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Connecting consumers with reliable moving companies

and creating happy move experiences

Things you should know about (MCR):

  • We were founded in 2012 by Shannon Cullins and Doug Breaker to help create happy moves!
  • MCR verifies every review with a Bill of Lading (move receipt) to ensure it was written by a real customer for a real move.
  • Customers receive free pizza as a thank you on move day when they share their move day experience through an easy and automated phone review system.
  • MCR features over 7,000 movers on the site; more than 1,000 of those movers receive free leads when consumers request a quote from them.
  • Did you know that each state has its own mover rules? We do, and we help you make sense of of those rules and display mover license requirements confirming that movers are in compliance.
  • On MCR, if you see a mover with a caution badge it means they don't possess the required licenses and/or have demonstrated a history of poor service or dishonesty.
  • Movers are always welcome and encouraged to create a Free Business Listing on our site.
  • Unlike most moving sites, MCR visitors are only contacted by the movers they want to hear from so they won't be bombarded with phone calls and emails from unwelcome movers.
  • MCR makes money through advertising and partnerships.
  • Advertisers and moving partners can not pay to alter or reorder reviews.

Our Crew

Connect folks with great movers and help great movers grow their business?

Challenge accepted. Meet the movers and shakers leading the charge...

Photo of Doug Breaker, Founder and Owner

Doug Breaker

Founder and Owner

What I Do: Not much, my day job as CEO of keeps me pretty busy. I try to jump in here and there and help the team as much as possible, but they're pretty great, so mostly I stay out of the way.

My Dream Move: Florence, Italy. I've been there twice, and could go back every year. The food and coffee is so good it makes you want to cry, the wine is cheaper than soda or water, and the history, art and natural beauty blows your mind.

Photo of Mandy Breaker, CEO and Owner

Mandy Breaker

CEO and Owner

What I Do: I work to continually make MovingCompanyReviews more valuable for consumers and great moving companies. Our mission is to provide happy moves, which means connecting consumers looking to move with the very best moving companies. Moving counts as one of the top most stressful things a person can do, and it's our goal to make that a little less stressful.

My Dream Move: Anywhere out of snowy Chicago in the winter!