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Chester County Moving & Storage LLC

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64 Pottstown Pike Ste 3
Chester Springs, PA 19425

For more than 30 years, we’ve given our customers the award-winning confidence and experience needed to move a house. Well, not the actual house, but all the household goods you can imagine.
From cars, pianos, and the heaviest furniture this side of the Mississippi (and the other side, too), to more boxes than you can shake a stick at, we’ve done it all. If you want, our Certified Packers can even pack your entire household for you, so the only finger you’ll have to lift is to unlock the door of your new place.
Even better, we pride ourselves on working within your budget – and that means you’ll get a free pre-move survey with one of our certified moving consultants to help determine a moving plan that works for you.
Our extensive fleet of vehicles (not to mention attentive and caring drivers) have visited folks like you in just about every nook and cranny possible so we know our way around. Hopefully we’ll see you in your neck of the woods soon.


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Chester County Moving & Storage LLC Reviews - 1

1 out of 5
Moving Company Scamby Sarah K.

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! When planning my move, I received an estimate from several moving companies including from Jessica, office manager from Chester County Moving and Storage. We had a discussion about me having 2 IKEA beds and an IKEA closet that would require a high level of disassembly and reassembly. Jessica assured me that their movers are experienced and do that very efficiently all the time. She said I would have to sign a waiver because that kind of furniture is not intended to be put together more than once, but that it was just a formality because they had only ever had one issue with a piece of furniture not going back together correctly. After this conversation, Jessica gave me an estimate that it would take 3 hours of work (4 hours total including the mandatory 1 hour of travel time) with 4 movers. I later found out that this was the lowest time that companies are allowed to quote and that it was likely fraud in order to get my bid. The nightmare began when Jessica got the date wrong and began sending me multiple emails and phone calls a month early while I was out of state on vacation, demanding I get signed documents to her that day. The actual moving day was even worse. The movers sauntered in an hour late and kept that pace all day. They were far from experienced and professional. Sometimes one would be taping something, and the others would stand there watching. One spent an hour locked in my bathroom without even asking to use it. They didn't bring anything to drink, so we went to the store and bought drinks for them. It took 5 hours for 4 men to load up 19 items, and some of the items were a bike, a mirror, etc. When we got 1.5 miles to the new house, they held my belongings hostage until I agreed to pay over double the estimate I had been given by Jessica (of note, they didn't even transport everything that I had listed so it should have been less). I showed them a form from Jessica that I had signed stating that the movers must deliver my belongings if I give them the estimate plus 10% (apparently a government policy put in place to protect consumers from this exact situation). This would have allowed me to sort it out during the next business day, but they refused to honor the agreement. Since it was the weekend, they told me there was no one for me to call to sort it out until Monday. I caved to the extortion in order to get my stuff and get them moving (they were still on the clock and wouldn’t unload until I paid). This time they estimated 7.5 hours total of work (250% the original estimate with more items that got me to choose them) and included charges for supplies (Jessica had told me all supplies were included) for a total of almost $600 over Jessica's estimate. After I paid, they put the furniture haphazardly in my house, left garbage all over the place, including in the street, refused to reassemble my furniture and left without completing the job. They broke the leg off my vanity. Screws required for reassemble for the furniture were tossed loose on the floor, other hardware just missing. My jewelry box was left with jewelry tumbling out onto the floor. They couldn't find the feet to my futon and said I should just check around the old house. When asked why they weren't putting the furniture back together, they said they were out of time (they once again underestimated with 7.5 hours). They said I would need to pay them in cash immediately for them to stay to reassemble the furniture (AKA finish the job they were hired to do). Since I don't carry that kind of cash ($118/hour) and they wouldn't let me run to the ATM or have someone bring it, there was nothing that I could do to prevent them from leaving. One of the movers spent close to an hour on the clock trying to make me sign forms stating that everything was delivered in good condition, I had received the services I had asked for, and the moving company should not be responsible for the extra time it took (ALL FALSE). During the time he was harassing me about that, the other three guys were doing nothing. When I called and emailed the office on Monday to try to sort things out, there was no answer by phone. I got an email response from Jessica saying that I will not be reimbursed because "You paid for a service that was rendered to you." When I responded by email to say that I would like to explain what happened, she emailed that the movers had already told her what happened. When I said that I would like to avoid going to court and planned to write negative reviews online, she said that I was blackmailing her and that they will not communicate with me any further. She did not even acknowledge my report of the broken vanity. Now I have to take them to court to try to get them to do what's right. It is a scam to give a quote for the lowest possible hours allowed (knowing it will take longer) in order to hook business, then once you have the customer's belongings, force the customer to pay over double what you quoted, then once you have the money, leave without finishing the job. There are laws to protect consumers from this criminal behavior, and I hope Chester Count Moving and Storage will be held responsible for taking advantage of a vulnerable customer.

Chester County Moving & Storage LLC Photo 1
Chester County Moving & Storage LLC
Nov 16, 2015

You were provided an estimate based on the information provided. It was explained that ikea furniture must be taken apart with the tools from the original set. When this was discussed, Chester County Moving and Storage was told that the necessary tools were there and available for use. This was not true. The movers had to use standard equipment to disassemble the furniture, which took longer to do, as my leader did not want there to be damages to the wardrobe.

The minimum we have here is a three man crew for four total hours. That’s normally the standard hour of travel and three hours of labor. This is not a lower bid to “hook” customers.

The bathroom situation was never brought up, and by reading the many reviews posted by you, it seems like every review you add another piece of previously neglected information. The buying of drinks is not mandatory and you made that decision all on your own. Again another piece of information not mentioned.

It clearly states on ALL of our paperwork, including the confirmation packet that you signed before your move date, that payment is too be made before the unload begins. This is to ensure that the movers get paid for the services rendered. It is not our responsibility to read the contract to you.

You waive the right to the PUC information for shippers form by siging the job service order. This was explained during the booking process as well as on the day of the move. We are a COD service, meaning cash or credit upon delivery of items.

It was never stated the supplies werei included. You were told the shrink wrap and padded blankets come standard. Again all of this is in our confirmation packet that you should have read and signed.

You told our crew to just put things in the living room since you didn’t want to pay for any more time.
So we did just that. It is the customers responsibility to dispose of the trash, again in our confirmation packet.

We are not responsible for making sure that you read and understand the contract. While we are saddened that you had a bad experience, had you read over the contract before signing it, you would have been aware of all of these things. You did pay for a service rendered and no refund is due based on your failure to read a contract. Chester County held up our end of the contract. We showed up and only charged for the time used. You were also given an opportunity to file a damage claim, which you denied.

You were again given a quote based on the information you provided. You failure to provide accurate information and failure to read the contract are not the fault or responsibility of Chester County Moving and Storage.

We have taken the events and all the feedback given from the many sites you posted this review, (and the many additions ) and we will be using this to better our services. Thank you for your comments.

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