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A Good Moving Company

( 2.6 overall, based on 5 reviews)

511 Whedbee St
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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A Good Moving Company Reviews - 5

5 out of 5
Great Moving Experience by

Cody and Jack are so kind, professional and strong! They worked around my dad (who has Alzheimer’s) and comforted my mom that everything would arrive safe and be protected (which it did). This is the 3rd time we’ve used A Good Moving Company....and would use them again! Thanks guys!

1 out of 5
A Pretty Bad Moving Companyby

We had a very bad experience with this company. After reading through some of negative reviews online, I have seen similar experiences to ours (poor/careless packing, not arriving prepared/on time, being yelled at by owner over the phone, etc.). Let me start by saying that Cipriano’s movers were, minimally, professional with us and I place most of the blame with the owner and his company’s business model (which includes employing strong guys, but not professional movers).

Let me state upfront—in case you don’t want to read the details below—that 1) we spent over three hours reconfiguring and repacking our container after we paid the movers, 2) the owner, Cipriano, was unbelievably disrespectful and berating to me on the phone when I called to discuss my concerns, and 3) we showed pictures of how our container had been packed to the PODS employee who picked it up next day and he confirmed that had been packed poorly and incorrectly.

Here are details of the two main issues we had:

First, the packers did not know how to pack a shipping container for a long-distance move. If they weren’t trained to do this, the job should not have been accepted by the company. Here are some of the issues we had (can see in pictures): wood furniture resting/rubbing directly on other wood furniture, many items left standing alone or under/around other items with no securing (for example: heavy wood panels on wheels under a coffee table that would have been rolling and banging on the table legs the entire trip), sizable gaps between items, heavy/pointed metal rod from bed frame angled directly on couch springs, etc.

Of the ten ratchet levers we provided (which are essential for sound container packing) two were used for the entire 16-foot trailer. Our blankets, towels, rugs, and brand new role of bubble wrap were not used. Cipriano said to me afterwards on the phone they can only use moving blankets, not “household items.” If this is a company policy, not only should this have been shared during our consultation, but the movers should know to communicate this when customers say, “please use these for padding.” We would have been MORE than happy to wrap certain items ourselves if we knew they would be left exposed. Instead, all our items reserved for padding were dumped inside the POD on top of our belongings.

Except for the back quarter of the container, the POD was half full—meaning that it wasn’t packed up towards the top and secured back to front, but instead filled to the front with the top half of the container unused with loose items scattered on top. When the packers were near to being done and our glass patio table “couldn’t fit,” this was a problem because it was clear that with proper packing it should have been in the container. When we re-packed, everything fit without issue.

Second, Cipriano (the business owner) was instantly rude and defensive with me when I called to say I had concerns about the packing job. His main points: he allotted 1 hour for the work (clearly, an underestimation) and it took 2.5 and they didn’t charge more—so why are we complaining? (Side note: the job started 40 minutes behind schedule because Cipriano did not tell his movers to bring cardboard and plastic as he indicated they would bring when we scheduled; so, they had to go get them and come back.) No business owner should use “we didn’t charge you extra for more time than we estimated” as a way NOT to acknowledge poor work. He also asked why we didn’t keep them there “to finish” the job and add the patio table and chairs. With the state of the packing job, this was not an option—I had zero trust that any repacking would have been sound and it was clearly going to take serious rearranging to put in a glass table and set of four chairs. Again, either the skills were not there, or they didn’t care, but I’m trying to give the employees the benefit of the doubt! Cipriano also said, in response to my concern about the half-empty container and our patio set left out: “The table is not heavy, just put it in!” (Seriously. He said this to me, as if customers should be required to finish the job themselves.) It was a GLASS table with a metal rim and legs. It needed proper packing, not dumping on top of loose items.

Icing on the cake: near the end of our phone call, Cipriano said “his guys” were “disenchanted” with me. What I gather from this is that his movers let him know we were not satisfied. Of course, I have no idea what they shared with him over the phone. Since I imagine he’ll try to write something offensive or untrue here, I’ll elaborate: before the movers left, I said “I’m concerned that items like this [wood table legs in thin plastic wrap] aren’t wrapped in anything or secured.” Again, all of our padding materials were just tossed in on top, and thick bubble wrap was made available and went un-used. This kind of feedback was my responsibility to give as a paying customer. Important: I gave it calmly and respectfully. I said to them that we would do some re-arranging on our own, so the job was done and we could pay them.

Last question Cipriano asked me, when he took a long-enough breath to stop angrily berating me was: “What would you like me to do?” I said, “I want you to come look at the packing job that was just completed.” He said, “No. I’m not doing that.” He did not request to see pictures or offer to look at them. He clearly DID NOT CARE ABOUT THE QUALITY OF WORK PERFORMED. This speaks volumes about the integrity of this company. I said I would be writing him a review and reporting the company to the Better Business Bureau (FYI: they are not accredited with the BBB), and I hung up.

Most people maybe won’t care about this point, but whether a customer is “enchanting” is, frankly, entirely irrelevant. What IS relevant is whether you do the job right as a service provider, and whether you treat your customers with the same respect they have treated you and your employees. In this case, neither of these happened.

You’ve been warned!

1 out of 5

A Good Moving Company showed up at our house in a rented truck with limited tools and flimsy blankets and too few movers (one with a hand injury). As a result there was damage to both homes, including a large hole in the drywall, as well as damage to several pieces of furniture as well as artwork.

At the end of the move the lead mover agreed that the result was not up to their standards and assured us that the owner was extremely honest and would take care of the damage.

After submitting a formal complaint, the owner proceeded to yell at us and tell us that it was our fault that their had been damages to the property and demanding that we send an apology to their team for being upset about the damages.

After much debate the owner agreed to pay for the repairs and after sending the receipts for reimbursements sent me an email indicating he would not in fact pay for the repairs.

As indicated by other reviewers the owner is prone to yelling and bullying and despite attempting to approach the repairs in a very fair way (we only asked for them to cover the most significant damage and we took care of the rest) he did not keep his word.

1 out of 5
Would not recommend! by

I chose this moving company due to there great reviews. I spoke with the owner, Ciprionio, prior to making a final decision. He was very accommodating in stating what the company offered. I was very impressed in that he continually stated, "we are here to make your life easier". Unfortunately, when moving day came the movers were 45 minutes late and I soon came to learn that the movers were inexperienced with loading my belongings. As a result, my bike was damaged. I called the owner to resolve the issue. Well, this did not go well either. He was very unprofessional. He proceeded to talk over me, yell at me, threaten lawyers then hung up the phone on me.

As a result, I would highly recommend NOT using this company. In my opinion, the owner talks a great game while attempting to obtain your business, yet when it comes down to it he has a bad temper and does not have the customers best interest in mind. Good luck with your next move:)

5 out of 5
The Best Moving Experienceby

Very Grateful for A Good Moving Company, We were moving from Fort Collins Colorado to Thornton Colorado on July 19 2014... We had another moving service scheduled and they failed to show...franticly we took to the phones looking for movers that could move us same day, on a Saturday in the middle of summer. After calling 20 plus moving companies we found (A good Moving Company) they saved our day. They were quick to apologize for the moving company that stood us up and they also matched the quote from the company that stood us up…within the hour they had 2 trucks at our door and 4 movers( who all happen to be CSU Athletes) in under 12 hours they had us loaded, in Thornton and unloaded at our new house….They were life savers and will always be our first call in the future…We are very Appreciative and grateful…these 4 guys also happened to be the most mannered and polite young adults that I have had the pleasure of knowing in a long time.


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