5 Fun and Crafty Uses For Leftover Moving Boxes

You moved. And unpacked. Hooray!

Give yourself a pat on the back because the hard part is over. Now what do you do with all those pesky moving boxes cluttering up your garage?

You could break them down and recycle them. Or even give them away. But if you’re crafty, not afraid of a little elbow grease and feeling somewhat adventurous, give these ideas a spin…

1. Turn Them Into Moving Announcements

2fa9c395f44e1bb6319ee2c8bf45bbb2-moving-hacks-moving-tips(Image via)

2. Entertain Your Kids And Encourage Their Imagination

A cardboard castle fit for any ‘lil prince or princess

cardboard castle
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A rocket ready for takeoff!

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Wearable art


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3. Create Storage To Keep Your New Place Organized


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4. Pin memos and announcements with a DIY bulletin board


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5. Showcase your fave moments with cardboard photo frames

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Have other box inspiration ideas or photos of your finished products? Share them in the comments!


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