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"Scary/Depressing move!"

Review of Big League Movers
1 out of 5
Scary/Depressing move!by

Customer service was horrible (including movers arguing, cursing, and almost fighting) and the movers broke and scratched new and antique furniture.
This company was so unprofessional. The movers started out by asking me as soon as they got to my house how much I was willing to pay because they are going to say they took a lot of breaks and take money of the move so I could give them cash and pay the company less money. Then he began to explain to me why it was okay to choose the $300 insurance option because everyone chooses it and they were going to take care of me. Then after taking all day to move the items and dropping my mother's antique mirror, they decided they no longer wanted to move my furniture. I walked pass some of the movers cursing and saying how they were tired of this shit! I asked the movers if they finished with the basement and they said yes. when I went downstairs their were a lot of items left. I had to pull them outside the house so they would load them. They then proceeded to tell me that it would go faster if while one guy packed the boxes on the truck it would be faster if they went down the street to storage to and dropped of the furniture that was already packed. All while they were fussing and cursing at each other. To keep peace I agreed so I could hurry and get my things moved because I had to be out of the house by morning and one guy already threatened to leave my "shit" because he didn't need the job. So I ended up leaving two guys at my storage unpacking and another at my house packing. Once they other guy returned, they began arguing again and one guy bragged about how he had 15 years hanging over his head so it was nothing for him to fight the other guy. Then they started saying wait until they get off work, they will handle each other. I just wanted my stuff moved, so me and my handicap mother tried to diffuse the situation. Once we got to the storage, the tension picked back up. The arguing got so bad and intense I grabbed my mother and we stepped far away from the movers. It got so bad that I watch a mover drag my table across the concrete and I didn't say anything. The guys began threatening each other very loud and talking about their criminal pasts. my mother pulled one of the guys aside (she just got out the hospital 1 day prior) and talked to them. They began again talking about how they would deal with it after they drop the load off. After they finished, one guy said he would discount the move and he did. Afterward he asked me what I was going to give him for discounting the move. I was nervous, scared and upset so I gave him $100 just so they would go. I waited a couple of day until I had fully moved to report the incident to the manager named Villareal because it was obvious these guys could be violent and I lived alone and didn't want them to know where I lived. He acted as if her was upset, but nothing ever happened to the workers in this incident (I knew someone that worked there). I also realized after the guys left my two flat screens they didn't even move were damaged. I've tried to call corporate on several occasions to report the incident, but I keep getting the run around. No one seems to know anybody you can talk to other than the Atlanta managers. I had given up on it until yesterday I went to take some items from storage and realized they had broken and damage more of my items. My mother's antique dresser and table are broken. Brand new chair and table set from Havertys dented, scraped and scratched. I have photos of it all and The way they piled the furniture into the storage place was horrible. They didn't stack it. It looked as if it was thrown in and wrapped with plastic wrap. Once we unwrapped the plastic the furniture was damaged and some starting just falling out. They actually packed two storages, but I'm afraid to even go into the second one. Please DO NOT HIRE THIS COMPANY!!!!!!!

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Big League Movers

( 4.4 overall, based on 24 reviews)

1327 Boyd Ave NW
Suite A
Atlanta, GA 30318

Big League Movers is a fully licensed, bonded, insured, and BBB accredited Moving Company. We service both residential and commercial moves, local and long distance. We cover all the bases!

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