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STI Moving and Storage

( 4.6 overall, based on 55 reviews)

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7400 Niles Center Rd
Skokie, IL 60077

Whether you’re looking for movers in Chicago, Movers in the Chicago suburbs or looking for cross country movers STI Moving and Storage is your one stop shop for local and long distance moves. We can help you plan your residential move, commercial move, corporate relocation, piano move, help you pack and unpack! Depending on your specific needs, we will work with you to choose the moving services that best suit you. From full-service packing, unpacking and custom crating to storage, we have all the necessary services if you need movers in Chicago or long distance movers.


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Moving Company Business Info

Number of Trucks 15
Warehouse Size 25000
In Business Since 2005

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STI Moving and Storage Reviews - 55

1 out of 5

TLDR: Their employees are neglectful, indignant, threatening, mismanaged & irresponsible. They lied, attempted to intimidate & extort me, verbally abused me & caused damage/loss to my property. They broken 3 federal laws, made me feel so unsafe that I called the police, it was a nightmare.

FULL STORY: Arranged for full service with STI from Chicago to LA. I was employed full time, which is why I sought service from a professional moving company. According to STI's website, their mission is to "deliver dependable, worry-free moving". It goes on to pledge moving services that are "quick, efficient and professional". Unfortunately, their was unsatisfactory due to the lack of organization between employees and horrific customer service.
At the time of confirmation, they advised that delivery would occur within that fourteen day window & they would give me a 24-48 hour notice of the exact time. I was working in Chicago & my office new equipment was part of the shipment. I was to fly out and meet the delivery once they gave 24-48 hour notice so there would be no lapse in my schedule. When it did not arrive within 48 hours of this notice, I called to inquire. I was told it was delayed & would arrive the following week. When the delivery still failed to arrive, I called again & was told it would take another two weeks, longer than the 14 business day window.
No one ever reached out to notify me of a delay. Instead, I had to call every day & every employee seemed to have no means for tracking it. I received different estimated delivery dates that seemed to move back and forth with no rhyme or reason. It's evident that there was a lack of coordination between the dispatchers, trucks & coordinators.
I was concerned that the delivery had been lost or damaged & they were stalling. They did nothing to soothe my anxieties and reassure customer confidence. As a result of STI's failure to stay organized, I missed several weeks of work. My employer grew critical of my relocation efforts as I was forced to relay conflicting information, & as a result of STI's incompetence, I got laid off.
The following month, I received a call on a Friday 5pm confirming that the delivery would arrive between 9-11am the next day. This 16 hour notice also falls short of what might qualify as 24-48 hour notice. The truck still didn't arrive on time. It showed up in the afternoon & the driver said dispatchers had given him the wrong address. All tardiness aside, this is when the real nightmare began. The driver wouldn't give me his name & demanded an additional payment in cash for "added fees" before completing services. I spoke to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration who explained that by law, a moving company cannot demand more than the binding estimate upon delivery. Lawfully, STI could have charged me added fees within 30 days of delivery. Instead, they unlawfully demanded more money in cash & threatened to hold my property hostage if I didn't pay. As I refused to pay more than the binding estimate from the Bill of Lading, the driver raised his voice & threatened to leave with my property. His language was demeaning, his tone disrespectful, he kept gazing at my body & I had to request that he look at my eyes, not my chest. I was home alone & felt unsafe by the two nameless employees, one of whom was the driver, whom seemed fixated on my body & threatening my property. After it escalated, I called the police to ensure my safety & settle the dispute. Then, I began collecting evidence (i.e. - taking pictures of the truck, the license plate, etc...all while they belittled me with undignified laughter). The driver called me a liar & insisted I hadn't actually called the police. I recorded video of the driver refusing to identify himself, threatening my property & refusing to cooperate with the police. It must have dawned on him I was serious because he stopped laughing, told me to put away my camera before climbing back on the truck & driving away with my property.
I then called STI & I spoke to a dispatcher, explaining that two men who refused to identify themselves had demanded more money than I owed. The dispatcher responded by also raising his voice, claiming I had no reason to not trust STI. He called me a "stupid girl" among a slew of other vulgar insults and further remarked, "You don't know how to read". The dispatch employee called me a liar & again I was accused of not calling to police. I refused to let him raise his voice & insult me over the phone, so I attempted to move the conversation to email to have it on record.
I sent 3 emails expressing my grievances. Refusing to correspond in writing, the dispatcher kept calling back repeatedly, yelling with abusive language. According to the FMCSA, if STI wanted to dispute my complaint, they had a responsibility to express this in writing. Instead, they bombarded me with verbal abuse & drove away with my property. This violates the Household Goods Movers Oversight Enforcement & Reform Act of 2005 (Public Law 109-59) section 4210, which makes it unlawful to hold household goods hostage.
At 3:00pm, I received a call from a relocation coordinator who was willing to speak without raising his voice. We discussed the situation, looking over the contract while I expressed distress caused by their employees' disorderly conduct. He agreed to have the truck return to complete the delivery and I was to pay the balance according the binding contract without the "added fees". Following this, he sent an stating in writing that I had refused to pay the balance (false).
When the truck returned, they still refused to give me their names. They also refused to reassemble my property as promised by the full service agreement. Instead, they tried to coerce me into doing it myself. Our disagreement over who was responsible for reassembling these items only served to further catalyze the conflict.
About halfway through the delivery, the police arrived. The driver reached them first & told them that I'd refused to pay for my delivery. Their story didn't fly with the cops, especially when I showed them my deposit receipt & money order for final payment. The police took my side and the driver got mad because I was a woman and he wanted to get his way. He called me a liar & once again, refused to complete the delivery. I got their supervisor on the phone, who spoke with the police before speaking with the driver, instructing him to cooperate. The driver's behavior was so appalling it's no wonder he refused to reveal his identity. Any sense of professionalism and legitimacy I had for was lost.
Much of my property received significant damage since I'd released it into the care of STI, there were even items missing. Their website claims professionalism in moving art, yet original pieces were haphazardly crushed & stuffed into boxes. They weren't packed between cardboard inserts, while one particularly large piece of artwork went missing entirely. Other items had water damage, indicating that they hadn't been stored in a temperature controlled facility. The movers failed to wrap my electronics in thick brown padded paper & the moving boxes themselves were in bad shape. Fragile boxes hadn't been labeled "top load", while boxes labeled "this end up" were unloaded with no regard to this labeling. My glass plated table was only wrapped in one blanket & a large mirror got broken after they hadn't wrapped it in any padding at all. My marble desk was delivered in such terrible condition that it fell apart upon delivery, while delicate musical instruments had been stuffed carelessly into boxes.
Their website claims to "ensure a safe and successful long distance move". Under no circumstances should a successful long distance move make the customer feel unsafe or entail police involvement. The poor execution of this delivery failed to reflect any sense of security or professionalism. The services of STI was beyond unsatisfactory, hardly the "dependable, worry-free moving experience" that is clearly stated as their mission. Their services caused me to experience distress and anxiety as a result of the property damages, neglect, indignity & mismanagement.
In response to my grievance letter, STI offered me a $200 settlement that required my signing a nondisclosure clause. I refused to accept this agreement, how could that small amount possibly compensate for the extent of stress & abuse not to mention lost wages & damage to my property? According to the FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration), STI had broken not 1 but 3 federal laws including extortion as well as holding property hostage. I filed reports with the FMCSA as well as the BBB and Attorney General, all of whom suggested I take STI to small claims since I had documentation.
Of course, ran into a problem filing claim because the courts couldn't locate STI's agent of service! Turns out they weren't authorized to do business, make transactions or operate in the state of California! Digging deeper, we discovered that STI changed the name of their company a few years back, which means it's likely they've faced previous litigation.
When we stood in front of the judge, he ruled that the dispute involved violations of federal law & was thereby out of his jurisdiction, suggesting I take them to federal court. Good luck finding an attorney who's willing to represent a lone consumer against a small sketchy business on a federal level! STI walked away scot free - no accountability. They're free to be negligent & abuse customers while breaking whatever federal laws they please.

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Jul 13, 2018

No part of this review is true. Our delivery spread has always been 1-14 business days to California. We delivered on the 11th business day, well within our spread. Starting the delivery spread means that a customer is available and ready to accept at their destination and not that someone is still at their pick up location. Our paperwork clearly states, "The first date that you are available for delivery in your new home." This customer has tried this battle on the BBB, with the DOT and even in court and lost so she's now adding to the story. She tried to post this junk on Yelp last week and Yelp removed it so now she's here. This is the first we're hearing of her losing her job due to the delivery spread that she agreed to. Our company does offer shorter guaranteed delivery windows in certain circumstances for an additional fee, but this was never what she asked for.

We will gladly provide further details regarding this situation to any customer or potential customer concerned by this review. This move was completed 2 years ago so we aren't sure why she continues to try to pursue the matter.

3 out of 5

They did not treat my fragile boxes with care. Though I am unpacked, and, other than a lamp, they didn’t break anything. I’ve used these guys in the past and they were great. The first time they were quick, professional, amazing. This time, however, they were not as quick or professional. They were younger and less experienced.

5 out of 5
Outstanding service and priceby

This was a huge move from Chicago to Texas after 22 years in the same home of 4 bedrooms 2 baths, living room, dining room, family room, eat-in-kitchen and garage with 10 feet deep of storage. The gentlemen from STI who came to move us were courteous prompt and fast yet careful and thoughtful about making sure all our family belongings, furniture, fragile items, family treasures, etc. were packed away safely and securely on the trucks. They even constructed a wooden frame custom box with padding for our grandfather clock that's been in our home for over 30 years. STI sent two trucks and six men to do the job at 8:30 A.M. and they were done by 5:30 P.M. working non-stop to finish the job as quicklly as possible. They also helped us move furniture to the garage that was staying.

As is their policy, they kept our home items in storage (we went to check) at their Skokie, Illinois central location for 30 days at no cost as our home purchase in Texas was not syncronized with our departure from Chicago. On the move-in day, two men delivered on a 18 wheeler semi-trailer truck to our new home at our request and the process was seamless. They reassembled every piece of furniture that was disassembled in Chicago and made sure all boxes and items were distributed around the house as labeled or instructed.
If you are thinking of moving and want the moving company experience trouble free go with STI for sure.

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Nov 15, 2017

Thank you so much for your feedback, Ken. We appreciate your business.

5 out of 5
Amazing! Great

Nick was fantastic! I got quotes from several different moving companies and I had the best experience with him from the start. He communicated every aspect of the charges I should expect and the timing for when my belonging would be delivered.

On the day of the move, the crew was very efficient and had my 1 bedroom apartment cleared out within less than an hour. They were professional and polite. The only hiccup was the date I included in the paperwork for the earliest date available for delivery. The date I wrote down pushed back the delivery date significantly, that was not explained very well by the crewman who had me sign the paperwork. But this was an easy fix once I called Nick and explained we needed to update it.

STI's communication during the move was great, I heard from them when my belongings were leaving Illinois and got a call from the driver 24 hours ahead of time before delivery. We communicated pretty frequently on the day of and the timing couldn't have been better. The crew that unloaded was not STI, but they were also very efficient and polite.

My only complaint about the whole experience was the communication on how to pay. All emails I received emphasized not being able to use a credit card in any way, but I was able to give Nick mine over the phone. I didn't feel comfortable handing a very large check over to the crews as there was the potential to lose it. This was pretty confusing and with the credit card machines available now, I don't see why this is such an issue.

Overall I had an excellent experience and I would highly recommend this moving company in the future.

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Nov 15, 2017

Thank you so much for your detailed feedback, Jessica.

5 out of 5
Reliable. Honest. Perfect Cross Country Move! by

We just used this incredible company for a move from Chicago to Denver. From the initial point of contact till a final delivery of our belongings, every single part of the process was seamless, honest, professional, safe and offered an incredible sense of peace of mind to the grueling process of a cross country move.

For anybody doing their first cross country move (this was our first). Its standard operating procedure for movers to take up to three weeks to get you your furniture. Because of this we had rented a U-Haul trailer for our basic necessities (i.e, mattress, clothes, TV etc.). Now back to STi

As soon as I reached out to STI (Nick was my direct contact), we had an immediate in-home estimate scheduled for two days later. If the business does not respond to me within 24 hours I'm not gonna do business with them... The consistency and integrity of communications tells me a lot about the quality of a business.

We had a very kind & knowledgeable gentleman come in (that I later learned was the owner of the company). Sasha was honest and explained the process of a long distance move to us... I expressed my concerns about fluctuating cost based upon volumes of items or packaging materials used and such... And he assured me that they rarely deviate from the initial estimate specially after they come in and do a in-home estimate. Mind you I contacted like 12 other places based on Yelp reviews, Facebook recommendations, and family/friends who have recently done a cross country move. Sasha did say (and noted that he can't guarantee it) it shouldn't take more than five days to get to us being that it's after the high season (we moved on September 21). Because of the lack of confidence on this we still packed for three weeks just in case anything went wrong... We've seen so many scary cross country moving articles (i.e., hijacked, stolen, lost things) that we were just planned for the worst.

So let's get to the move... My building was a high-rise in River North and it required certificate of insurance and city permits... This company was able to set that up with in the first day of me putting my 200 deposit down and that was very seamless. The last movers we used to move into that same place messed that part up horribly and I will never use Golans again after that.

Let's start with the cost.... the price was definitely the lowest in the game and did not change!

On the day of the move...
we had almost twice as many boxes from what was estimated and there was no increase to our price! We were absolutely blown away. Moving day was calmer than one whatever expect. The 4 movers that came into our house were SO over-the-top willing and able to package everything large & delicate and move it into our trailer for us. Speaking of the movers ... Oscar and his crew were the BEST movers we've ever had in our life!!! They were so quick, so professional and so attentive to the way I had things going on and really made us feel like everything was going to be OK. They wrapped up our apartment for five years (two bedrooms two bath) in exactly 4 hours. He took the credit card payment on site and carried on to their warehouse in Skokie where they told us our belongings would be moved into a larger truck and labeled and shipped to us asap. I spoke with the owner and he said they will be moving on Sunday and we should have our furniture by Tuesday or Wednesday in Colorado. That Monday I got a call from the movers saying they will be here on Wednesday btwn 8-10am. They arrived on time unpacked within two hours did an amazing job of unloading & setting up everything! There was not a single damaged item of all 101 "items" (50boxes +51 things) they moved... I'm talking Waterfords, Nambe, Lladros, Pottery barn furniture, and more!
So our very valuable pieces of furniture and items was perfectly intact!!!! My husband and I were baffled by how perfectly every single thing moved... Our liquids didn't spill, nothing had a crack in it, nothing was tarnished, nothing was scuffed..... I can go on and on but I think you get the picture.

On delivery day, they prefer a cashiers check or some form of non-credit card payment at the time of delivery but I wanted to do a credit card (Love those points) and Sasha was more than happy to accommodate! We paid the first half at the time of pick up and the second half the time of delivery. I have never been so happy to dish out a couple grand! There is no price you can put on service like this....they are absolutely incredible and put the all our fears of moving across the country at peace. If you are looking for a cross-country mover, these are your guys!!!

Sidenote I am not the easiest person to please in these kinds of situations so I thought I should put that out there as I sit here raving about this moving company... I hold a very high standard for myself and for anybody I do business with and STI hit the mark x100000000!!!!!

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Nov 03, 2017

Thank you SOOO much for your detailed review of your moving experience, Ritu. It was a pleasure helping you with your move. :)

4 out of 5
Fast move! Nothing brokenby

The team on the first end of my move was fantastic. They packed everything up so well. We had some confusion on the day of furniture arrival, but everything was delivered efficiently and carefully. I'm very happy with the results.

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Oct 30, 2017

Thank you very much for your feedback, Nancy.

5 out of 5

They work quickly and efficiently, everything went smoothly and on time. There were no surprise charges and this company gave me the best quote out of 4. They did not stop moving from the time they arrived at 8:00 until they finished the move at about 12 or 1. Not only did they move old furniture out to place in the alley, they stacked everything nicely and neatly so it wasn't such an eyesore. Thank you Nick, Lalo, Luis, Fredy, Pancho & Raul. I recommend this company,

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Oct 30, 2017

Thank you very much for your feedback, Lauren.

5 out of 5
Good moveby

From the first contact to the First final step of the move. I was so happy

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Oct 24, 2017

Thank you very much for your feedback, Debi.

5 out of 5
Extremely pleased with pickup/delivery by

Movers worked quickly, took care in protecting my belongings. Delivery movers were very personable and accommodating in placing my furniture and boxes exactly where I wanted

STI Moving and Storage Photo 1
STI Moving and Storage
Oct 24, 2017

Thank you for your feedback, Denise.


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