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New England Movers

( 1.0 overall, based on 2 reviews)

121 B Tremont Street
Boston, MA 02135

New England Movers is a local company specializing on long distance moves. full packing, partial packing long and short term storage and local moves.


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Number of Trucks 4
Warehouse Size 10000

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New England Movers Reviews - 2

1 out of 5
Unreliable by Mai T.

I got a call from Ken saying that he heard from another mover I was looking so he gave me a quote. I gave my deposit of $150 to confirm my appointment. They called the day before asking to change to 9 am and I agreed. 9:30am on my moving day no one shows I call New England Movers and they say they will be there for 10-11am. At 11:30 am I call and they say they will be there ASAP they are on another job and I will be next. I had to be out of my apartment at 4pm. 330pm no one is there needless to say I am furious and stressed with my landlord asking when are they getting here. Ken the guy who originally booked my appointment was nowhere to be found. A lady kept answering the phone with her baby crying in the background.
Luckily I have friend who used to work for a moving company and got them to help me last minute. New England movers called at 3:45pm and asked if I could move out the next morning with a discount I said I had to be out today and I had an appointment confirmed for 9am I have the email to prove it. They said they "mixed up paperwork" and I was not in their schedule to be moved. Worst company ever do not book with them they are NOT reliable.

1 out of 5
Boston Moving - It Gets Worseby Emily C.

I must preface this review by acknowledging in full that September 1st is the worst day of the year in Boston for everyone: people moving, the movers, the innocent bystanders, etc. Having moved a couple of times on this horrific day, this wasn't my first rodeo … so I don't have unrealistic expectations about moving in Boston.


My experience with New England Movers was at least pleasant right up until my moving date. My moving rep Ken consistently got back to me and responded to my needs, and he was the only moving company representative who didn’t seem confused or fazed by the fact that I had to move out on 8/31 but couldn’t move into my new place until 9/1. He provided me with 2 respective estimates for each move date, and I went into my move believing things would probably be okay.

On 8/30, the day before my move out date (8/31), I got a call from Ken telling me to expect movers on 8/31 between 12PM and 2PM. He also said that movers would move my stuff into my new apartment on the morning of 9/1. Since I could not move into my new apartment until after 12 PM on 9/1 (which I had mentioned to Ken in a previous phone conversation), I soon called him back and also emailed him that the morning of 9/1 wouldn’t work. He said he’d get back to me.

So, on the night of 8/30, I packed everything up and stayed at a friend’s place that night with plans to go back to my apartment the following morning around 11:30 AM. On 8/31 around 10:15AM I got a call from New England Movers that they were in front of my apartment. I was obviously surprised and told them I had a voicemail from Ken that gave me a timeline of 12PM-2PM, to which the movers gave no response. They said they planned to wait for me, so I hurriedly gathered my stuff and raced over to my apartment. On the ride over, I re-listened to Ken’s message (which I still have) and it clearly stated that movers would be at my place between 12-2.

Once I got to my place, the movers got my stuff out of there pretty efficiently. Before they left, I made a point to reiterate and confirm that I could not move into my new apartment until after 12PM on 9/1. They said this was fine. Later that afternoon of 8/31, I called the New England Movers office to make sure movers were not planning to bring my stuff to my new place before 12PM on 9/1. I confirmed this with them.

On the morning of 9/1, I spoke with Ken, my customer rep, who told me that they had set the move in for between 1-2PM. He estimated 2PM at the latest. I got to my new apartment at 12:30 PM to prepare. While waiting there, I got a new time estimate from Ken of “by 3PM.” The delay, Ken told me, was because other people had lied about how much stuff they had and so movers were having to spend more time moving the liars’ stuff. This was plausible and obviously unavoidable, so I said I understood, which I honestly did and still do.

However, after another 1.5 hours of no news, I called Ken around 4PM and he gave the same explanation, that people had lied in hopes of getting better deals but that really it had only set everyone back. I again said I understand that this could cause some delays; at this point Ken asked me if they could delay delivery of my stuff until the next day of 9/2. He said they would do this for a discounted price. I said no, I wanted my stuff delivered on 9/1 as they had promised since I had to begin my new job on the morning of 9/2 and needed my stuff delivered that night because I didn’t want to deal with it on my first day of work. Accordingly, after calling and confirming with the mover, Ken told me that movers would be at my new place in 90 minutes (roughly 6:15PM).

Yet 6:15 came and passed. By 7:15, my darling movers had not arrived, so I called the company to find out what was going on. I finally reached Ronen, who, whether he meant to be or not, was very rude in responding to my inquiries about the movers’ status. He bluntly reiterated that other people had lied about how much stuff they had and that the movers would be at least another hour somewhere else before they could even attempt to get to my place and that was all he could tell me. He acted very annoyed on the phone when I asked for more specific information, When I asked for more information he simply reiterated that they would be at least be another hour at the current place and that he would call with updated.

Yet 2 hours passed, and I heard nothing, no updates, no anything, from New England Movers. Around 9PM, I had spent about 8 hours waiting in or lurking outside my new apartment for the movers to arrive “soon.” At that point, I had to throw in the towel; I had to get to sleep because I had work the next day. I accepted defeat, but I also accepted that I’d at least get a discount for them delivering my stuff at a later date. This was based on 1) Ken's earlier conversation saying 9/2 delivery would be at a lower rate and 2) the fact that these movers had extremely inconvenienced me with their delays.

Thus, I called Ronen and told him that enough was enough and that I would not wait any longer for movers at my new place. I again mentioned that I had work the next morning and had to get to bed. Ronen said “Whatever you want. What time do you want us tomorrow?”

I said 7pm because I have to work and then take the T home and the Green Line is horrible. He said something like “okay 7 on the dot.” I replied, “How about between 7-8?” (knowing the movers tend to not be on time). After I insisted that he better be there on time, and he repeatedly confirmed, I felt a little bit better.

So after my first day of work I got back to my new place around 6:30 PM and prepared to wait until 8 as promised. I got a call around 7:15 saying movers are 15-20 minutes away, depending on traffic. They arrived over an hour later around 8:25, which honestly wasn't the end of the world, except I wish they had warned me and/or seemed in any way aware of how delayed my move was.

Once the movers got to my place, it took about 2 hours to move everything in. However, about halfway into the move, I asked them to please assemble my bed in my bedroom corner so that it would clear up space for my other bedroom furniture. After I made this request, one of the movers (a guy who had moved me out of my old apartment on 8/31) repeatedly insisted that he had given me the screws to my bed. I informed him that no, he had not. On 8/31 he had asked me for a plastic bag for the bed screws, which I gave him, but he had not given the bag back to me. I told him that the only thing a mover that day had given me was a light bulb. He was not convinced. So I dug through all of my packed bags that were already in my apartment, and found nothing. He still insisted that he had given them to me. So then I tore up all my stuff again.

In an act of desperation, I noticed that the drawer of my nightstand had been taped shut by the movers with THEIR ($$$) packing tape, so I grabbed some scissors and cut the tape. Wouldn’t you know, inside were the screws he KNEW he had given me!!! One of my proudest accomplishments is that I did not throw that bag of screws in his face. Instead, I retreated into the kitchen and glared at my new sink instead. Finally it was over and the rude wrong guy brought over his payment clipboard and I got out my credit card expecting to finally get some acknowledgment of how awful this move was as well as a significant discount. Not only was there NOT an apology and/or slight acknowledgement of inconvenience, but there was NO discount (as I was told I'd get by Ronen and Ken). I was obviously shocked and upset by this, but, considering that the movers were not the friendliest, understanding bunch, I decided I would take it up with Ronen and Ken, my primary contacts. So I contacted them multiple times by phone and email with my complaints, issues, and expectations of discount. After many calls and emails, I still have received no response from them.


P.S. I beg landlords and apartment managing companies to please start coming up with different leasing periods… so that people won’t have to be so desperate about moving companies. Please. Thank you. Cheers.

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