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"Never ever use them"

Review of Matheson Transfer Company
1 out of 5
Never ever use themby

Matheson Movers from Forty Fort, PA absolutely destroyed my expensive home, broke and damaged expensive and irreplaceable furniture, china, collectibles, etc.!! The woman who gave us an estimate,Lisa, saw that we owned an executive home with all high end furniture.She said she would send her "most experienced team" to do this job right. She allotted for 3 days to pack my home and 2 days to load the truck. However, she never sent enough movers to pack my home! First 2 days of packing, the company only sent 2 guys to pack (they were too cheap to send the accurate amount of packers needed)! At end of second day, they weren't even 1/4 done packing my home! So for each day that they were there, I had to be packing with them (which I was paying a significant amount of money for THEM TO DO)!! At the end of day 2, I called the GM, Corey, and said they would never be done packing the rest in one more day! He said "no worries, I give you my word that it will be done in time and I will send a 3rd guy on the final day of packing." On the third day, the movers broke some of my irreplaceable collectible, expensive items! They left on the 3rd day and the home was STILL NO WHERE NEAR BEING PACKED!! On day 1 of loading the truck, they didn't get a dent in it because they had to have men still inside packing!! The second and final day of loading the truck was an absolute disaster!The men came at 8am and by 9:00 pm, they still weren't done because they were still packing! As the day went on, the movers started getting tired and that's when they started breaking high-end furniture and scratching all my hardwood floors throughout the house. They took apart my bed and stood the heavy, expensive headboard straight up and down against the wall not on an angle! We heard a huge bang that literally shook the house. The headboard came smashing straight down!When the movers lifted it up, it had a huge wide crack on the right side at the top and going toward the center that was a foot long. When the mover lifted it up, he quick put his whole hand over it to try and hide it from me! However, I had already seen it! They took it to their "furniture dr." to fix. When it was delivered to where we moved to, it came back with 3 big cracks on the other side! The original crack, they just painted over it and the color was too dark so now it even looked worse. They didn't even bother to fill in the crack just paint over it! I called the company that made the bedroom suite and they said it has been discontinued, so I can't replace the headboard! This bedroom suite cost $10,000, I worked and saved up for several years to buy it! It was my most expensive and loved suite in my entire home! Now it is ruined and can't be replaced! When I called the GM after they broke it, he said "that's what you have insurance for." They then forced another bed through a door way and b/c they were tired, they refused to disassemble it. It put big scratches and ruts into my hardwood floors as I watched them shove it through the doorway! Then destroyed all carpets w/ wet muddy shoes! Every item shipped to my new home was scratched, dented, cracked, or broke! They even left items in the home that night as they all walked around saying how "tired they were and they just wanted to get out of here!" When I called Corey again to say how all my items and home were getting destroyed b/c everyone was so tired, he said "do you want me to send them back the next day?" I said "no that is not possible, just send different movers who aren't exhausted so they stop destroying my home!" He replied, "I am sure my movers are fine, they are professionals." I am happy to show him the pictures in my home of my destroyed hardwood floors and of all of my expensive pieces of furniture and china that were broke! I wonder if Corey would say they "were fine" when he sees the damages they caused! This move literally affected my health as it was beyond devastating to deal with this company!! When the furniture arrived, none of it was wrapped and protected on the bottom or on the legs so every piece was damaged on the bottom (I am including a pic that will show this and how a headboard and TV was barely wrapped on the truck). Lastly, I paid for all "NEW" Boxes and explained to them that my 2 daughters have life threatening allergies, asthma, and autoimmune illnesses. They ran out of new boxes so brought in used ones! I specifically said to the 2 packers that my girls' clothes could NOT go in used boxes. Sure enough, they get to our new home and my girls' clothes were put in all used wardrobe boxes!! They read "Jackie's Clothes" and it was scratched out and my girls' name written in!!! (a picture of this is included.)They were completely noncompliant with the Americans With Disabilities Act! If "Jackie" had cat hair on her clothes and then my kids' clothes were put in that box, it would have closed their airway! So then, I had to wash all my childrens' clothes!! I would have given them "0" stars but the least you could give is "1." Save yourselves a ton of devastation and NEVER, EVER USE THEM!!!!!!

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Matheson Transfer Company
Oct 01, 2014

Very sorry for all of the problems you encountered during your move. If you would like to reach out to our corporate customer service and claims department to discuss further, you can contact us at 1-800-348-2111. - North American Van Lines customer service

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Matheson Transfer Company

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157 Welles St
Forty Fort, PA 18704

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