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"“I’m never wrong!”"

Review of Van With A Man
1 out of 5
“I’m never wrong!”by

It started fine. Tommy seemed like a nice guy when he came to give the estimate. We exchange a couple of friendly emails. All seemed fine. I felt comfortable enough to describe to him that I would usually do more for a move but that I developed an autoimmune disease that has made it nearly impossible to lift things and often difficult to walk. “No problem. You won’t have to do a thing”, he said. Problem that developed: 1. Guys that packed just stopped at 5 hours. Not a huge deal. To help move things along we packed as much as we could from when they left to moving day. Bottom line is the the final packing hours was probably an overshoot, but I was fine with it. 2. Bigger problem....once I started unpacking about 75% of the boxes named one item then “misc”. Crock pot and misc. when it could have been crock pot and books and papers. Or crock pot and batteries. Every box is a mystery still. (I wrote the owner an email Monday night when I couldn’t find the TV remote trying to keep things light hearted. He said he would ask his guys and get back to me. He NEVER did.) 3. Yet bigger problem is they pack the mats from the cat box in with our silverware and utensils. Cat litter + eating utensils = not cool. 4. On Tuesday morning my wife points out that our several hundred pound fire table was sitting in the very middle of the yard. Despite asking me where every single box or bag went they never asked where I wanted the table so in the middle of the yard on the freshly seeded grass was where they choose. Why they remained silent I believe is that they cracked all the ceramic tiles on one side. So as opposed to admitting it, I believe they tried to just hide it and get away. My wife tried to text Tommy about his on response. So I told her to email him instead which she did on Thursday (trying to give him time to answer). When I got home from my business trip on Friday still no response so I called him. And here is where the biggest problem comes.....I ask him why he didn’t respond to my wife and he said he didn’t get the email, but he then managed to respond to details about it that I had yet to share. When I pointed out that he must have read it he said that he didn’t get it until after hours on Thursday. My call was 7p on Friday. So I told him my primary problem was that he disrespected my wife by ignoring her despite always answering my emails right away. No reply for that one from him. I am not a fan of someone that just marginalized and trivializes information that comes from a woman. We should all be past that. He then said why did I wait so long to let him know about it this “I moved you 2 weeks ago!” Umm, no it was 5 days ago and we had been trying to reach you. You didn’t follow through from the email on Tuesday and you completely ignored my wife. “So what do you want me to do, bro?” (If you hadn’t realized by now, I am not related to this guy, so he is not my “bro”. I will assume that he didn’t use that term since I am a black man. I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt there, but draw your own conclusion. At this point the discussion was getting heated and I said “Honestly we wouldn’t have a problem if you would just say you are wrong and apologize” and then he said the words that should define his business.....”I’m never wrong, bro!” Lol. I could barely contain myself. I said you just said less than 2 minutes ago that you moved us 2 weeks ago when it was 5 days. You underestimated but overcharged the packing time. You guys showed up 30 min late. You broke my table. You poured cat feces on my clean dishes. You never responded to my email and never answered my wife at all. You underestimated the size of the load so you couldn’t get everything on the truck and admitted to me that your guys should have called you but they didn’t. All that but HE’S NEVER WRONG! What would be wrong is if he is ever given the chance to move someone again. Again, answer my wife and apologize and we never have a problem. But you chose a different path....bro. Spread the word. Van with a Man. Unfortunately not a man with a plan or the decency to admit when he could have done better.

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Van With A Man

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38 Alexandria Dr
Manalapan, NJ 07726

We Move Everything! From a single item to an entire apartment , house, office , dorm , assigned living or just out of your moms place.. We move to Florida every 10 days. We ship cars and boats also . Cal now save big

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