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"Awful Company Run By A Bully"

Review of Radius Moving and Storage Corp
1 out of 5
Awful Company Run By A Bullyby


Radius Moving is an awful company, run by a bully, who refuses to accept responsibility for any mistakes, of which there are countless, as it pertains to their contracts and customer service. Their staff, especially the owner Michelle Mediavilla, was especially nasty when confronted with anything other that passive conversation. Our contract with them was last summer, and we have exhausted every possible avenue, legally or otherwise, to try and recoup money for damages and lost items, but unfortunately there really is nothing we as clients could do.

We contacted Radius to help us move from our two bedroom, two bathroom condo in Norwalk, CT to a storage unit in Pittsburgh, PA. Their sales representative gave us their document that listed a binding estimate, ensuring us that no matter what happened (in his words, “unless you have a elephant hiding in your condo, nothing will change”), that amount of money would be what we paid. Their representative also said, despite several requests to do so, that they would not need to have anyone come out to confirm the amount of items we had. We went with them because they offered the best price. This is how they trap you; because they will just skyrocket the price later.

Upon arrival, it was quickly obvious that their sales representative had no idea how much goes into a two bedroom, two bathroom condominium. We had already filled up the allotted dimensions estimated within 3 hours of loading the truck and the condo was barely packed. The foreman contacted Michelle, the owner, and was able to negotiate a fixed price, however it was more than double what the binding estimate was. Michelle threatened us by saying our options were to pay half of this amount now, or unpack the truck. We agreed to pay hoping that we could negotiate during transport.

Two weeks passed while our property was sent to their warehouse and before everything arrived. Countless phone calls trying to contact Michelle were met with sales reps saying they left messages for Michelle, or just silence. At one point, after being on hold for 30 minutes, we tried from another phone to get in contact with someone. After explaining the fact that we had been on hold for that amount of time, the sales rep put us on hold, but did not do so correctly. We could explicitly hear someone on the other line say “if they’ve been on hold for an hour, they’re *explicative” stupid.” They immediately realized we were able to hear them and hung up. After calling back and trying to confront them, they of course denied it.

Finally, on a Sunday with less than two hours notice, Radius Moving contacts us to inform us our property would be delivered to our storage unit, and that we needed to pay the second half of our bill. At this point, Michelle is finally able to call us back, and proceeds to demean, insult, and talk down to us about how we made the mistake and she will hold our property hostage until we pay up. Not wanting to deal with this bully any longer, we reluctantly agree.

After the items were unloaded, we returned to sort through everything. We quickly found that they had damaged a good portion of it. A sharp garden tiller was placed next to our guest room furniture, completely ruining the headboard and dresser. Multiple picture frames were shattered, furniture was repeatedly knicked along with fabric torn. Our ceramic crockpot was also completely shattered. We also realized that two boxes containing kitchen items was missing. This included our wedding china, coffee mugs, water glasses, and several other items. All told, we were either missing and had damaged property worth about $3000.00. And this is after they more than doubled our original bill.

We informed Radius of this, and their only response was to file a claim with their insurance group. We did so and they said they could only award us $90.00. We explored legal action, to which Radius ignored, and at one point even returned our legal documents saying it was the wrong address (Again, Radius Moving returned legal documents mailed to them saying it was the wrong address for Radius Moving). Our lawyer said that even if Radius Moving is found guilty in court, we would not have any way to actually recoup money from them and the process could drag on for years.

Radius Moving claims to have the best interests of their clients in mind. They write it on their website. But they are liars, they are bullies, and they show no remorse for anything wrong that they have done. They cornered us into paying more than twice what they quoted us with a binding estimate, then lost most of our kitchen items, then damaged our property by neglecting to properly arrange everything in a storage unit.

Do not make the same mistake we did. DON’T USE RADIUS MOVING!

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Radius Moving and Storage Corp

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1 Ackerman Ave
Suite L
Clifton, NJ 07011

Radius Moving and storage specializes in local, Interstate, and Long distance relocation services for your home or business. Local, Long Distance, Full Packing as well as Storage, both short and long term.

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