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"$8000 worth of damage"

Review of American Van Lines Inc.
1 out of 5
$8000 worth of damageby

Don’t believe the biased high ratings for American Van Lines (AVL) seen online. AVL buys people’s silence if not 100% satisfied. To accept their “settlement offer”, you sign a contract saying you won’t say anything negative about the company. AVL caused over $8000 worth of damage to our belongings (not counting damage done to either house) for which they offered a settlement of $1483. The movers’ attitude was great. Whenever I tried to help box items or carry items to the truck, AVL repeatedly informed me that I paid them to do the work and I shouldn’t be doing anything. But one worker clogged our toilet. Rather than saying anything about it, he closed the door. I found the mess 2 DAYS later. I had to purchase another plunger to unclog the toilet. Also, items were not packed carefully (e.g., 1 sheet of paper between 2 glass pie pans). I was expecting an 18-wheeler to carry our belongings like we had before. AVL showed up with a small truck, realized not everything was going to fit, and rented a trailer to pull behind the truck. AVL strapped my grill, wagon, & plow to the outside of the trailer (they wouldn’t fit inside). I rented a trailer to carry what AVL couldn’t fit. Our belongings were emptied into AVL’s storage unit, then reloaded when we were ready for delivery. The day we closed on the house, AVL called to make arrangements; dispatch gave me a delivery window of 2:00-4:00pm. I told them that we wouldn’t be closing until after 1:00. AVL arrived at the house at 11:00am. The driver chewed me out because I wasn’t there to take delivery and if I wasn’t there by 2:00, he was going to charge me a waiting fee. I arrived at 1:45. AVL wasn’t there, and didn’t return until after 4:00. I told my wife what happened. She posted a bad review on Google. Within 2 hours, Theresa (caseworker) called me and said if we removed the post, AVL would give me $200. The post was removed, but I never saw the $200. She told us we had 90 days to file damage and loss claims. Just a few weeks ago (way too late to add to the claim), I discovered that my 2 sets of handcuffs & keys were stolen. I repeatedly told them to take extra care of some items due to their sentimental or intrinsic value. Several were damaged. Not expecting that much damage, I foolishly signed Option 2 of the contract, which waves full replacement cost. It allows for replacement cost of $0.60/pound of that item. AVL’s settlement offer for some items was $508. Because the damage to the house was not noted in the log when the movers were here, AVL only allowed $725 as a “courtesy allowance” because I had pictures. There was a long list of other items that AVL did not offer fair settlement because their damage or loss was not listed on the bill of laden. As the homeowner, apparently it’s my responsibility to assess loss or damage to EVERYTHING as it’s unloaded. I guess I was supposed to go through every box while the truck was being unloaded to check for damage, but had 90 days to submit the paperwork? There was a 5-man team unloading items and entering the house through 2 entrances, some boxes and items were left in the garage. I could not keep track of everything. AVL used a $200 rain barrel as a packing vessel. It was filled with tools, then a chain was taken out of a tool box and thrown on top of the tools. The weight and sharp angles wore a hole in bottom, which wasn’t discover until I emptied it. A wood cabinet was destroyed. AVL put it in the garage and buried it with boxes so that I couldn’t see it. Out of “good faith and customer service”, AVL offered a settlement of $250 for the items damaged or lost that were not listed on the bill of laden because of the photos. As per their agreement, AVL had 120 days to respond to that claim. After 121 days I called them. For me to accept their pitiful offer of $1483, I must promise that I “will not, directly or indirectly, make any negative or disparaging statements”. I would rather be out the $1483 and inform others of our experience.

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American Van Lines Inc.

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1351 NW 22nd St
Pompano Beach, FL 33069

American Van Lines is a family-owned and operated moving company. The family values we hold dear are mirrored in the respect we give our customers, the high service standards we uphold, and the quality-assured moving services we provide with every relocation. Holding on the traditions of the past has shaped our company and we intend to let these values lead us into the future.

Founded in 1995, we began our journey to revolutionize the moving industry with only two trucks and a dream. We've since grown to have multiple locations in order to better serve our customers.

Our moving company aims to be the single source for the entire relocation process. Moving and storage services are offered at reasonable prices and auto shipping assistance is also available should you need it. Long distance moving services to any national and worldwide location is available. We stop at nothing to meet the needs of our customers and we have not forgotten that clients always come first.

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