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"Look elsewhere"

Review of Security Storage & Van Co of Norfolk VA Inc.
2 out of 5
Look elsewhereby

I was basically told that nothing could be done because the receiving company is responsible for charges and payments since they had our items in their facility. I received a voicemail from Lisa that basically said she couldn’t do anything and that we could call to yell at her if we needed to. I then contacted Kellie about her employee’s level of unprofessionalism. The situation was then escalated to Kellie’s supervisor: Dona Overstreet. Dona sent me an email on September 8th that said, “The storage portion of your shipment is not part of the Total Price Guarantee but an accessorial which is listed on a separate page as potential extra charges. I totally understand your frustration and understand you had Lisa re-quote this shipment several different ways to help reduce your cost and at the same time give you a quality move. We are reaching out to Azalea Moving & Storage to see if they will give any concessions on the storage portion since we cannot control their charges. The weight was clearly on the paperwork that you signed and I trust you looked it over before signing the agreement. The Storage in Transit on the second page of your agreement clearly says, “estimate charges” since storage is always based on actual weight and your shipment was not weighed except the portion that went into storage.” This clearly points all the fingers at the client when the business made the mistake. I clearly did not focus on weight, but on price as previously stated. And again, this is no longer an estimate when the charges are more than double what we expected they would be.

Susan Cook at Azalea emailed me on September 22nd and said they would take an additional 10% off their fees. This discount did not get us anywhere near our original quote on storage, which was not acceptable. Over the next several days, I spoke to Dona Overstreet over the phone and was belittled over the fact that I didn’t catch their mistake. She stated in an email that, “You are an intelligent person, who requested 6 different quotes and I would think that an intelligent person would compare one quote from another.” So now we have gone from requesting two quotes to six quotes? On September 29th, Dona called me to say that she saw where I was coming from and understood my frustration and was going to take the difference from Lisa’s commission. She asked me to submit an explanation on an amount that I wanted them to reimburse for my charges from Azalea. Azalea was charging us $3,177.68 for the fees off of actual weight for first day of storage, 120 days (all we needed until moving into our new home) of storage and delivery out of storage. If we had paid what we were quoted our total would only have been $1,491.22. This is a difference of $1,686.46. This is the amount I requested to be reimbursed on October 3rd.

On October 5th I received this email from Dona: “Thank you for sending me your breakdown of actual charges for your storage and the estimated charges Lisa gave you. In Lisa's estimate as we both know she flipped the weight that was going into storage and what was being delivered to your apartment. She also quoted you for 30 days of storage, with that said I am willing to rectify her estimate for the storage time she
quoted and not for the additional 3 months of storage you are now needing so I have subtracted those extra three months. I did cover the extra amount on your delivery out of storage. I took your charges of $1,686.46 and subtracted the 3 months of extra storage and came up with $973.27 that I am willing to send you a check for.” Interestingly, Kellie told me in an email dated for June 26th that our quoted storage would be the price we pay for 180 days. I agreed to the reimbursement amount that Dona was offering because from July 3rd to October 5th, I had wasted hours of my life arguing with several different employees with Security Storage, with little respect and professionalism. I am still down $713.19 and lost hours of time that I could have been working overtime making additional money. That is a lot of money that was not budgeted for and certainly is nowhere near an estimate in my opinion.

If you plan to use Security Storage & Van Lines, I highly suggest that you become one of their employees and orient first so that you can fully understand how they operate. You will be expected to catch their mistakes and held accountable to come up with the difference when one is made. I would steer clear from any company who operates their business without customer service being priority. The loopholes that they include in their contract are misleading. I can also assure anyone reading this review that Dona Overstreet cannot produce documentation of ever apologizing or owning the mistake her company made. Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere.

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Security Storage & Van Co of Norfolk VA Inc.

( 2.0 overall, based on 1 review)

5786 Sellger Dr
Norfolk, VA 23502

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