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" Nightmare Movers."

Review of Moving On Birmingham, LLC
1 out of 5

They arrived on time, I asked them to be very careful with the furniture as it, is expensive, antique non- replaceable furniture. They made no comment, then asked which furniture, which I pointed out, the three men then split up and started wrapping furniture,( the items were in different rooms, I could not watch all three.) only to wrap and load onto the truck, a piece that was NOT going. This by the gentleman who made me sign the ticket, his name I could not read. He was not very nice. Then same man asked if the antique dresser with a mirror, was able to have the mirror taken off. I said I had no idea, I had not moved it there, he finally removed the mirror, and after he had loaded said mirror, I found a long old screw on the floor, asked him what it was he replied, I did not know I had dropped it. Had I not seen it, the screw would have been left., then he asked if the marble table top could be removed, again I said I do not know.He was very brash. I asked them to follow me to the second location, as it was just 8 minutes away, before I could lock up the house, they had gone, I left for the second location after them, but they were not there.I phoned the moving company, she texted they would be there soon. Twenty minutes later they arrived, ( now I know why). they had brought furniture in and placed a small three legged table , which was antique, it a corner, with the broken leg out of sight( looks like they had tried to glue it!!!) That being said I noticed it when they drove off and again called and sent photo to their office. The office lady wants me to have a wooden repair man, they use to come fix it. HA! Then breakage #2 a antique corner corner cabinet, I was in the room when they unwrapped it, they tore one top corner off( the man put his hand over it as if to hide it. I said oh my goodness, then he starts banging his hand at it trying to fix it, I said stop. Then the antique bed was up, and I asked then to move it 6 inches to the left, the same man started scooting it on my wood floor, I said stop and get one of the other men to help you, he said no I can do it. I said stop!.Only then did he went and got another guy. They never said they were sorry the breakage. I would greatly advise anyone from in your house.

Moving On Birmingham, LLC  Photo 1
Moving On Birmingham, LLC
Jan 07, 2018

We are sorry you are not pleased with the service you received. We thought we had addressed your concerns by responding to them immediately. I would like to add clarification. First of all, the three movers that were there have never had anyone complain about them, and in contrast, have been praised as being respectful, courteous and careful. They have moved hundreds of old/antique furniture carefully and safely. However, no matter how careful and safe you are, old furniture MAY be prone to respond to the age such as old glue or loose nails. What was not mentioned and misrepresented was that the customer handed our driver a rubber mallet and asked him to tap the loose nails back in. This she referenced as using his hand to bang the nails in. Our office manager was in CONSTANT communication with the customer by phone and by text. The movers made no attempt to hide or repair any damage. Although the customer insinuates that our suggestion of a repair person was ludicrous, she used him (our company paid the cost) and he did repair the furniture to her satisfaction. The day the move occurred he was contacted for the repair. The customer texted our office manager at 1:30 AM to demand that he come to her home the next day although she had been assured that he would call. I would just like to say that our company has an excellent reputation and excellent reviews. Finally, we did extra junk/furniture removal for her for a courtesy cost of $25. Normally disposal/removal is between $125 and $150. We did this because we try to treat our customers well.

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Moving On Birmingham, LLC

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110 David Green Road
Suite F
Birmingham, AL 35244

Moving company located in Birmingham, AL

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