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Connecting consumers with reliable moving companies

and creating happy move experiences

Things you should know about (MCR):

  • We were founded in 2012 by Shannon Cullins and Doug Breaker to help create happy moves!
  • MCR verifies every review with a Bill of Lading (move receipt) to ensure it was written by a real customer for a real move.
  • Customers receive free pizza as a thank you on move day when they share their move day experience through an easy and automated phone review system.
  • MCR features over 7,000 movers on the site; more than 1,000 of those movers receive free leads when consumers request a quote from them.
  • Did you know that each state has its own mover rules? We do, and we help you make sense of of those rules and display mover license requirements confirming that movers are in compliance.
  • On MCR, if you see a mover with a caution badge it means they don't possess the required licenses and/or have demonstrated a history of poor service or dishonesty.
  • Movers are always welcome and encouraged to create a Free Business Listing on our site.
  • Unlike most moving sites, MCR visitors are only contacted by the movers they want to hear from so they won't be bombarded with phone calls and emails from unwelcome movers.
  • MCR makes money through advertising and partnerships.
  • Advertisers and moving partners can not pay to alter or reorder reviews.

Our Crew

Connect folks with great movers and help great movers grow their business?

Challenge accepted. Meet the movers and shakers leading the charge...

Photo of Doug Breaker, Co-Founder and CEO

Doug Breaker

Co-Founder and CEO

What I Do: Nothing really, I am pure administrative overhead. In all seriousness, we founded MovingCompanyReviews to give you happy moves, so I keep the crew focused on just that. We started this to make a difference in people's lives, so I try to remind the team they have the power to change the world (if just in a little way). I jump in and help however possible, taking the team's coffee orders, brainstorming how to make moving easier for our 3.5M monthly visitors or regaling them with humorous stories of my four kids.

My Dream Move: Florence, Italy. I've been there twice, and could go back every year. The food and coffee is so good it makes you want to cry, the wine is cheaper than soda or water, and the history, art and natural beauty blows your mind.

Photo of Shannon Cullins, Co-Founder, VP and General Manager

Shannon Cullins

Co-Founder and VP/General Manager

What I Do: I "man the ship," helping the super smart team focus their energies on building the best moving solutions for consumers and mover customers. I talk to and meet with movers, evaluate potential partnerships, and make sure we're staying true to our roots - helping make happier moves. I also drag the hard-working team away as much as possible for visits to our nearby French Market for some of the yummiest food in the neighborhood.

My Dream Move: Victoria, British Columbia - Incredible scenery, amazing food (including fresh off-the-boat seafood), wineries, Pacific Rim National Park, nearby skiing and surfing. Oh and really nice people. Enough said.

Photo of Czarina Carden, Sr. Marketing Manager

Czarina Carden

Sr. Marketing Manager

What I Do:I feed the marketing machine that drives our branding, communications, demand generation, social media and events…and basically spread the word that good moves (for consumers and moving companies) aren’t an urban legend.

My Dream Move: Madrid, Spain. The language, colorful culture, passion for life, 300+ days of sunshine, and paella…what's not to like?

Photo of Denzell Williams, Account Executive

Denzell Williams

Account Executive

What I Do: I try to be a success specialist for every mover I talk to, giving the good guys of moving the tools and platform to stand out. We’re out to change the way people find credible movers, and it’s my mission to help movers grow their business by providing targeted content, market moxie, trusted reviews and tips on how to get free visibility on our site.

My Dream Move: San Diego, California - Sun-drenched beaches that extend into green hills with million dollar homes scattered about, and it’s only a two-hour sunny drive south of Los Angeles. What’s not to love about 80 degrees and shrimp tacos?

Photo of Dave Gehrett, Software Engineer

Dave Gehrett

Software Engineer

What I Do: We have the technology to remake the mover selection experience. We can rebuild it. That's what I do: I apply technology and software to help you find a great mover. I know moving is not a fun experience. I just hope that I can make the experience much less stressful for you.

My Dream Move: Denver, Colorado - great city, great beer, the outdoors, the Rockies, and awesome conditions for snowboarding. Oh, and I can see the Cubs there once a year too.

Photo of Brock Hankus, Software Engineer

Brock Hankus

Software Engineer

What I Do: I work on creating the website that enables you to find the best movers, while giving you a pleasant search experience. Most days that means I’m making a slick UI, tuning queries for optimal performance and making full use of the efficient technology stack that powers our site.

My Dream Move: Maui, Hawaii. I love the perfect weather, beautiful beaches and all the sea life you'll see while snorkeling. After I get the "island fever" (around the 7 year mark), I'd pick up and move over to London.

Photo of Shirlee Berman, Director of Product Management

Shirlee Berman

Director of Product Management

What I Do: I learn as much as I can about movers, the people/things they move, and their pain points. Then I work with our web developers and designers to address those pain points by making MCR an awesome resource for people planning their move, and ensuring it will be a happy one.

My Dream Move: "Up North", Michigan, May-October every year. Perfect temps, beautiful scenery, wonderfully maintained on- and off-road bike routes, and swimming in crystal clear lakes with great beaches. A new adventure every day of the week. For the other half of the year, I choose San Diego and fish tacos.

Photo of Marcus Deely, Software Engineer

Marcus Deely

Software Engineer

What I Do: I ensure harmony between design and function through front-end development.

My Dream Move: Tokyo, Japan! Great food, beautiful parks, nice people, warm weather...what more could I ask for?