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"HA Latham Moving caused Major Damage to Furniture"

Review of H A Latham Moving & Storage
1 out of 5
HA Latham Moving caused Major Damage to Furnitureby

I STRONGLY discourage the use of this company if you care at all about the condition of your furniture. We had the WORST EXPERIENCE I have ever had with ANY service provide. I never write negative reviews but I could not overlook the EXTENSIVE DAMAGE and owner Chris Latham's unwillingness to warrant his company's work. If I was able to choose a rating lower than 1, I would. We used HA Latham to move and store our furniture for roughly 7 months and our experience was TERRIBLE and ended up costing us thousands of dollars on top of what we paid to the company. I am certain the owner will try to discredit my comments based on my interactions and experience with him, so I have provided a few photos to support my comments. I have approximately 50 photos due to the extent of the damage, but only uploaded a few.

We recently built a home and needed to put our furniture in storage for approximately six months and move it into our home. We reviewed several companies and ultimately asked Chris Latham, the owner of HA Latham, to visit us to see our furniture and provide a quote. During that visit we expressly and repeatedly communicated that our furniture was Stickley-Audi hand crafted wood furniture that we could never afford to replace. We asked that special measures be taken to ensure it would be well wrapped, not stacked and stored in an environmentally sound area to avoid any damage. We had taken excellent care of the furniture and it was basically flawless. We emphasized numerous times the importance and value of the furniture to us because we could not replace it and we also wanted to hand it down to the next generation in our family as most Stickley owners do. We were told they would wrap the furniture thoroughly and store it in their "new" warehouse that was environmentally stable and secure. On move day, we again communicated to the movers the importance of treating our furniture with care. We watched our furniture be taken away wrapped well in moving blankets. Little did we know that when they got the furniture to the warehouse, they removed all the wrapping and recklessly stacked the furniture causing damage to almost every piece. My wood furniture which was in perfect condition now has cracks, chips, dents and scratches. It was also stored in a location where it collected about an inch of dirt and cobwebs on it. They even cracked our kitchen table all the way through (see pictures) and since Stickley no longer makes this design, the only option we have is to buy an entirely new table or have a new top created for almost $3,000.

In addition to the DAMAGE TO ALMOST EVERY piece of wood furniture, our new bed mattress, which we had wrapped in plastic, had black dirt across the bottom of it; the frame of one of our couches was broken in half and our hand made Stickley leather couches were stained with a white mold-like substance that wont come off and permanent impressions were made by whatever they stacked on top of the couch and cannot be repaired. Also, we had glass covering all our wood tables (which reiterates how careful we were with the furniture) and most of those pieces were broken. Even artwork that hung on our walls that were wrapped had pieces missing out of the wood frames. When the movers came to drop the furniture off, they tried to hide the damage from us. Ultimately, we had to look at every single item and found that almost every piece of furniture, glass and pictures had been damaged, in some instances beyond repair. When we approached the owner, Chris Latham, he initially indicated he would "stand by his service" and make us whole and he waived 1/4th of the moving fee for the inconvenience. Note we had already paid 3/4ths of the fee plus 7 months of storage totaling close to $5000. I wrote on the invoice that the furniture was damaged and the claim was not settled.

We proceeded to have the Stickley company assess the damage and provided the overall damage impact for discussion. Instead, Chris used the fine print in his contract to avoid taking any responsibility for his company's negligence. He flat out refused to let us use a repair person we trusted who had 30 years of experience repairing Stickley furniture, he replied with passive aggressive threats, tried to hide behind his insurance company while at the same time indicating they would not likely honor a claim and that it was "out of his hands". Ultimately he accused us of being dishonest and lying about the extent of the damage (even though we have pictures) and completely shirked responsibility for the damage his company caused to our furniture. He now refuses to even respond to our communication.

I do not recommend using this company if you care at all about the condition of your furniture.

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H A Latham Moving & Storage

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175 Elm St
Old Saybrook, CT 06475

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