15 Woman Owned Moving Companies – In Their Own Words

Read profiles of 15+ woman-owned moving companies. Hear their stories in their own words.

Molly Henderson

Molly has been writing about the moving industry for more than 10 years and knows exactly what makes a mover great.

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Back in 2011 when Shannon Cullins, Tim Fagan and I co-founded MovingCompanyReviews.com (yep – we proudly look back on the fact a woman co-founded MCR), we stepped into the moving world not knowing what kind of clients movers would turn to out be.  We had no idea if any female-owned businesses existed in the moving world.

We created MovingCompanyReviews.com as part of HomeFinder.com, a real estate website that worked with newspapers, real estate agents, and mortgage brokers. Each client brought their own pluses and minuses, and we learned to effectively build relationships with each.

We were curious about movers and tried our best to not let our own moving experiences skew how we viewed an entire industry.  Would movers be professional?  Would they be shady?  Would they be internet savvy?   Would we only be working with men?  Are they family owned or big business?

We entered the moving world with our stereotypes from our Homefinder experiences.  Who would the movers act like?

  • 100% commission sales people (most real estate agents)
  • seasoned ad-market business people (our newspaper contacts), or
  • aggressive, take-no-prisoners lone-wolves (mortgage brokers)

Aside from the instance where we had a mover once show us his 3-D website of bikini model pictures he took himself, we have found most moving companies a delight to work with.   They deliver high quality, professional service and a friendly, “hello” each time we talk with them.  Many great partnerships sprung up from heartfelt conversations on how to improve and grow each company’s business.

You know what shocked us?  

There are many amazing family-owned moving companies that continually provide great service.   These multi-generation businesses exude quality and honesty.

You know what else surprised us, in the very best way?  

Woman-owned moving companies made up a good portion of the movers we talked to!

Our preconceived notions of male-dominated, rough-around-the-edges companies were largely unfounded. A bunch of honest, high-quality, woman-owned companies fill the ranks of movers across the country.   What a wonderful surprise!

This blog post highlights a handful of them (side note: if you’d like to add your woman-owned moving company to the list, email us!)  Even better, a few gracious owners told us their stories in their own words.  Thank you to those that did!

Read below for our list of woman-owned moving companies.  Dive into the stories their owners passed along.   If you know of any others to add to our list, please tell us!

Table of Contents – Woman Owned Companies

Company Stories, as Told By Their Owners

Companies Suggested by our Other Movers:  

Not Woman Owned, but a great story of Women Playing Key Roles

Company Stories, as Told By Their Owners

Real Deal Van Lines, Gardner, MA

Anna Hanley, Owner


(MCR)  How did you get to own Real Deal? Did you start it? Buy it? Tell us the story! The more detail the better!

We started our company from the ground up! Our owner, Anna, graduated from Brandeis University with an economics and business degree. With her background mixed with her great customer service skills, Anna formed Real Deal Van Lines! Anna works directly with every aspect of the business making sure we provide each and every customer with a stress free and damage free move. Anna can be found every day in the office making sure every move is completed with individual attention. Focusing on every detail, she has expanded Real Deal with a fleet of trucks, experienced office staff and most importantly an outstanding group of crew members. Her family approach to business has helped propel Real Deal’s growth forward. Whether it is sitting down as a group having her homemade dinners or loading 2 26ft trucks on a hot summer day, Anna treats Real Deal as if they were her own family and in return, our crew members treat our customers alike.

(MCR) Can you tell us about your company? What makes it unique? What sets you apart from your competition?

We are a full service, licensed and insured, moving, packing and storage company. We only employ hard working and experienced moving and packing professionals who treat our customers and their belongings with respect. We background check, drug test and screen all crew members to ensure that we send the most upstanding individuals to represent our company on each job. Our mission is to provide every customer with a stress-free and damage-free move at a reasonable price.

(MCR) How long have you been in business?

Established in 2013.

(MCR) What areas do you serve?

You can find Real Deal Van Lines in all of New England daily but we are fully licensed and insured to accommodate almost any move across state lines.

(MCR) Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

We specialize in commercial and residential moving and storage. We can service something as small as moving a few pieces around a customers house, to a full scale office move to five bedroom home relocation. Because we do not use any temporary helpers, all of our crews are experienced and well versed in all our customers moving needs.

(MCR) What does being woman-owned mean to the company? How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

Moving and storage is a male dominated industry. Therefore, being a female owned company sets us apart.  Anna is involved in day to day operations seven day a week and makes sure every aspect of the company operates smoothly and efficiently. We think that being a female owned company gives us a unique edge on the competition as our business is run differently because of it.

AMWAT Moving Warehousing & Storage in Tallahassee, FL

Gloria Pugh, Owner

Gloria Pugh of AMWAT Moving & Warehousing


(MCR) How did you get to own AMWAT? Did you start it?  Buy it? Tell us the story!

AMWAT is the acronym for “A Man with A Truck” which is how we literally started in 1997. We were in our twenties, my husband, Dean Pugh owned a pick-up truck and as you can imagine many friends asked Dean to help them move. Dean was not fooling around and had no intentions of making multiple trips, so he had his truck and trailer packed tight and took pride in ensuring all items were protected to avoid damages. Way too many friends were asking to borrow my man with a truck because he was so efficient and customer service oriented (even though he wasn’t’ charging anyone at the time). One day, I finally said to Dean, we need to start charging money and make a business out of this. So, in September of 1997, A Man with A Truck Movers was born servicing our local community. Dean ran the daily operations of the company while I worked full time at a law firm (we needed steady income via my paycheck) and I worked part-time at our small moving company.

In 2005, I took a leap of faith and joined the company full-time as it’s CEO. I envisioned growing our small company to a global relocation company including developing a supply chain warehouse for receiving, storage and distribution. I had big plans for growing our small moving company and Dean was ready for the change. Due to a tremendous amount of work and awesome collaboration between Dean and I, in 2008 (within three years) A Man with A Truck transitioned into AMWAT Moving Warehousing & Storage. In addition to our global relocation services, AMWAT also operates an air-conditioned storage warehouse and a supply chain warehouse for receiving, storage and distribution. AMWAT has been recognized nationally, statewide and locally for our commitment to customer service and our corporate citizenship. Dean and I are very lucky to be a happily married couple who work extremely well together.

(MCR) Can you tell us about AMWAT? What makes it unique? What sets you apart from your competition?

What sets AMWAT Moving Warehousing & Storage apart from our competition is the way we treat our employees, clients and community. We believe in providing our employees with all the resources they need to thrive in their perspective position from training to reliable equipment. We believe in maintaining a healthy work environment; no toxic personalities allowed to work at AMWAT. Too often our team members deal with a lot of stressed out clients. We do not want to compound the amount of stress our employees may be exposed to by having a stressful environment at AMWAT. When our employees come home to AMWAT, they know home base is positive and supportive.

We believe what sets apart great businesses from bad businesses is how they deal with a client who has a valid complaint. We also believe in giving back to our community; among many of our charitable giving since 2013, AMWAT has hosted a Summer Fill A Truck Fund & Food Drive benefiting America’s Second Harvest of The Big Bend. The bottom line is, we care about people and we want for anyone who encounters AMWAT whether employee, client or community feel that they are valued and important to us.

(MCR) How long have you been in business?

Next month AMWAT will be 21 years old.

(MCR) What areas do you serve?

AMWAT provides local, national and international services.

(MCR). Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

We execute all types of moves small or large. However, our expertise is large complex moves which is typically high-end residences, large businesses, facilities, etc. If its large and complicated AMWAT is your company; we love planning logistics and executing these projects. In addition to our moving and storage services, we have AMWAT warehousing wherein we operate receiving and distribution for many interior designers, developers, etc. For example, if a restaurant, hospital, retail store is being built or renovated, AMWAT receives the entire inventory to outfit the facility. We inspect the items, inventory, stock and deliver out according to the project phase. We work very closely with developers, project managers and interior designers.

(MCR) What does being woman-owned mean to the company? How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

Female CEOs in the moving industry is not very common; quite frankly, we have a shortage of female CEOs throughout all industries in the United States which is unfortunate. I believe most women are emotional intelligence leaders; I know I am. I am very intuitive and plan accordingly whether its human behavior or financial management. Due to my intuition, I can navigate the ups and downs of the business for maximum outcomes. Also, women make the best leaders in times of stress and moving and business in general can be very stressful. I believe women are more in tune with quality of life whether in business (employees, clients, vendors, community) and personal (family, friends, colleagues and community) but we need to be careful not to be ultra-people pleasers because the reality is, we cannot make everyone happy.

Worldwide Moving Systems in Waldorf, MD

Toni Jones, Owner


Worldwide Moving Systems


Toni Jones, Owner of Worldwide Moving Systems


(MCR) Who owns the company? How did she get to own it? Did she start it? Buy it? Tell us the story! The more detail the better!

Toni Jones owns Worldwide Moving Systems (a dba for A-Whisco Inc).  She purchased the company when it only had two trucks as a way to become an independent business owner following an unsatisfying career in public education. She employed friends, family and college students to complete local moves, then began completing military origin and destination services for crated household goods.

(MCR) Can you tell us about your company?

Started in 1973, a time when being a woman-owned business in the moving industry was very unique. We are still a family-owned and operated business today.

(MCR) What makes it unique?

We have been providing crate-and-freight services for over 40 years, long before many other movers.

(MCR) What sets you apart from your competition?

Dedication to excellence, high quality training, and a commitment to the customer’s experience.

(MCR) How long have you been in business?

45 years, Since 1973.

(MCR) What areas do you serve?

Maryland, DC, Northern VA typically. Also complete interstate moves on the East Coast.

(MCR) Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

Crated military HHGs, non-military local moves, and crated or containerized interstate and international moves.

(MCR) What does being woman-owned mean to the company? How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

Appeals to woman-consumers, makes the company more resilient to external competition and to competing views within the workplace, improves gender equality for employees, offers a different perspective when making business decisions.

Move It With M&S in St. Joseph, MS

Theresa Meyer


1) How did you get to own Move It M&S?  Did you start it?  Buy it?  Tell us the story!   The more detail the better!

In January 2007, my husband and I moved back to the Saint Joseph, MO area, from Lincoln, Nebraska. We did the DIY move with a UHaul, during a bad ice storm. My family members, who had said they could all help, were unable to come help us unload the truck. After a couple of days, we were able to find some guys in the building we moved into, to assist with the unload. I had tried finding local moving companies, and found that there were none available. That turned on a light bulb for me.

At the time, I was working remotely as a software engineer for a Fortune 100 company and my husband was CDL local. We started just offering labor help for the DIY moving customers on nights and weekends, as that was the area in which I’d identified the need. I had a couple of guys that would help my husband out with the labor, as I developed the business side of things, during my spare time.

In January 2009, my husband got laid off his CDL driving job, and expressed an interest in doing more moving work. I would rent 24′ trucks and use then in the full moves. I was able to start booking, after getting things legal with insurance and DOT. I continued to work my full time corporate job until August 2010, when I was laid off. At that time, I felt confident that I could make this moving gig work. We bought our first truck in 2010, added an enclosed trailer and had an on-site inspection from DOT out of Washington DC, at my kitchen table.

I built it from scratch. I asked A LOT of questions. I operated on the faith that I could do this, having grown up as a farmer’s daughter, who watched her parents be the ultimate entrepreneurs. Louis Simental, my husband, is a key component of our success. He has the operational smarts of the driving, loading, customer service in the field.

(MCR) Can you tell us about your company?  What makes it unique?  What sets you apart from your competition?

Move It With M&S LLC, is a small, independent, family owned moving company. I answer the phone. Some customers are surprised that the ‘owner’ answers the phone. However, I believe that making that personal connection is a key differentiation of my moving company compared to others in the area. In 95% of our jobs, either myself or Louis are on site, providing customer service and ensuring our crew does the best job. Every time.

(MCR) How long have you been in business?

Informally started in March 2007, doing labor only. We officially started in 2009 and became a LLC in 2011.

(MCR) What areas do you serve?

We are an authorized interstate moving company, as we are located right next to Kansas. Our operating radius is 200 miles of Saint Joseph, Missouri.

(MCR) Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

We enjoy the wide variety of moves – from in home furniture rearranging, to single pieces to complete pack and moves. We do about 10-12 piano moves per month. We also have a large senior moving customer base.

(MCR) What does being woman-owned mean to the company?  How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

Being a woman-owned moving business, conveys a sense of caring and understanding of moving stress coupled with professionalism in our moving work. I answer the phone with a smile, and I feel my customers sense that.

Sav-a-lot Movers, Baltimore, Maryland

Gloria Johnson, CEO, Owner


(MCR)  How did you get to own Sav-a-lot?  Did you start it?  Buy it?  Tell us the story!   The more detail the better!

Actually, we own the full business, my husband, daughter and myself.  I am 100% owner. I started with my own funds. My husband had worked for big companies like United Van Lines, Von Paris, Smith & Dray, Easy Movers, and Budget Movers. He gained the knowledge he needed to move on to our own. I had the business concepts of the business, but to really understand management and strategic knowledge of running a business I went to school and graduated with a Master in Business Administration. My daughter and husband both attend school, my husband is in his third year getting his Bachelors in Business Administration and my daughter is getting a certification in IT and Marketing as well.

(MCR) Can you tell us about your company?

We specialize in moving, relocation, deliveries, evictions, loading/unloading, packing/unpacking and moving consulting. What makes it unique? We care about our customers. What sets you apart from your competition? We offer the lowest price to our customers and we never change our price once we on one the job. What we quote is what you get. We don’t wait to deliver your items, even if it is a long distance move, we hop to the job right away, most companies delay your move for a few days we don’t, we do same day delivery.

(MCR) How long have you been in business?

We started in 1999, we worked in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Baltimore, Maryland.

(MCR) What areas do you serve?

We served Maryland, Virginia, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware and surrounding areas.

(MCR) Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

Household Good Services with the government, private residential, office personnel, and commercial moves.

(MCR) What does being woman-owned mean to the company?

Having the freedom to work for yourself, bringing diversity, and helping building our nation with jobs.

(MCR) How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

It makes you feel like you have a voice in your community, to society and to your country, however, that is not true. It only makes you work harder to prove yourself in a man’s world. After all, I am a veteran owned business.

Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC in Abilene, TX

Sylvia Leal, Owner

Brittany Pearson, Marketing Director


Sylvia Leal and Brittany Pearson of Little Joes Movers and Storage, LLC


(MCR) How did you get to own Little Joe Movers and Storage? Why did you start it? Tell us the story! The more detail the better!

My dad, Joe M. Leal a Veteran, founded the company in 1963 after his job ended building the Atlas Missiles Silos in Lawn Texas near Abilene, Texas. Part of his job was to transport equipment and materials to each sight, and driving a truck, after the job ended he started his own Moving and Trucking business and today is still going strong as Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC

SIDE NOTE: The Atlas Missile Silo Lawn site is one of twelve built near Dyess Air Force Base, TX. Each complex included a 185-foot deep silo lined with walls of concrete, epoxy-based resin and steel rebar, built to withstand a nuclear blast. An underground tunnel connected the main missile silo to a launch control center and its five-man crew. Above ground, an entryway provided access, while support personnel and equipment were housed in two quonset huts. The 578th Strategic Missile Squadron based at Dyess AFB, TX operated the site from 1962 until the Atlas program ended in 1965. After decommissioning, the missiles were removed and all sites were demilitarized. At the time, most Texans were unaware of their state’s role in a global military confrontation. Years later, they could be thankful and relieved that deterrence won the conflict. Recorded Texas Historic Landmark – 2008

After my father passed in 2012 the business continued to run as usual and in 2016 I (Sylvia Leal) took over the operations and became co-owner.

Prior to taking over I spent 26 years working in public service and the last 14 years working for Congressman Neugebauer and Congressman Arrington in District 19 working in government helped me understand the legislative process that affects the trucking industry, federal contracting and how to relate to all levels of people. It’s been the hardest thing I’ve ever done and the most rewarding.

Brittany Pearson, granddaughter of Joe M. Leal, came to work for the company in 2017 after leaving her career to help grow the business, she is the third generation. She has six years of experience and a marketing background, she is our millennial in the office and is the reason we have a strong presence on social media. Brittany is very active in our community, she is a member of the Abilene Chamber of Commerce, Abilene Young Professionals and a recent graduate from the Abilene Academy City Leadership program. Brittany and her husband William Pearson are both active members of our community.

Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC (LJM) is a family-owned local Moving Company, commemorating a Half-Century of Residential and Commercial Moving Services to Customers throughout Abilene and the Big Country Area. Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC achieved that milestone in 2012— Founded by the late Joe M. Leal in 1963, the company is today managed by Joe’s daughter Sylvia Leal and his granddaughter Brittany Pearson and continues to provide residential and commercial moving services throughout the Abilene and Big Country area.

“Few family-owned moving companies can say they’ve been in business for half a century. As a second-generation owner, I’m very proud of this accomplishment,” said Leal, of Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC. “I’m also very thankful to have such a great team behind me. Their commitment to top-quality service is a vital part of our company’s continued success. We have taken what my dad left us and revived it back to its thriving years.”

Many residential and business customers have acknowledged the company’s dedication to excellence through public recognition, high ratings and testimonials. Their votes and positive feedback have earned Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and the Abilene Reporter News Readers Choice Award for the past three consecutive years.

In addition to receiving recognition from our community and many customers throughout the years, the moving company is consistently recognized for its contributions to local non-profit organizations by providing assistance, manpower and surplus items. “It’s our way of giving back to the community,” Leal expresses, and that “we look forward to completing many more successful residential and commercial moves and ongoing charitable works in the decades ahead.”

(MCR) Can you tell us about your company? What makes it unique? What sets you apart from your competition?

Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC is locally owned with a small town feel but we have the capability to move nationwide with all the proper permits and licenses. We also are the only small local moving company that can say they been around for 55 years we know the industry very well. We focus on quality and volume, we take all the small jobs.

(MCR) How long have you been in business?

Little Joe Movers and Storage, LLC has been in business for 55 years and we are the 2nd generation owners.

(MCR) What areas do you serve?

We service Abilene, TX, Dyess Air Force Base and surrounding areas. We can move anywhere in the United States we are Interstate and Intrastate Movers.

(MCR) Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

We customize each move based on the customers’ needs. We are Military Movers, Household Goods and Commercial Movers, we provide delivery service, furniture installation and we are always L A B O R ready we help large corporations, universities and local non-profits with labor only jobs.

I always tell our Team members that our motto is “The answer is always – YES ” we can and will do anything for the customer.

(MCR) What does being woman-owned mean to the company? How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

Being female has its challenges in the Moving and Trucking industry because it’s male dominated and driving trucks is something guys do—it’s rough, but it isn’t something a woman can’t do. Running a moving company is much more than driving a truck, picking up and delivering, it’s marketing, planning, tracking and organization — its Business. You have to be flexible, customer service driven and a multi tasker because every customer is different and moving is always a fluid process, meaning things change all the time, dates change, Real Estate closing dates get moved, and weather is always an issue. Being a woman helps because we are multitaskers, flexible and we like to plan every step to help make every move a smooth transition for our customers.

Piggy Back Moving in Tampa, FL

Chrissy Leitgeb, Owner


“Combining your shipment with others headed in the same direction, to save you money”

My name is Chrissy Leitgeb, & I am the proud owner of Piggy Back Moving.

I grew up in the moving industry, my Father started his own moving company when he was in high school & I would spend my summers working for my Father at his business. After a few more years, I became the general manager at one of his locations, it was then I fell in love with helping people. I saw how stressful moving was, and really wanted to help families.

I spent the next few years, learning everything I could. During this time I really saw the need for a “Piggy Back” service. Since the major van lines have a minimum weight requirement, I really saw the need for customers who have just a small amount of goods to move from state to state without having to pay for the minimum.

So I decided to open my own company and call it “PIGGY BACK MOVING”

My company is unique because we do not have a minimum, we will ship just one piece to your whole house and we are able to keep our prices lower because of our special method of “Piggy Backing”

Although the moving industry is a male dominated industry, I really value the diversity created by being a woman owned & operated moving company, it has set us apart from others because we operate at a higher level of customer satisfaction. Every member of my staff is passionate about upholding our outstanding reputation.

Over the past 8 years my team & I have perfected combining customers together that are headed in the same direction to offer them the lowest cost possible.

We are able to ship one piece, a few pieces, a bedroom set, or your whole house anywhere in the United States. We also ship vehicles, antiques, Pianos, offer full packing services, provide free in home estimates & much more.

Mega Man Movers, Crowley TX

Haley Galbreath, President


Haley Galbreath, President, Mega Man Movers


(MCR) How did you get to own Mega Man Movers? Did you start it? Buy it? Tell us the story!

I started off in 2008 working in sales at a moving company, worked my way up to operations, dispatch and then management. I met my fiancé when he was a mover as well. We then subcontracted for a moving company bought our own trucks and realized we should have been doing it our self all along. That’s when I opened up Mega Man Movers.

(MCR) Can you tell us about Mega Man Movers?

I know all of the do’s and don’t’. I’ve worked for some shady companies when I was younger, I’ve seen some awful things happen and I’ve worked for ones who have done things the right way and have become very successful.

What makes it unique? I know how stressful it is to move, everything you have ever worked for you put into someone else’s hands and you trust them, you trust that they will do the right thing and take care of you.

(MCR)  How long have you been in business?


(MCR)  What areas do you serve?

All of Dallas Fort Worth and surrounding areas

(MCR)  Do you specialize in any particular types of moves?

We are a full service moving company, we do it all.

(MCR)  What does being woman-owned mean to the company? How does it set you apart, give you an advantage, or help the company?

It means anything is possible. Just have to have faith and work for it.

Companies Suggested by our Other Movers:  

Ridgewood Moving, Saddle River, New Jersey

Owner: Cindy Myer


Since our founding in 1966, RMS has taken pride in providing the highest level of moving, packing, and storage services to residents of Bergen County and throughout New Jersey. A woman-owned-and-operated company, RMS built its success on trust, dependability and quality—values that remain the cornerstones of our business.

Fulford Van Lines, Orlando, Florida


The Fulford Van & Storage Company has been catering to Central Florida’s business storage and moving needs since 1913. The company has been operating under new management since 1990, growing and developing the business to include not only commercial and residential movers, but also interior designer deliveries and installations.

Umbrella Movers, Las Vegas, Nevada

Kathryn Ridge, Owner / Manager


Founded in 2009, we’re a professional Moving Company that’s proud to offer our services to customers throughout the greater Las Vegas valley. Superior service begins and ends with experienced and friendly professionals, which is why we put so much consideration into selecting the best people to join our team. We aim to not only meet your needs, but also exceed your expectations of what a dependable Moving Company can be.

Titan Relocation Services

Jaymie Cummings, Owner/Operator


Leave the work for our experienced and professional movers. With over a decade of experience in the moving industry, you can trust that your belongings will be handled with the utmost care. 100% customer satisfaction is always our #1 goal. Tell us all of your moving needs and we will exceed them.

Lemoore’s Professional Movers


Jeanette Homan, General Manager

Lemoore’s Professional Movers have been providing outstanding Civilian and DOD relocations for over 40 years. Our specialty is providing packing, moving & storage services for NAS Lemoore Military members and their families.

All Reasons Moving and Storage

Kimberly Tucker, President


Since 1991, renters, homeowners, and businesses have trusted All Reasons to relocate their household items, personal belongings, and commercial goods safely and efficiently. When you select us as your moving company, you can gain peace of mind in knowing we handle each move with the utmost care and respect.


Janelle Dowley, Franchisee


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5-1g8ZnDaQ (video)

Janelle and Joel Dowley, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® West Palm Beach franchise owners, hired TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® Founder Mary Ellen Sheets’ original “two men” in Michigan to move into a new home and were impressed by the service. Years later, their experience prompted them to open the first location in Palm Beach County. For more than a decade, the Dowleys and their team have completed thousands of home and business moves, with the hallmark of great customer service. They now serve the region with nine trucks and a warehouse for vaulted storage and are recognized as the premier moving company in the area. They also have an office in Wellington with trucks and storage.

TWO MEN AND A TRUCK  Treasure Coast

Janelle Dowley, Franchisee
Shauna Bledsoe, Franchisee

Crowning Touch Senior Moving Services


Linda Balentine was homeless 22 years ago, but she “pressed on” developing and perfecting an idea for a moving company that has since become an award-winning business model.

Not Woman Owned, but Women Playing Key Roles

Ellison Moving (closed after Jim Ellison retired)

Jim Ellison, Owner and his two daughters


Jim and one of his daughters

Both my daughters grew up in the moving game. I always liked working with women during a relocation. Sad to say I never ran into a woman owned moving business in my 46 years in HHGs. Wish that were not the case.

Most of the time it’s women who are the nest builders. It’s their families home. And usually it’s women who understand the emotional angst that moving causes. Not that men are incapable of such. When I would show up on a job and had a crew consisting of both men and women it would make things smoother. Maybe only 10% of the pieces coming out of a house require brute strength. Finesse, balance, smarts, politeness, a sense of order and what I call raccoon fingers (light touch) are skills all of us might find useful in the furniture game. It’s hard work. Some people don’t take to hard work. I’d guess not many women are in the business because they weren’t given a chance or taught the correct way of lifting , carrying, packing and use of equipment .

Conclusion & Wrap Up

Thank you to all of the companies who shared their stories with us, we appreciate it!   If you know of any other woman-owned moving companies, please email us and we’ll add them to this list!

Molly Henderson

Molly has been writing about the moving industry for more than 10 years and knows exactly what makes a mover great.

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    My mother owns READY2MOVE moving and storage in Fort Myers, FL I would love to include her in this. We are a family owned moving company for over 30 years.

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