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Puliz Moving & Storage Co

( 1.0 overall, based on 1 review)

1095 Standard St
Reno, NV 89506

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Also specializing in records management and moving electronics and trade show exhibits.


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Number of Trucks 32
Business Type Agent for United Van Lines

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USDOT# Required for out-of-state moves 268131 (United Van Lines 77949)   Federal Complaint History >
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Puliz Moving & Storage Co Reviews - 1

1 out of 5
Awful experience with Mayflowerby

My wife and I contacted Mayflower along with several other national moving companies and ended up getting estimates from four movers. Mayflower contracted locally with Puliz Moving & Storage in Reno, NV. Initially we were very happy with the estimate and professionalism of the Mayflower/Puliz representative and decided to go with them.

When we received our quote from Mayflower we were never told that we could adjust our move dates once we had signed with them, and since we had not solidified our exact move date we held off signing for the time being. We also decided after getting the quote to take a fridge with us that was not included in the original estimate. Prior to getting the second quote we also sold a number of larger items that were part of the original estimate. Our original quote was for a weekend move and full packing service. For our second quote we decided that we could pack everything ourselves except for the kitchen and garage and moved the date a couple of days to a weekday, since it was supposed to be less expensive.

The second quote came in over $800 higher than the original quote and when we reviewed the estimate document we noticed the agent had added in quite a few additional items (keep in mind we only added a fridge and got rid of a fair amount of items). They were never able to explain why the price jumped so much but at that point we didn't have the option to go with another company due to the lead time the other companies said they needed.

Before signing the paperwork the company was responsive. After signing they were almost impossible to get a hold of.

There wasn’t any real communication after we signed, including any sort of communication confirming the packing team’s arrival time, but the packing team arrived on the morning of the scheduled day and did a great job packing the kitchen and garage. At this point, with the exception of the pricing issue, it seemed like everything was going to go smoothly.

On the day of our move a large flatbed truck full of crate boxes showed up instead of a moving truck, and the driver said they were there to take our things to storage. This was a bit of a surprise to us and no one had told us anything about this change so we frantically called the coordinator to try and find out what was going on. The receptionist transferred us to the coordinator but it went directly to her voicemail. We called the general number right away again to see if we could speak to someone live but no one answered, not even the receptionist. We kept trying to reach a person for the next 40-45 minutes without success. The loading crew was trying to get a hold of someone this whole time, too. We finally got through to someone else at the company who we had never spoken to before and she somehow tracked down our coordinator. Our coordinator called us back and told us the scheduled driver had just decided not to show up that day and they were going to take our items to storage until a new driver could be found.

The loading team did a pretty good job putting everything in the crates but for some of the larger items they failed to wrap the bottom few inches with blankets and plastic wrap and several items ended up scratched, chipped, or ripped where they weren’t protected. Also, while they were loading the crates we spotted a few items the packing team had missed. Instead of putting these items in boxes they just tossed them into crates and told us they would take care of it at the warehouse. Not surprisingly, a couple of these items disappeared in the move.

As the team inventoried our items they entered various codes on their worksheet. These codes were not explained to us and in the craziness of the move we were not able to read through the fine print of the inventory worksheets. After the furniture arrived in Seattle we took a closer look at the inventory worksheets and noticed the loading team had marked almost every piece of furniture as “significantly worn”. None of these “worn” items were even close to that and a couple of things were only a few months old and in perfect condition. This didn’t end up being an issue for us but I wanted to point it out so you can be aware of it during your move.

After we arrived in Seattle our delivery window came and went with almost no communication from the mover. We were not able to reach anyone at the moving company until the end of the delivery window when they told us they had found a driver to bring most of our things and the first load would arrive the day after the end of our window. The company also told us that they had no idea when the remaining items would be delivered. We asked about the delay claim and their response was that they had “found a loophole” (yes, they actually used the word “loophole” with a customer) and would only need to pay us for one day because our beds were included in the first shipment.

The first delivery arrived on the scheduled day, although the driver got lost and for some reason the coordinator only gave him our old Reno phone number instead of our cell phone numbers or our new Seattle number. The team did a great job unloading but got in a bit of a rush and reassembled some items incorrectly and lost some furniture bolts.

We continued to follow up with the company for several weeks, trying to get any sort of update on when our remaining items were going to be delivered. The company would only respond occasionally after we made multiple calls or mentioned the word “lawyer” in our messages. Finally a full month later we received a call from the mover saying our items were going to arrive the next day. The delivery team arrived on time and was great.

For the last 2 months we’ve continued to try and work with Mayflower to settle the late delivery claim and damage claim. We asked them to provide some sort of documentation to support their position that they only owed us for one day’s reimbursement. They sent us a document that explains that the late fee does not apply after a majority of our possessions had been delivered. This document was not provided at signing and no one mentioned this policy before we received the letter. So if you decide to go with Mayflower keep in mind that they may alter the agreement terms to their benefit after you sign the contract.

Mayflower sent over a claims adjuster to review our damaged/lost items and we have been waiting for over a month now to hear a final resolution. They did send a furniture repair company a couple of weeks ago to take two of the items that are repairable and we’re hoping to get these items back soon. The claims adjuster and furniture repairmen were all very professional and pleasant to work with, although again we have not received any sort of regular updates.

Overall this has been a frustrating, stressful experience and I would never recommend Mayflower or Puliz Moving to anyone I like.


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