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Bluebell Relocation Services

( 4.0 overall, based on 4 reviews)

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680 schuyler ave
Bldg 28
Kearny, NJ 07032

Located in NJ, Bluebell is a new company but with over 13 years of experience combined. Fully licensed and insured, proud member of Amsa and Certified by Moving Aid, also member of NJ movers Tariff and our consultants team are Amsa certified. With over 5000sq/ft storage we provide a fine service for our valuable costumers.


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Number of Trucks 2
Warehouse Size 5090
In Business Since 2014
Better Business Bureau Rating & Complaint History

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Bluebell Relocation Services Reviews - 4

1 out of 5
Moving Day Surchargeby Bob T.

I feel quite taken after dealing with this company. I was very clear about a fixed timeline and budget right from the beginning. They assured me multiple times that my needs would be met. There are numerous items that would make me avoid this company, but I will write the most obvious here.

I was given a quote, it was at the high end of my budget. If it went over I told them I would have to shop around. I insisted on having someone at my home to verify the quote. They sent someone who went through my house and saw everything that I was moving. They verified the quote. I was assured that if I changed nothing, the price would not change. I foolishly trusted their word. The day of the move a team came to my house. Before anything was moved the foreman went on the same exact tour that I had given two days before. Same stuff, same place in my home, same company. But this time the quote came out to over 25% higher than the previous quote. Since I had hard dates and was now stuck and they knew that, I had to proceed. I had no choice. I was the sucker, but hopefully this review will save someone else from ever trusting this company. When I addressed this with the company they showed all these technical reasons and square footage, etc. of why their new price was valid. Which to me just meant 'we knew what we were doing, you don't, you are a fool for trusting us'. They said they would do something, but they never changed their price back to the one they assured me multiple time was accurate. I paid their new quote, but hopefully this will save someone else.

Since then there have been many excuses on how the universe changed in two days between the quotes. I have insisted on all future communication be in writing from that point on, they have refused. I am bothered by a company that will only put items to their own advantage in writing, but verbally make multiple promises to customers.

If you enjoy a surprise, then having a BlueBell Relocation $1000+ Moving Day Surcharge will not bother you. But since I had been very careful to stick to budget, followed all their advice and did everything they said, it was not something I enjoyed. I told them all this on the phone before my move, but nothing changed.

I can only draw a few conclusions from this. Either the first estimator is incompetent. Which in that case the owner should have stuck with the price as I know any reputable business would. We all know those businesses we can trust and they stick by their estimates. That's why we don't write reviews like this and they get our repeat business. Or the entire thing is a scam to sucker people in with a low price.

Although this item is the worst, there were other items that bothered me. Maybe I just don't know the business and it might be my lack of experience.

9% fuel surcharge (made sense when gas was $4 a gallon, but today???)

You are told on moving day that they will never take from the quote, only add to it. I had paid to pack 3 boxes of dishes, but only had them pack one. It never affected my quote. They added their costs, but never adjusted. I also took some items from the list, I was trying to be careful to make sure I stayed on budget. That didn't matter either.

Minor damage. Not a huge issue, as it was older particle board furniture. I was told none of that was covered anyway. But it was not a big issue to me. They did break an outside light, but also not a big deal so I'm taking care of it myself. What did bother me was the form they had me sign before they left. In huge words it says something like 'Warning - do not sign this form until you are sure there was no damage and you have checked everything'. Verbally I was told I had 30 days, but they still had me sign this form before they left and that really bothered me. Is this normal? I felt like I should never sign a form like that until I have been through every box and there was no way I had time at that point. I could see the damage already mentioned above, but maybe it's normal.

Last item that was odd to me was the credit charge. Now this might have been a mistake and they claimed it was. At pickup I paid the credit card surcharge on the entire amount and paid half the total bill. I had assumed that I would pay the rest on the card. When they arrived they said they needed cash or the equivalent. I pointed out that I had already paid their fee for using the card. They refunded half the card fee and apologized for the mistake. I had paid the fee and had assumed I could use the card. Although they pointed out to the pile of papers and signatures they got from me that the contract states differently. We got through that. Since they were already over my budget and now I needed cash I had to beg and borrow to find the cash to cover the fee. But we got through it.

This is my 5th move. This was by far the worst and every other company that I used had glowing reviews from me. This is the first time I've written a bad review for a moving company also the first one I would not recommend.

Bluebell Relocation Services Photo 1
Bluebell Relocation Services
Aug 24, 2016

Hello Bob, first I would like to apologize if we did not meet your expectations or if there was any miss understanding. But let's clarify the facts you state on your review. Fixed time line: We never guaranteed you any specific delivery day, and as per your contract the average transit time is 3 to 14 business days. You were picked up on 07/22 and received your delivery on 07/26. For some reason you were assuming that you would receive your delivery on 07/23. Additional costs: You received an estimate based on your items to be moved and packing services that included a TV, Mirror and Mattress to be packed by us, according to you all other items would be ready to be transported. As per your estimate based in our onsite visit, you had 1090 cubic feet worth of space in the truck, and even that we try to be as accurate as possible we cannot (nobody can) preview the final volume in the truck, which in your case came to 1150 cubic feet, so we were not that off on your volume. The additional charges on your move were due to you were not 100% ready and we had to pack items that were not ready to be moved safely and you were advised prior we start to work. So, with the way your move was handle, the transit time for your delivery and the fact there were no damages to your goods, I can say that you received a very good service and even that we had done nothing wrong to you, but all that is written in our contract/ estimate I personally spoke with you on your delivery day, told you to finish your move, settle in your new home and call me with a fresh mind and we would go over your concerns. But you choose not to call me and post review all over the internet. I again tried to contact you and only thru Yelp message you responded to me stating you have no interest in speaking with me. So, I can only wish you good luck and my best to you and your family

5 out of 5
Pleasant, efficient, and fast!by Krissia M.

Bluebell relocation was not the cheapest mover I received a quote from but they certainly were the most responsive and tailored my quote according to my moving needs. I had been badly burned by long-distance movers before in terms of them not delivering all my things at the final destination so I wanted to be confident that my next mover would be thorough and ensure I get delivery of my things. Even when I was at the stage of requesting quotes from multiple moving companies, the bluebell rep I worked with helped me further investigate the companies who gave me the lowest quotes so I could be sure I was working with reputable movers. I had told them of my prior bad experience so they gave me a reasonable quote on full-value insurance. When it came to the actual move date, the movers were on time. They were speedy and I was satisfied with how they packed fragile items such as my mirror and wooden furniture. There was a slight hiccup where they forgot to load an item onto the moving truck. I called the moving company, and even though the truck had driven away and were 15-20 minutes away already, I appreciated the fact that they turned around so they could load the one last item that was left behind which was important to me. In terms of actual delivery time, again they were speedy. I understand during the quote process they usually promise it can take up to 30 days to deliver my items. It only took them 8 days from the time they picked up my stuff in NJ to delivery my items to the requested location in CA. I was out of town when they delivered my things so I had to have a friend receive my things on my behalf. I'm hoping they have delivered everything as promised. But so far so good!

Bluebell Relocation Services Photo 1
Bluebell Relocation Services
Jun 02, 2016

Thank you Krissia for your feedback, if you need any further assistance in the future we are just a phone call away!

5 out of 5
smooth and very easyby Carol T.

The person in charge of the move facilitated it when there was a language difficulty. They all were very friendly and accommodating. I even got to speak with one who related an interest in our foundation and a personal experience with cancer. We are a non profit for cancer prevention and provide free cancer screenings. They were wonderful to work with!

Bluebell Relocation Services Photo 1
Bluebell Relocation Services
Nov 23, 2015

Carol we appreciate your feedback and whenever you need moving services againg Bluebell Relocation is here to help you!

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