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Across U.S.A. Moving and Storage

( 1.0 overall, based on 4 reviews)

10480 Shady Trail Ste 100
Dallas, TX 75220

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Across USA Moving & Storage has run a family owned and operated moving company since 2006. As an experienced moving company, we offer professional, reliable and friendly moving and relocation services for both local & long distance moves. Our professional moving services include loading and unloading of the goods, wrapping all furniture with protective moving pads, disassembly and reassembly of all basic furniture, a fully equipped moving truck and climate-controlled storage. Additional packing supplies are available at an additional cost.


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Across U.S.A. Moving and Storage Reviews - 4

1 out of 5
I Do Not Recommend AcrossUSAby Andy R.

Summary: I strongly advise against hiring AcrossUSA for your move. I ended up paying over double the initial quote, had multiple items lost/damaged, waited 21 days for my items without receiving any sort of update, and now cannot get the company to answer my calls or return voicemails/emails/claims. I will likely be forced to hire an attorney to collect the damages on household items broken during the move.

I decided to hire AcrossUSA due to an initial quote that came in lower than the national brand name moving companies could offer. I have moved 4 times with my current employer, always using the national brands in the past, with no issues. I had a one bedroom apartment worth of goods for shipping, so I figured that AcrossUSA could handle the job just as well as the previous moving companies I had used (Atlas, Mayflower, North American Van Lines). I was assured that the one bedroom move would be no big deal, and was quoted for a volume of just over 300 cu ft. I was happy with the price and reassurance of the salesperson, so I decided to go with AcrossUSA. After additional fees of pickup/drop-off shuttles, $280 in packing materials, and coming in at over 500 cu ft I ended up paying double the original estimate for my move with AcrossUSA. This is not including the items lost or damaged along the way.

As the shuttle truck pulled up to my apartment in Chicago, there was a mechanical issue and the truck sat stalled in front of my building. The two movers assigned for my pickup struggled to reach a manager or dispatcher for over an hour. Finally a manager was reached and another truck showed up over 2 hours later. Upon arrival, the second driver complained about having to park a ways down the street due to “the customer not reserving a space in front of the building for the truck”. I had a space reserved for the movers weeks in advance, however the first arriving AcrossUSA moving truck was stalled in the space. After an hour of struggling with paperwork, tablets, and number of cigarette breaks, my goods were packed and loaded in the second moving truck that arrived. What should have been a 2-3 hour job had turned into a 7 hour fiasco.

Following the pickup, I reached out to a representative in the office to request an update on the movement of my goods so that I could time my move from Chicago to Atlanta. What I received was an email with an operations manager copied stating that I would like a daily update on the location of my goods. While daily was probably a bit too frequent, I never received a single update regarding my goods from anyone with AcrossUSA. The most communication I received was after reaching out myself to inquire the status of my goods. The responses from the team were no more than “Yes the goods are still in Chicago”.

I had never used a moving company that could not provide a delivery window at the very least, so I figured that an update on the status of my shipment would be no problem. I should have foreseen this being an issue early on when asking about a delivery date and being told that “we are allowed 21 days for delivery by law” by one of the team members. It is interesting to note that my delivery arrived a perfect 21 days following pickup. I attribute this to the fact that AcrossUSA brokers out loads to various drivers/trucking companies (I can only assume with the latest possible delivery date attached). The fact that the loads are brokered out worried me initially. My lost item was located in the back of my contracted driver’s truck, and the driver contacted me following my move to tell me he had it. I will likely not be receiving this item until April. I will say dealing with the contracted delivery driver was the most pleasant part of my move with AcrossUSA due to his customer service at delivery and constant updates during the drive to destination. After scanning a few other reviews for AcrossUSA, it appears that others were not as lucky with their contracted delivery drivers.

I work for a Fortune 500 company that moves hundreds of employees per year. Somehow, AcrossUSA was on a list of “preferred movers” provided to me by a coworker. I will be having our HR group remove AcrossUSA from the list. This move was by far the most undesirable service I have ever experienced.

1 out of 5
do not use this companyby Tibi E.

we have moved across the country several time and this time we decided to use this company for the first and LAST time. This is the worts customer service I have ever seen, very bad organized, under staffed and under bid. Once they showed up to pack three days later than initially planned, the showed up with a small truck and under staff only four guys to pack and load a large home. The second day only three guys showed up and by the third day only two guys were available. We were readjusted a quote and ended up signing for almost twice if the original quote.
The truck did not have a loading platform. So, the poor hard working guys who faced this job for this company which did not provide them with what they needed, had to lift everything on their shoulders. Running the risk of injury or risking dropping my stuff.
It is evident that the administration and sales dept planned this very poorly. I never got a call ahead to prepare me or never went through the logistic of the move or I would have had a chance to identify some of these issues ahead. Instead I had to called several time to confirm pick up date and got into chasing the sales guy to return my call.
I do not recommend this company at all to anyone that want to entrust a moving company the difficult task of moving across the nation.

1 out of 5
Do Not Useby Sam P.

I moved my daughter's bedroom to her new apartment in San Diego. We discussed delivery date of June 18th, and therefore the pickup was arranged for June 11th.

The pickup went without a hitch, and the 3 guys who came were super. One surprise was that the standard insurance was 60 cents per pound, and if I wanted replacement policy it was a $2,500 premium!!! This was contrary to the written quote, which showed $170 to $320 premium depending on deductible amount. Their excuse? To be able to opt for the written quote they have to unpack everything (clothes, bathroom and bedroom things) and repack themselves. Misleading, at best but I went ahead and chose the standard 60 cent policy.

Then the fun began. After total silence until the 17th I went online and clicked the page for "follow my move" (or something to that effect) and it goes to a fill in page where a message goes to someone to call you back with an answer! So after calling a number of times I finally got a "long distance coordinator" who said, "oh, yes, I am working on California right now" and will let you know when the load is. After this I was not able to get a hold of this coordinator (later I found her name to be Jazmine) - she simply will not call back. I did receive an email stating that they are only obligated to deliver the goods within 14 days from the "first available delivery date" (mine was the aforementioned 18th). Verbal promises are not good... So we waited... and no word even till the 13th day (July 1). So we called again and the answer is "well, it will be loaded shortly and we will let you know..."

We finally got the delivery on July 4th- and of course we had to make ourselves available on this holiday... Fortunately we did receive everything, and only the bed frame was damaged, but still usable.

I actually think the company would be a decent one if they replaced everyone at the warehouse and the coordinator. Front- and back-end, as well as the driver, were very good. The operations and customer service, though, were the worst I've ever encountered.

Do not use them.

1 out of 5
Horrible, Worst Customer Service everby Grant S.

Horrible customer service. Worst moving experience I have ever had and
I have moved myself or my children with several different companies at
least a dozen times! It started out well with Kenny being very friendly
and reassuring but after they came to load it all went bad. The move
had already been paid for in full by my son who was moving his things
from Buda to Portland they had all his information and had an
authorization form initialed by Daniel Peace to charge his card on
6-7-2014. I was given the time frame from 4-10 pm on 6-10-2014 for them
to load. They came before noon, I was not available I was at work. My
husband was here and they told him the move had only $100 deposit down
and they needed his credit card. He had no idea about the details of
the move as my son and I were the only ones that were dealing with it.

My husband is on disability which is why I was helping my son. They
kept telling him they could not load or take things until he provided a
credit card. By the time he was able to reach me they had charged our
card for half of the proposal. I spoke with the men loading and
explained it was paid for already they said they would call office. I
called talked to Kenny who said yes it is paid for already. I than
talked to Jasmine and Daniel both who assured me that it would not be
charged to our card as it was already going to my sons card. They did
need a copy of his drivers license I scanned that to them right away.

I than called my husband back and said don't let them have you charge
the card it is already paid for. I left work to come home, he called
me back and said they had things on truck and told him he had to sign
papers and they had to keep the card number they had been there for
several hours at this point and told him the office would sort it out.

They way they sorted it out was to charge our card $1070.53 and charged
my son's card which was the one authorized for the move $2039.06. When
I saw they did not reverse the charge to us but actually charged both
cards I called. This is when they started putting me straight to voice
mail or not answering at all. I started calling from a different phone
than they would answer but when I gave my name back to voice mail.

When I did reach Jasmin or Daniel I was assured they were taking care
of it. On 6-20-2014 Danniel said he would credit the card that they
were not to charge I asked for an email confirmation . He sent one
saying that $732.61 was being refunded! I called and said it was
charged $1070.53. He than said well the move is more than we charged
him so that is the difference. I told him they were not suppose to
charge that card in the first place and just because they decided to
charge more that was not ok. They also never gave us a delivery date it
was not on the proposal as I was told as soon as it was loaded and back
at office they would have one. Kenny was aware that my son was already
in Portland OR and anxious for his things to arrive one of which was
his Harley. I was told just get the things loaded quick so we can get
it scheduled . Than on the 6-24-2014 Daniel said that the
authorization that they had used to charge his card was not e-signed.
It had been charged though and had been paid from his bank. Daniel
said well it was paid but they couldn't acess it untill he signed. I
told him no we were done until they credited my account for the full
amount. He than said they could not set up delivery until that was
signed. When I said it isn't happening until the card is credited he
said they would credit the balance from the $732.61. Problem was they
never credited that amount in the first place. I than got a alert from
my bank that my card was charged the $1070.53 again on 6-24-2014! I
called the bank and they said it was reversed. At this point I thought
it was resolved my son did the e-sign it was still for the amount of
$2039.06. I than called the bank to be sure that it was credited and
we found that they had charged and reversed the amount within minutes
of each other. They never did credit the first charge they just
recharged it! At this point the bank called them, they spoke with Levy
Gamlieli who insisted it had been credited it must be our bank that was
not showing credit. We gave it a few more days and when it did not post
the bank put it into dispute. They showed up to unload on 7-2-2014 and
even though we had been billed for a shuttle service and elevator since
it is an apartment in downtown Portland the driver was not aware of
this. He had to park and carry things to apartment. I called and was
assured it was paid for and they would let driver know. I am relieved
that he received his things. This was extremely upsetting and
frustrating. We are still in the process of resoving the charge to our
account . I am sorry I did not read more reviews and research farther I
could have avoided a very stressful several weeks and my son could of
received his things much sooner!

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