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Review of Fast & Easy Moves
1 out of 5


I can’t remember the last time I wrote a review because of such poor service. I have had to revise this review because it was too lengthy. To start off, we purchased a groupon for 2 hrs of labor with two guys for $99. After scheduling, we were charged $85 for “transportation fee”. Well inside the area. The guys showed up 2 hours late (Clarence and his helper), moved EXTREMELY slow, and we saw them several times going from between the apartment and truck with nothing in their hands. I understand it was a hike but by boyfriend and I moved more than them. They loaded up a mattress, bed base, bed frame, 2 dressers, and a console table, THAT’S IT. Once at the new location, we asked for help moving the refrigerator and washer and dryer. The refrigerator was to go to the second floor and the washer and dryer to the third floor. We moved into a townhouse and I understand it can be tight. We have vaulted ceilings so that helped a lot (of course not for these movers). I could accept a few dings on the walls going up the stairwell because it was tight and I appreciated the help. They took the refrigerator up and dragged it across the entire living room scratching up the BRAND NEW wood floors. That was unacceptable. They made it to the top of the stairs into the wide-open floor space. They could have used dollys, hand trucks, the lift straps we provided, OR JUST MAYBE THEY COULD HAVE PUSHED IT ON THE WHEELS THAT THE REFIGERATOR HAS ON IT!!! NOPE! And to make it even worse, they could see they were damaging the floors as they were doing it and yet they continued to drag it across. They said the wheels were broken when I asked them about it, lies. They worked just fine as I showed in a demonstration. Fast forward 2 weeks. The company sends out a “tech” who looks like he just stepped out of a club. Apparently did something so to the floors and couldn’t do the walls because the floors needed to dry. Genius techs they have. Ever heard of working from top to bottom? Next day, sent out two guys again to fix dings in the walls. No tools! They used a basting brush I had to paint the walls. 15 minutes after they arrive they say they are leaving. I look at the job and flip out. They put putty on the walls (terribly might I add) and then immediately tried to paint over it. When I confronted them about it “They said we are done it needs to dry”, and they drove away. My boyfriend called them after he saw the job 2 minutes later and he changed his story and said ANOTHER tech (That’s 3 so far) will be coming out tomorrow. Also, of note, every day they showed up they were 3+ hours late. So we lose work time waiting around for them. The floors are still sticky with whatever they put on them yesterday (I was not around to witness it). After 2 emails they said they would call me back after the weekend. Monday came and no call, Tuesday, no call. Wednesday I emailed again stating I will not be contacting them again, I will be taking to matter to small claims court if I do not hear from them. Surprise surprise they never responded. I know they are hoping I was bluffing but I can guarantee I will be seeking money for their damages to my house. I will be hiring a REAL professional to fix the damage they did and send the bill to them. I can’t believe this place is still in business. After reading all these reviews, I hope they go under soon. These are shifty individuals with NO experience in moving, running a business, communication, or just being decent human beings.

Fast & Easy Moves Reviews - 7

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Fast & Easy Moves

( 2.3 overall, based on 7 reviews)

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4140 Director Row
Houston, TX 77092

Houston TX #1 moving company which provides commercial and residential moves all over. We also handle specialty items such as piano, safe, China cabinet and Etc. No move is too small or too big for Fast & Easy Moves.

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