5 Things to NOT Pack In Your Moving Truck

It’s important to keep safety in mind when moving. With all those moving parts, dressers and appliances travelling up and down stairs, kids bouncing around and heavy boxes being lifted, it’s a lot to keep track of to make sure nobody gets hurt. But before you get to your house, don’t forget that what you put in the back of the moving truck can also be risky in certain conditions.

The cargo container can get hot very quickly, especially so during the summer moving season. This can cause many types of chemicals and other products to react in dangerous ways, potentially endangering the moving crew and putting your stuff at risk. Keep these safety tips in mind when it comes to loading up the truck and avoid packing these items.

Don’t try and bend the rules to fit the following items on board:

1. Cleaning products – Bleach and all sorts of other household cleaners should never be placed in the moving truck. These kitchen cleaners may seem harmless, but they can present a serious risk when shaken around together in a box. 

2. Car batteries – For those of you fortunate enough to never have dealt with a leaky car battery, the fluid can disintegrate fabrics and damage anything it comes in contact with. Not exactly the type of thing you want next to your children’s clothes, no?

3. Ignition fluids – Again, the moving container can get very hot, very fast. Anything that’s used to light fires like light fluids, flammable gel, etc. should be kept away from your moving truck.

4. Fertilizers/Weed Sprays – An often overlooked fire hazard, many fertilizers and other gardening chemicals are highly flammable. These are a risk the same way your cleaning supplies can be.

5. Ammunition – It should be obvious that the hot moving truck is a terrible place to put bullets. If you must bring them, bring them with you in the car with air conditioning. Follow all firearms safety guidelines when transporting your weapons.

Bottom line: don’t sweat the small stuff, all these items are replaceable. A happy move starts with safety.

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