up came out to be well over $1000 (almost as much as I paid for the move itself). But when I finally got something back from the "CLAIMS PROCESSING CENTER (somewhere in New Jersey)" they offered me less than $200 for all the trouble I had gone through. Obviously, Golan's and this "CLAIMS PROCESSING CENTER" are working together.

My last resort was filing a claim with the BBB (better business bureau) but it was useless as there is no one actually mediating any disputes. It's all automated.


I will be sure to post this review on other sites so people are aware of these cowards and frauds. I'm sure someone from Golan's will post something below my review saying something to the effect of: "We are sorry this happened", or "We would never do something like this to a customer".... Any attempt on their part to try and refute anything I've written here or to try and make themselves look better will just be further proof of their unprofessionalism, disrespectfulness and proof they just don't care. The fact of the matter is, these people are just criminals with a business license and unfortunately, are protected by the transportation industry which is hardly regulated and works in favor of companies like Golan's. The people responsible for Golan's Moving and Storage are:

Owner: Naftali Garber
Managing Director: Julie Gold

Oh, and on another note, after doing my research I found I wasn't the first person they did this to. They should be held responsible for their actions but unfortunately we live in a cynical world which favors big business over the little guy.

4 out of 5
Good crew, frustrating schedulingby

I used Golan's to move from Chicago to Minneapolis. Because it was an out of state move, I would have a pick up day and a delivery day with two different crews. Pickup day went smoothly. They sent a crew of 4 guys on a big box truck. Two of those guys regularly act as foreman, and they were very professional and experienced. The packing took a little longer than I expected, about 4 hours, but that was because everything was wrapped so well. All of the furniture was wrapped in blankets and taped up, and anything glass got special attention wrapped in extra cardboard. They put my mattress into a mattress box to protect it, that cost about $40 in materials. At times some of the wrapping seemed like overkill, but better safe than sorry.

We identified one piece of furniture that was the most important piece (a passed down antique), and asked the movers to take extra special care of it. One of the four crew members was not so good, he took frequent breaks, sat in the truck for a while, and was a bit unprofessional. He did a lousy job wrapping the one piece that we identified, but thankfully the foreman stepped in to make him unwrap it and do it over again the right way.

Scheduling the delivery of our belongings was quite hectic. Golan's guarantees a 2 week delivery window from pickup, but can't be more specific than that. I called a few times over the next few days to try to get any kind of confirmation but they were unable to give me a solid delivery date. They called me on a Friday to tell me that they would deliver on either Sunday or Monday but still could not give me a solid day. As it turned out, they called on Saturday around 2pm to say that they would deliver on Sunday morning. That was not very much notice and we had to drive throughout the night to be at our new home in time.

On delivery day, 2 crew members were sent to unload the truck. They were professional and did a good job. Nothing was damaged. We asked them to take away the mattress boxes but they said they can not do that. These are huge boxes and it was cumbersome for us to take them off the mattress, break them down, and take them out. It would have been nice if they took them away.

Overall we had a good move. The scheduling of the delivery is a process that could use some improvement.

1 out of 5
The absolute worst moving experience of my life! by

The move started off well with the quote. The coordinator (Nicholas Conner) showed up on time and give me a good quote. That was the last pleasant experience I had with Golan's.

The pickup date kept getting pushed back and back. I basically had to make call after call to inquire about the date and time of the pick up. At this time it was to late to switch to a different company. I already was regretting going with Golan's.

The movers called me early on a Monday morning and stated that they were in route. Two guys showed up and packed everything, and it literally took all day for a two bedroom Apt. At the end - they tried to swindle me for boxes and packing fees that Nicholas said would be free - which was 5 wardrobe boxes.

A day later they contacted me and said that my furniture weighed in at exactly a 1000 pounds more than the estimate that Nicholas give me. At this time I was thouroughly disgusted with this company.

Then for the delivery - Which was 7 days late! A man and lady showed up and were not professional looking in the least. They literally smelled and they hired two local workers that were even more unprofessional looking. When i seen the state of my furniture I was livid! The washer and dryer was dented and scratched, tables had the ends caved in, most of my furniture had some sort of damage, boxes marked "fragile" were upside down, it was disgusting! The lady didn't want to do anything, and literally asked if I wanted each piece unwrapped. They were trying to skate out of any additional work and do the bare minimum.

I served in the Military for 9 years and have moved all around the world. So, I have a lot of experience with moving companies. Please, Please, Please, for your own sake steer clear from this company! They may give you a lowball estimate. But, once they have your belongings they increase it. This company is complete garbage and I don't know how they are in business!

Golan's Moving & Storage Inc. Photo 1
Golan's Moving & Storage Inc.
Sep 05, 2014

We apologize for any inconvenience caused during your move. If you have not already, please contact our office so you can officially submit a claim and document any complaint you may have. Again, we apologize for the dissatisfaction caused.

5 out of 5
Great moving experienceby

Looking for a move across town, look no further than Golans. It's not often you have a great moving experience, but I can honestly tell you that mine was great. A crew of 5 men showed up right on time. They were clean, friendly and efficient. They worked hard and didn't make a lot of chit chat among themselves. To my surprise, they were done packing the truck within 3 hours and unpacked into my new place much before I had anticipated. The head member of the crew was extremely outgoing, personable, and genuinely was concerned for me and my "stuff".
I would go with Golans again and would also recommend them to friends. Further, I am a real estate professional and have recommended them to my clients. Happy moving!

Golan's Moving & Storage Inc. Photo 1
Golan's Moving & Storage Inc.
Sep 05, 2014

Thank you for the kind words! We are happy to be of service.

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