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Review of All My Sons Moving & Storage of Ft Myers Inc.
1 out of 5

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE READ THIS before you book with this company!!!

I rarely leave reviews but I had to take the time to post this and hopefully prevent others from the nightmare of doing business with this company.

I received a quote in advance from this company and we agreed to go with an hourly rate, which was $129/hour for 3 men to come move my family from a house in Ft. Myers, FL to a newly built house about 20 miles away. Our house we were moving from was a 4 bedroom, living room, great room, and other common areas (garage, bathrooms, kitchen, etc...). We had no large/oversized pieces of furniture (piano, pool table, etc...) and only had the normal furniture and number of boxes that most families of 4 would have.

The 3 guys showed up at 7:30am. They started off strong and within the first hour had a lot of items wrapped in blankets and taped up (we didn't use them for any packaging, we boxed everything ourselves in advance). However, after the first hour one of the three guys basically stopped working altogether. He walked in circles and unless one of the other guys specifically pointed at a box or item for him to pick up he would do laps around the house and watch the other two guys work. I will give those other two guys credit since they were working hard, but with only the two of them doing a 3-man job, they obviously wore out pretty quickly. What should have taken 4 hours tops (to load up all of our stuff on the truck) ended up taking 8 hours!! My wife called the main office to complain and say that we are not paying overtime due to one of the workers slacking off and causing the job to take twice as long (just for the load-up), and the person she spoke with (Patrick) was about as condescending and passive aggressively rude as he could possibly be. Long story short, we made it clear that we should not be responsible for paying 12 hours of labor on a move that should have taken 7 or 8 hours MAX. The only concession they gave was to charge us the normal hourly rate for 2 guys ($104/hr) for the first 8 hours, but then since they sent a different guy out to replace the original 3rd worker who was doing nothing, we still had to pay the 3-man rate of $129/hr for the remaining time (4 additional hours). Plus they charge an extra hour for transport time, and a 15% fee of the total bill for "gas and taxes".

We had asked to pay a standard flat-rate of $1,000 since that's what it should have cost for 3 guys to move us within 7 hours, and trust me, with the furniture and boxes we had there is NO WAY it should have taken more than 7 hours to move us, but Patrick would not even consider that. All said it ended up costing us just shy of $1,700, which we had no choice but to pay since they said they wouldn't unload our stuff from the truck unless we paid that price in advance, after everything was already loaded... that's how they get you... what are you supposed to do when everything you own is on their truck and they won't unload it until you pay?!?!

I am not a person to complain, and I almost always give contractors the benefit of the doubt since it know it's tough to always estimate jobs accurately, and I feel for the workers who usually are caught in the middle when the main office is screwing over the customers... but PLEASE TRUST ME when I say that this company is grossly overpriced and will find a way to hit you with additional charges and fees. We had two quotes from other moving companies, both flat-rates at $1,000 and $1,150, which were total out-the-door quotes (taxes, fees, gas, etc... all included) but we thought we could save a buck by going with the hourly rate that All My Sons was offering... and they even told me over the phone during the quoting process that with 3 men, and based on the rooms, furniture, and number of boxes we had to move, that it should not take more than 7 to 8 hours max. I even planed to moved a lot of the boxes out to the truck myself in the effort to reduce the time (which I did), and we thought we could keep the total price to $1,100 or so, but again, due to the third mover not doing ANYTHING, it ended up taking 12 hours and costing us just under $1,700. That is a ridiculous price to pay for moving a 4 bedroom house, when everything is boxed and ready to go, and I had even disassembled all of the bedroom furniture in two of the four rooms.

I hope this review helps some people to find a company who will give you a flat-rate at a reasonable price, and don't get sucked into the hourly scam that All My Sons is offering. Even if they do offer you a flat-rate, I'd be very skeptical since they'll likely find a way to hit you with additional charges and fees.

Good Luck,

All My Sons Moving & Storage of Ft Myers Inc. Reviews - 2

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All My Sons Moving & Storage of Ft Myers Inc.

( 3.0 overall, based on 2 reviews)

14660 Jetport Loop Bldg B Ste 9
Fort Myers, FL 33913

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