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Review of STACKS
1 out of 5
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You get what you pay for. Jason and his “team” are the cheapest around for good reason. He is a friendly enough guy, the kind you might have a beer with at the local bar. As for professionalism, ethics, honesty, work effort, or simply pride in his work; this is not your man. I am a disabled veteran. I had numerous communications with a Jason through both text and phone. I was crystal clear about my condition and my inability to move my family by myself. I was equally clear about how much needed moved, the number of boxes, the size of the furniture, and the fragility of some of the antique pieces. We had communicated over the course of a month, so there should have been no surprises. I had everything boxed and ready to go. All they had to do was put it in the truck.
Moving day, they called ahead to say they were running a couple hours late due to a previous job. No problem. They arrived over an hour later than the new agreed upon time. His two helpers moved incredibly slowly, complaining about being tired from the first job. Not my problem. After a few minutes, Jason just disappeared to get blankets or something, apparently coming unprepared. He did not return for over an hour. Meanwhile, his “workers” walked around with no motivation or seemingly any idea what to do. I called and spoke with someone from the office who apologized profusely. When Jason finally arrived back, I let him know my frustration and he apologized but really didn’t get the guys moving any faster. With the truck 2/3 full he asked if this is about what I had in mind. I thought my wife was going to shoot lasers out of her eyes. There was tons of room on the truck and anyone who has ever moved knows that you don’t want empty space on the truck. That’s how things get broken. Plus, I hired movers because I am disabled and can’t do it myself. No, this is not what I had in mind. Yes, we were under a 4 hour time crunch but if the guys were moving faster than a foot an hour, we could have been done already.
We finally got the truck mostly filled and unloaded at the new home. I went out of my way me to clearly mark every box with what was in it and what room. Instead of putting the boxes where they go, they just dumped everything in the garage where I, a disabled veteran, had to move everything myself. Jason did come back the next day seemingly as a favor since he hadn’t been paid yet. This time with a young girl but no men. This young lady ran circles around Jason for half an hour before there was some family emergency and she had to leave. When she returned at the new house, she brought her kids who tore through my kids toys, making a huge mess. Meanwhile, Jason felt the need to show my mother old texts between us to make it look like I misunderstood the terms of our agreement. He was late the first day, late for the second arranged time, disappeared in the middle of the job, did half effort job, showed up 4 hours late the second day to finish the job. All the while I have multiple broken furniture including my wife’s antique dresser, brand new dining table, my kid’s bed (which he blamed on me) and several other pieces of furniture that were not damaged before. My friend and I did more work than these “professional” movers and I certainly didn’t get my money’s worth. Jason is a friendly guy. Want someone to go drinking with or watch the big game? Call Jason. Want your stuff moved in a timely manner without being damaged, call anyone else.

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Apr 15, 2018

I’m very sorry for this. I am the owner Jason and this is the first I’ve heard about this. We are known for our careful, prompt attention we give our customers items. I regret we missed the mark this time. I have been trying to reach you at the numbers we have but no luck. Please call or text anytime
765-327-8225 anything broke, missing etc I will fix or replace guaranteed.

STACKS Reviews - 5

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4570 Duckhorn Lane
Lafayette, IN 47909

We are quick and careful. We are a Pickup truck and box truck moving ride share type business. We are for the people that just need to move a couch, desk, table or a small office across town. Need more than little help? We have hired labor for lower prices than anyone else.

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