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Always Helpful Movers

( 4.0 overall, based on 4 reviews)

1658 SW Market St.
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

We are a Christian owned and operated moving company since 1995, and serves in international mission work! Our men are required to undergo continual training. There is never cussing, smoking, drinking, etc. with our men. Highest "A" rating at Angieslist.


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Moving Company Business Info

Number of Trucks 6
Warehouse Size 7,000 sq. ft.

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Always Helpful Movers Reviews - 4

1 out of 5
Worst Movers in KCby todd o.

We had a moving company back out a few days before ( double booking) so we went with Always helpful Movers...not our first choice, but was about our only choice. It was a local move about 4 miles..was quoted approx. $2000., price was about average. The reason they weren't our first choice was they seemed shady and our intuition was correct.
They were supposed to move up , store the truck, and not unload it until our move in date 2 weeks later. Stored in the warehouse...( we are fairly confident it was unloaded( we will discuss that in court).

On Sept 1st they moved us in. Workers did a nice job, a few nicks in the ways, nothing horrible. But I noticed that the last piece to be loaded was out pure stone marble/travertine formal table. But it wasn't on the truck...they broke it. They informed us of this literally as they were wanting to get paid. They said it was broke in the warehouse and the owner will take care of it. Why was it even in the warehouse? It should have never left the truck...? the claim they are a ministry Christian company and the owner will make it right. the said they had insurance so I was generous and even tipped them $150 because they said they didn't do it, and it wasn't even on the truck. So I call them and I find out they are trying to fix it by ..get this " Watching Youtube videos" this table is worth more than the move itself.

They never informed us, gave us he option on how we wanted to handle it. Then they informed us that unless insurance is bought they only cover .60 cents per pound. We were never even told this, but it was in the fine print if it wasn't reparable. We never saw it, they tried to fix it so it must have been. they took it to a marble company and they told me they made it worse by attempting to try to fix it with no skills what so ever... amazing !!! So after they ruined it even further they said they were going to give me .60 cents a pound. I said I'm taking you to court. they decided to find some yahoo guy who doesn't even advertise as a stone repair company to fix it and now the entire table is a mess.

The owner admitted they have no money. So they wanted to give me a credit on used furniture that people donated to the ministry . I was even more mad. People donated to them to help people not pay off his debts. We denied of curse and we have a court case. His reviews are horrible. he has been to court many times. This is the biggest scam company in Lees Summit. Don't trust your goods, the moral honest company that was promised to make this right is a farce.

Here are some images taken a MONTH after he had my table and after he took it to his expert to get it fixed. It has a huge crack, sand marks everywhere, the finish is rough not smooth, horrible lacquer drips on the looks like a 5th grader repaired the table.

Always Helpful Movers Photo 1
Always Helpful Movers
Oct 26, 2016

To all concerned:
   In response to this customers complaint, I the owner will address his ONLY complaint against us.  The customer appears to have had a very positive experience with his move, and the movers themselves, and the fact that every piece was moved flawlessly--except the limestone top--and he even tipped the movers.  And he tipped the movers AFTER he was told that we would not be delivering limestone top, due to a damage.
  First, my general manager Alex, went over the additional insurance options with this customer and his wife SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE THE MOVE. (The customer did NOT tell the truth, when he  asserted that it was only in the "fine print" {which he would still be held to}, that he was told there was only .60/lb given on any non-repairable item--this was a total fabrication of the facts). My general manager went over with the wife, several days before the move, the option to purchase additional insurance for his move, for his whole move, and this would therefore apply to every piece that was loaded on our truck, and stored for 2 weeks--and they declined.  And the customer knew, both verbally and in written form, that the government regulated base insurance, would only be .60/lb, for any NON-Repairable item, if they did not purchase additional insurance--being made fully aware of this both verbally, and in written form, he declined to purchase additional insurance!  It is a complete lie from this customer, to say that he was not given any insurance options before the move. My GM was going over the insurance options with his wife, when he chose to take a phone call, and leave the room.
  Second, my GM also told the wife that day in their home, the stone top should be crated (which was only going to cost roughly $275 more for his move), and he did NOT want to pay for the two additional hours of labor, or $80 for crating materials--so the customer called in, before his move started, and said he did NOT want to pay for several "additional" items in the proposal that we emailed to him on 8/12/16 (And we have a copy of this--dated!)  We highly advised this, and the customer declined.  So the customer verbally, and in written form, declined the additional insurance, AND declined the small additional cost for the crating of his "marble" top.
   So, the contract that was in force, with no purchase of additional insurance, was that our company would repair the piece, or he could declare it "non-repairable" and the approximate 300lb piece, (and this the customer corrected me on, and I accepted the new weight), would then be compensated at .60/lb.  So, both the customer and I decided, we would find a professional repair facility. (Once again, it is a lie to say we "fixed" it and made it worse, we cemented it together, and made sure it was perfectly level, and ready to be finished by a repair shop!)
   Third, the customer swore to us, up and down, that this was marble.  So, we searched for marble repair shops.  The 2 companies that originally looked at it, were marble retailers.  Both of these companies told us two things.  First, that they SOLD marble tops, but made it absolutely clear to us, that they did NOT generally do repairs or specialize in repairs. And second, that this piece was probably NOT marble.  So, we searched for and found Campbell's Restoration, who has been doing these repairs on Travertine for 25 years (which he went into detail of the difference between marble and Travertine with myself and customer--who refused to hear it.).  He also expressed to me, that Travertine is a little more difficult/time-consuming to repair because it comes from limestone (unlike granite/marble).
    Campbell's Restoration did complete the repair; and granted, with his current schedule, it took him about 3 weeks.  But the table was PROFESSIONALLY repaired. (Once again, the customer was untruthful about the repair facility--they do specialize in all types of cleaning and restoration of carpet, marble, Travertine, etc.) Customer stated that I said, "It looks good from 10 feet away. . . "  This is not what was actually said, and I had my co-worker there as a witness.  The customer was standing about 8-10 feet from the table, and said sarcastically, "Yeah, it looks good from 10 feet away. . . ." and I simply AGREED with him. 
Customer wrongly stated many things, that I, the owner said. This customer refused both types of insurance (both buying additional insurance, and paying for the crating of the Travertine), and so what I said, is that because he did not PAY for additional insurance, that our insurance would not pay for what he wanted, a new table. He then asked if I would pay for it, and I told him that I PERSONALLY did not have the money for this, nor did I feel obligated, since he refused to pay for the crating (which the wife was made aware of, on the In-Home Estimate, and he was on the phone). This customer was sent a proposal on 8/12/16 which included crating. When he called in to book his move, he told Greg he did want to pay the full amount of the proposal, and kept trying to "nickel and dime" our cost down. . . so, we did not include the crating.

(There were many slanderous and hateful things also said about me, and our Christian mission work. Most are so ridiculous, the reader should ignore. He said that I offered him something from our furniture (donations) store, (as compensatory, NOT for failing to repair the travertine according to the contract, but simply because it took about 3-4 weeks longer that either of us expected), that made him mad, because he "implied" it was unethical. I took the time, in an email, to explain to this customer, how the moving company, and the missions organization (we operate in Mexico and Kenya) work together. And that many times the missions organization goes in the red (and spends more on the mission field, than we take in to raise money for the mission crusade), and that the moving company then will kick in the difference. . . so I explained that the compensatory offering to him, for some free furniture or home décor items, would be one time that the missions part of our company, could help the moving part!
We are more than happy to go over any and all the insurance and "protection" options, like we did with this customer, with any and all future customers!

5 out of 5
Always Helpful Movers Services are Incomparable! by Tynisha A.

“Always Helpful Movers,” located in Lee’s Summit, is an amazing moving company with incomparable services. As a realtor, I can say that they exceed all expectations. They stepped in and moved my clients cross country during a stressful time, while offering very affordable and competitive rates. The movers were professional start to finish, from when a representative came out to give quotes until the last piece of furniture was unloaded. My clients stated that the owner, John, was very involved throughout the entire moving process. In addition, each worker was very knowledgeable, professional, honest, and reliable. Every item from the smallest décor to the largest piece of furniture was packed, wrapped, secured, and relocated without incident. My clients have called me numerous times to tell me that John and his employees were truly “God Sent.” I tell my clients that moving can be stressful, however selecting a moving company does not have to be. Simply choose “Always Helpful Movers” and you will not be disappointed!
T. Andrews-Watson
Platinum Realty

5 out of 5
The moving experience was excellentby Laura F.

The team of movers from Always Helpful Movers arrived right on time. They were fast and organized. Nate, Frank and MJ showed up and shook hands with all of the family that was there. They were courteous. They had extra boxes available for us to use when we ran out. They unloaded the wardrobe boxes and showed us how to set them up. Then they loaded them onto the truck which made moving the hanging close so simple! They helped us get the furniture into the correct rooms at the new place. All of the furniture was cared for professionally. There was nothing broken or damaged in the move. This was the first time I have used a professional moving company. The move was for my 80 year old mother to move into a one-level duplex and having Always Helpful Movers there took a huge burden off of me in knowing it was going to be done all on one day!

5 out of 5
Quick response to my Ron S.

I called Always Helpful Movers and was given a time, price, and what to expect from the move. When they were able to get to me earlier than we thought, they called with the approximate time and we agreed to a time. They were here at the agreed upon time and proceeded to introduce themselves and ask where the object was and where it was to moved. They couldn't have been more courteous or careful. Greg, Anthony, and Leo got the job done quickly, put the item where we wanted it, and asked if there was any way they could be of further help. What delightful gentlemen. Will recommend them to our friends. Thanks for the service.

Always Helpful Movers Photo 1
Always Helpful Movers
Feb 13, 2015

Hello Ron!

We do thank you for your review, and yes we do agree that these men are a great asset to this business as you have seen. We appreciate your input and any referrals you might send. So in advance, Thank you and we are happy to be of service to you now and anytime in the future. We strive to be a better and more efficient company, there is always room to learn and grow! We are able to be accommodating on customers moves understanding things can change at any given moment when moving so we try to be as flexible as possible. So when we had a spot open up for us to accommodate you earlier we made that call to you and got you a superb crew with over 20 years of experience and true leadership. We are lucky to have these guys and share them with you in your homes!
Tim N.
Operations Manager
Always Helpful Movers
If there be anything else we can do for you please don't hesitate to call us 816.525.5995

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4.7 3 reviews

There were a few hiccups along the way but overall I was very pleased with my moving experience. My scheduled time to move was 10-2pm, with pick-up being anywhere within those 4 hours. I was... Read more

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