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A+ Dollar Movers

( 2.8 overall, based on 8 reviews)

9613C Harford Rd.
Suite 230
Baltimore, MD 21234

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Baltimore Movers Providing relocation services for over 15 years.


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A+ Dollar Movers Reviews - 8

1 out of 5
Mad as Heckby

I was suppose to move on 11/24/17 but it was postponed twice so my actual move date took place on 11/27/17 so Mr Jim promised me a discount which never happened .Mr.Jim arrived with his three men crew @ 11 o'clock the first thing Mr.Jim did was lie about seeing a RAT in my basement because he was trying to find a way of getting out of moving my washer and dryer so after debating with him it was too late to find someone else. So after we headed to my new place of residence which was about 10 minutes away from my old address . The guys began to unload the truck and the one they call Trigger, I don't know his real name, was in the truck while the other two guys with the help of my Godson continue to unload the truck. I see this strange guy standing at my truck talking to Trigger. the guy leaves but returns with another guy as they're conversing the other mover starts to scream out..I don't have anything than the guy picks him up and tries to body slam to the ground than I start screaming to my daughter to get down and get in the car we were only a few feet from the incident than I looked up the guy name trigger was running around screaming they stabbed me in my head. blood was everywhere. he ran in my house got blood all over my hallway..I asked him why did he call that guy to my truck he didn't answer me.Than the other mover told me he was trying to make a drug sale or drug trade. The police and ambulance along with the chaplin and detective arrived. I called Mr.Jim who NEVER CALLED ME BACK and he still haven't reached out to me ..I have called him on several occasions..I even texted him no response. This man didn't even have enough respect for me to at least see how my family was doing. The movers didn't even complete the job..The took apart my dinning and didn't put it back together. The left my sofa outside .I have never seen such poor work. I'm currently seeking mental health services because of the mental distress based on the what occurred.They scratch up my wall

5 out of 5
A+ Dollar Movers LLCby

They were awesome. They were very reasonable in price. They communicated very well where they were when they would arrive even calling a day early to remind us. They were not only on time but actually 30 minutes early. They took very good care of my furniture and valuables. The owner was very professional.

5 out of 5
Best decision I ever made!! I'll use them again!by

I made a last minute decision to hire a moving company and started getting quotes .I could have bought new furniture for the prices of some quotes I received! Then Jim, the owner of A+ Dollar contacted me with a great quote that didn't make me feel I was being taken advantage of. On the day of the move, they were running late, however Jim had contacted me before they were late to inform me of the slight delay, I appreciated being kept informed.
The staff that moved me were polite, personable and respectful. They treated my hand me down furniture as if it were top of the line items. They were diligent and focused on their task. Made my moving day a breeze. Highly recommend Jim and the staff at A+

1 out of 5
Terrible Deliveryby

Our furniture was delivered beat up. Walls and property damaged as well.
We decided to contact and hire this company due to its competitive rates and easy access to our current home. While the crew was a half an hour late, we just wanted to get started. After walking through the house to specify what exactly we needed done, we found that there was a miscommunication about certain furniture types (we have a queen bed w/ drawers that they wanted to charge extra for). We were able to negotiate appropriately with the end result being that we paid in cash. No problem. We paid in FULL before the owner, Jim, drove off, leaving his crew of 5 men to complete the task. The crew was working hard and quickly or least seemed to be.

When we arrived to our new home (about 25 minutes away), they began to unload the truck. Again, we noticed that this crew works quickly, very quickly and that seemed to be the only goal.

We moved into a BRAND NEW HOME. Everything inside was but a week old. We have a very beat up garage door (the one leading into the house)that will need complete replacing. When we expressed our disappointment and concern about this, the second in command, Dwayne, offered us $50. While the door works, it still needs replacement because it is beyond repair. We contacted the builder supervisor about the cost of the door and he told all of us, including Dwayne, that the door is between $250 and $300. This incident made us look for any other issues.

Again this is a BRAND NEW HOME. We have a huge chip in our wall from the first staircase into the kitchen. We can deal with that. We have SEVERAL scraped points in the wall and our hard wood floors...again, we decided to look past it. But, after checking the furniture, we found that the table was scraped up and screw holes stripped, making the table very wobbly and unstable. We have twin four-year-old that we no longer feel comfortable sitting at the kitchen table. The master bedroom queen bed was very beat up. Several scrapes on the head board and the sides of the bed. This set was only 2 months old.

After discovering all of these problems, we tried contacting the owner, Jim, who said out of his mouth that he "...was available all day. Call any time" However, he did not answer the phone or text messages. I have phone records printed to prove this. Dwayne noted that he will not answer because Dwayne is in charge. Well, what is the point of a supervisor or owner? He answered the phone for Dwayne and Dwayne only. After refusal to sign the contract, we were finally able to speak to Jim on Dwayne's phone. They paid us exactly $88 towards the door ONLY. At this point, we just wanted them gone.

However, shortly after they left, I tried contacting Jim AGAIN because we found something completely BROKEN with our largest and most expensive tv (that was not mounted -- the other two were mounted and did not have bases. The base of it was snapped off incorrectly, leaving us with a tv that was never mounted just sitting on the floor.

Again, Jim did not answer. I followed up the next morning. Again, no answer. This is very very unprofessional and we are highly disappointed.

If you want your furniture uncared for and concerns ignored, go this company. However, if you have ANY other option, whether more expensive or not, choose the other people. The money you save is not worth it. You'll end up paying more money for repairs and replacements and while that may not add up to what you may OR MAY NOT (because of hidden fees) save, it is not worth the headache.

1 out of 5
Horrible moversby

I hired A+ Dollar Movers and spoke with the owner who reassured me that my last minute move would be handled professionally and done right. This was a total disaster! I was given an arrival time between 11:30am - 12:30pm. The owner called at 11:45am to inform me that they were approximately 30 minutes away. However they did not arrive until 2:45pm. The owner, one of his movers and myself dos a walk through of exactly what I needed moved. The price he quoted me was to my satisfaction after he informed me that he understood last minute moving and he would work with me to make this as smooth as possible. He had four other movers who began moving my furniture. In the meantime, I discovered that the owner left without my knowledge. When it came time to move my upright piano, which was located in the basement, one of the movers tells me that the dolly that the piano was to be moved with wa sinking in the the ground. He then told me that the four of them (movers) tried to lift it but stated that it was too heavy. They told me in no uncertain terms that they absolutely could not move the piano. With that said they followed me to the storage unit where they were to unload my belongings. They moved swiftly, however the storage unit was left with no room for my piano. My husband had to call another moving company to come out the next day to move the piano. They sent three men. I watched as two of them lifted the piano and place it on the dolly with little to no effort. I was thoroughly disgusted due to the fact that we had to pay additional movers when in fact A+Dollar Movers were to lazy to complete the job. Before the other movers came to move the piano, I had to shift items around in the storage unit to make room for the piano in order to avoid renting another unit to house my piano. I would never recommend A+ Dollar movers AGAIN!!

3 out of 5
Second time a bustby

First of all owner, Jim was wonderful and even offered me a discount as a repeat customer. He was up front and told me they were not available on the date I requested but offered the following day either morning or afternoon. I opted for afternoon and he said they would call me at noon to give me an exact time between 1-3pm. On moving day, at 1:30pm I had not heard from anyone so I called and left a voicemail. Jim called half an hour later to let me know that they were finishing up a job 45 minutes away and would be finished within the hour. At 5:30pm I called again and left another vicemail as I had not heard back. I was then told that they were going to get somethng to eat before they arrived. They arrived around 7:30PM, however they did agree to pick up a washing machine from another location for an additional $100, although they said the normal price was $275. Three of the movers were polite, professional and hard working, however, three of them were not. I was told that there may not be enough room in the truck for all of my belongings and the washing machine so I told them I could take small items in my car. What was left took me four SUV loads to get to my new place, including a very heavy mirror I specifically asked them to take. When we left to to get the washing machine I saw ample room left in the moving truck and when I commented on it one of the men who was laying down in the back of the truck said he was tired and he needed room to lay down!!!!!! They did pick up the washing machine without a hitch and did move a cumbersome but light wardrobe from the basement to the second floor in the new home. Despite my direction as to where items were to be placed upon unloading, items were placed in wrong rooms, on wrong floors, boxes were upside down with broken items inside, and they left my bed unassembled and I had to sleep on the sofa until I could get someone to assemble it for me the following day.

5 out of 5


VERY IMPRESSED!! I can't say enough for how Jim and A+ Dollar Movers handled a difficult situation of finding a mover in the area for my sister. I was trying to find a mover in the Towson area to move my disabled sister and her husband out of a condo and into another apartment a few miles away. But I live about 2 hours away and travel for work, so I was just relying on the movers to be trustworthy and honest with me. Jim got right back to me every time I called. I had not seen the condo where my sister lived in a while- so I did not know all the contents. Jim took the time to go to the condo himself and see the contents and was able to give me a fair quote and provide 4 movers to get the job done. He offered a couple different scenarios for pricing, and it seemed like the cheapest way was with a flat rate. He explained all the differences and made it easy to make a decision on the final quote.
He continued to show his personal interest by checking in often with my sister and husband to find out a good moving date for them. The moving date changed several times in the course of two weeks, but Jim was VERY flexible and worked with us to get the job done when the time was right.
I did not have to stress over not being there myself, as Jim kept me posted on all correspondence and updated me through email or calls on the situation. My sister said that they took good care of things, and were very friendly and courteous.
The price was fair and service and attention were excellent!!
Thank you for making this much easier than I anticipated! I would definitely recommend Dollar Movers!!

1 out of 5

I went with the mistake of getting an estimate of online. On their website, you submit an inventory of your furniture, number of boxes, and other pertinent information about your househould. On my form, I also asked requested some help boxing leftovers. They sent me an estimate of $325, which is based on number of items and not hourly. Just to give you an idea of what I own...A year before, I had moved from Europe to the US at the company's expense. They filled four moving crates (approx. 5 x 8 x 8 feet). So, a year later I'm moving again, but this time from the city to the suburbs, about 20 miles one way. First, A+ Dollars Movers, LLC were 30 minutes late on move day. The owner/supervisor arrived and one of the lead movers walked through the house with me to finalize and correct the estimate. They added $647 additional charges on top of the $325. They itemized everything and charged for things that could have been boxed up (by the way, they never brought extra boxes) such as a small fan, an IKEA lamp that could have been broken down. My skis, they charged $6. Every small box got a fixed charge, no matter how small or large. If I had known that they charged the same for a small box versus a large box, I would have just bought huge boxes and stuffed everything I could and forget the consequences of how heavy it was. On their original inventory, they charged for a "1-5 Dwr. File" under "Office Furniture", yet under additional charges, they charged another $12 for "File Cabinet". I only had one filing cabinet in the office and it seems they slyly doubled charged me under two similar descriptions. I didn't even catch this until after they left. It was moving day, so I could either pay the additional charge they bombarded me at the last minute, or send them away and struggle to find another mover over the next few days of which I would end up paying more rent for two places. So, my $325 estimate ended up as $972, and they wanted payment up front before they even started! Despite the fact over the phone, weeks before the move date, they assured me that payment was after everything was moved. The owner/manager left to take care of other move estimates and left 5 movers. The walk-around and payment took another 20-30 minutes, and the actual move didn't start until around 10 AM. Everything was out of the house. On another hand, fragile items like my antique bird cage, of which they charged me, one of the movers said that it might break, so I ended up putting it and several other things in my car anyway. What a rip-off. To top it off, despite the fact that I had labels on the boxes, they still put boxes in the wrong room (e.g., labeled "kitchen" into the bedroom). They finished by 1 PM. It would have been cheaper to pay movers by the hour. I will say that the movers workabees themselves were very nice and courtesous. However, the owner/manager is a crook.

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5.0 1 review

The moving company was very very very very very very very very good. They showed up on time and ready to work. They moved my things with care and also helped arrange my furniture. Great company!... Read more

  • Full-Service Move
  • Moving Labor
  • In state
  • Out of state
3.7 3 reviews

Great moving experience, the movers were so flexible, even with the move going wrong and my elevator not working. They were willing to move my items up 6 flights of stairs and went above and beyond... Read more

  • Full-Service Move
  • Moving Labor
  • In state
  • Out of state

Nice guys, fair pricing and good service. I would definitely use them again. Read more

  • Full-Service Move
  • Moving Labor
  • In state
  • Out of state

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