Budget Truck Rental: Review: Pricing & Alternatives (2019) 

Thinking about moving? If so, you’re not alone — more than 11% of Americans move every year! Moving is a complicated (and sometimes vexing) process. Moving by yourself is one option, but it might not be ideal. Many Americans are opting to use professional movers, transportation, and truck rental companies. Is a Truck Rental Company Right For […]

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Thinking about moving? If so, you’re not alone — more than 11% of Americans move every year! Moving is a complicated (and sometimes vexing) process. Moving by yourself is one option, but it might not be ideal. Many Americans are opting to use professional movers, transportation, and truck rental companies.

Is a Truck Rental Company Right For Me?

Moving without a truck is the stuff of nightmares. Trying to cram everything into your own personal vehicle is difficult and takes time—time better spent productively! And the perennial favorite of “Well, I’ll just borrow a friend’s truck” is not an option for everyone.  Hiring professional movers offers a compelling option, but some still prefer moving themselves.

With that in mind, a truck rental company looks like an attractive proposition. You’ll want a truck from a company that is reliable, affordable and comes with all the features you need in a moving truck.

source:  budgettruck.com

What is Budget Truck Rental?

Enter Budget Truck Rental. This company is one of the largest truck rental companies in the United States. With more than 1,700 locations and more than 28,000 trucks, it’s likely they’ll have what you need.  Other truck rental options include Home Depot Truck Rental, U-Haul, Penske, and Enterprise.

Part of the Avis Group, Budget Truck Rental has over twenty years’ experience in providing truck rental services for individuals and businesses.

What Does Budget Truck Rental Offer?

Budget Truck Rental offers consumers the option to select from a wide range of different vehicles depending on your needs. True to their name, Budget Truck Rental’s rates are affordable and the company offers plenty of discounts for qualified customers.

Budget Truck Rental’s Fleet

As a general rule, Budget’s 12-foot Small Truck is best suited for customers looking to move a single room’s worth of content in one go. The 16’ Medium Truck is aimed at anyone looking to move a small apartment. The 26’ Large Truck is perfect for long-distance moves or for anyone who needs to move multiple rooms’ worth of content all at once.


12’ Small Truck16’ Medium Truck26’ Large Truck
Up to 3,610 lbsUp 4,460 lbsUp to 10,000 lbs
Up to 120 medium boxesUp to 250 medium boxesUp to 500 medium boxes
2 Seats2 Seats3 Seats
No towingTowing and loading rampTowing and loading ramp
Can contain 1-5 pieces of medium-sized furnitureCan contain 1-10 pieces of medium-sized furnitureCan contain 1-15 pieces of medium-sized furniture
Best suited for moving a single roomBest suited for moving a small apartmentBest suited for long-distance moves or larger homes


Budget Truck Rental Features and Accessories

Budget Truck Rental offers the following features and more:

  • Towing Equipment: Car carriers, tow dollies, and automobile towing protection
  • Pick-Up Truck Rental
  • Loading & Unloading Assistance
  • Accessories: Hand Trucks, Furniture Pads, and toll road PlatePass® devices.

Car Carriers

Car carriers and car trailers are used, rather unsurprisingly, to transport entire cars and other vehicles. Budget Truck Rental’s car carriers are recommended for four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive vehicles. As of 2019, only the 16’ Medium Trucks and 26’ Large Trucks offered by Budget Truck Rental have towing capabilities.

source: budgettruck.com

Car carriers attach directly to the rear of your rental truck.

Budget Truck Rental offers car carriers with the following specifications:

Maximum width of 6’7”Weight capacity of 4,055 lbsMaximum length of 12’

Car Dolly and Tow Dolly Rental

A car dolly is a great option for anyone looking to limit mileage on their vehicle during a lengthy move. The dolly attaches to the rear of your truck and lifts the front wheels off the ground. Car dollies are ideal for front-wheel drive vehicles. Dollies are available for one-way rentals.

As of 2019, only the 16’ Medium Trucks and 26’ Large Trucks offered by Budget Truck Rental have towing capabilities suited for car dollies.

Car dollies attach directly to the rear of your rental truck. The car dolly is not a trailer — don’t back it up!

The company offers car dollies with the following specifications:


Maximum car width of 76”Weight capacity of 3,600 lbs (AWD/4WD/RWD)Weight capacity of 3,300 lbs (FWD)

Auto Tow Protection

Auto Tow Protection (ATP) is insurance offered by Budget Truck Rental that provides coverage to renters towing their personal vehicles (either with a car dolly, car carrier, or tow dolly). To qualify for ATP, you must use both a rental vehicle and towing device rented from Budget Truck Rental.

Budget’s ATP covers damages resulting from:

  • Collision or upset of rental truck/towing equipment
  • Landslide
  • Weather (flood, hail, windstorm)
  • Fire or explosion

ATP does not cover damages resulting from:

  • Unauthorized drivers
  • Losses occurring during loading or unloading
  • Wear and tear
  • Theft or robbery
  • Renter’s neglect
  • And more!

As a general rule, ATP is definitely worth considering if you plan on towing your personal vehicle. The standard policy includes a $250 deductible per loss with coverage up to $15,000 (actual cash value).

Pick-Up Truck Rental

If a full-size moving truck is not appropriate for your needs, Budget Truck Rental offers pickup truck rentals. These smaller vehicles are perfect for small moves, landscaping work, or home improvement projects.

  • Ford F-150s, Ford F205s, Dodge RAM 1500s, Nissan Frontiers, Nissan Titans, Chevrolet Silverados, Toyota Tacomas, and Honda Ridgelines make up the core of Budget Truck Rental’s pickup fleet. These are full-size pickups, most of which come equipped with a Crew cab (four full-sized doors and two rows of seats).

Budget also offers mid-size pickups.

Budget Truck Rental Protection Plans

On top of that, Budget Truck Rental offers a comprehensive set of protection plans that features the following:

  • Physical Damage Waiver
  • Supplemental Liability Insurance (SLI)
  • Personal Accident & Cargo Insurance
  • Roadside Safety Net

roadside assistance

Physical Damage Waiver

The Physical Damage Waiver means the renter has $0 responsibility for any loss or damage.

Supplemental Liability

Supplemental liability provides coverage in the event of bodily injury or property damage that occurs in an accident involving a rented Budget truck. The company places a $1 million limit on this coverage.

Personal Accident & Cargo Insurance

Personal accident & cargo insurance offers protection In the event of injury to the renter, passenger(s), or if property damage occurs to the renter’s cargo.

Roadside Safety Net/Roadside Assistance

Budget Truck Rental offers roadside assistance for a simple, low-cost, flat rate. Roadside assistance covers flat tires, key replacement, windshield repair, battery changes, non-collision towing, and more.

Budget Truck Rental Discounts

Budget Truck Rental offers a range of discounts to many different organizations, groups, and associations. These groups include:

Membership in any of the above may qualify you for up to 20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves. Budget Truck also offers discounts for students—ideal for dropping the kid (or kids) off at college.

Budget Truck Rental Pricing

True to its name, Budget’s competitively sets their rates. As a general rule, Budget Truck Rental should be on your shortlist for truck rental companies. Like many rental companies, take any quote you find online with a grain of salt—there’s no guarantee that hidden fees won’t make an appearance.

Hidden or additional fees are a perennial concern for anyone using rental companies and Budget Truck Rental is no exception.

Local Move Fees

For a local move (where you return the truck to the original rental location), you’ll pay both the base rate for the truck and a per-mile fee. It’s important to watch out for the fairly steep per-mile fee (rates range anywhere from half to an entire dollar per mile).

Pay close attention to mileage fees. A base rate of $29.99 a day for a 12’ Small Truck comes with (depending on your area) a mileage rate of $0.79 per mile. A 75-mile round trip will double your original costs. A true local move (think under 10 miles round trip) will run you under $10 in mileage fees.

moving truck

that’s one packed moving truck

One-Way/Long-Distance Move Fees

Unlike a local move, you won’t need to pay for mileage for a long-distance move. Budget bundles mileage into the base rate.

A 12’ Small Truck may run you $90-$100 per trip (one-way) and comes with 161 miles included in the price. However, if you plan on exceeding the mileage, prepare to pay a high per-mile fee (around $0.70 per mile).

Extra Fees

It’s no surprise that the real cash cow for rental companies comes in the form of accessories, protection plans, and other additional expenses. You’ll have to pony up for:

  • Add-ons, like trailers or car dollies
  • Protection plans and enhanced liability coverage
  • Taxes, fees, gasoline, and a $150 deposit.
  • $50 cancellation fee (if canceling within 48 hours of your reserved pickup time).

So, Is the Pricing Competitive?

Depending on the distance you’re moving, yes. Budget Truck Rental consistently offers competitively low rates for their rentals, but the per-mile fee is high. If you’re considering using their services, take the time to figure out your estimated mileage and consult other providers.

Alternatives to Budget Truck Rental

The major alternatives to Budget Truck Rental are what you might expect:

  • U-Haul
  • Penske
  • Enterprise Truck Rental
  • Professional Movers – often the cost to use professional movers comes in lower than you might expect.  Get a free quote now to compare costs.

U-Haul, for example, offers almost identical pricing (both in terms of base rate and per-mile fees). Enterprise and Penske offer similar per-mile pricing. The major differences between the companies come from their add-ons, rental options, and varying protection plans.  Don’t forget to check out Home Depot truck rental as well.

home depot rental truck

A Home Depot rental truck

Depending on your area, availability is likely to be the deciding factor. After all, mileage is expensive—if you need to add ten or twenty miles to your trip to accommodate a cheaper provider, those savings vanish.

Any Downsides?

One big downside—no reservation guarantees. The company holds over 1,700 locations and has a fleet of around 30,000 trucks. The company states that it does not overbook (therefore guarantees are unnecessary), but few things are ever so simple.

Reviews on social media indicate that overbooking can—and does—occur. The lack of guaranteed reservations is unwelcome, but it is fair to assume that overbookings are not a guaranteed occurrence.

The only other real downside to Budget Truck Rental is the limited selection of trucks available for rent. With only three truck sizes (and pick-ups, to be fair) available, you have fewer options compared to Budgets’ competitors.


What Do Customers Say?

It depends on who you ask. Most negative reviews focus on spotty questionable customer service. The lack of guaranteed reservations is a big ding to many customers as well. As a general rule, Budget Truck Rental is true to its name: they have cheap rentals and plenty of them.

Customers enjoy the easy-to-use website, competitive rates, and the smorgasbord of discounts and promo codes.

As seen below, Gary F. from Mountain View, California had a positive experience with Budget Truck Rental:

“I was extremely happy with the excellent service I received from Dinesh. From the moment I walked in until I picked up my truck he really went out of his way to answer my questions, address my concerns, saved me money and to make sure it was all done on time with zero hassle. He even walked me to my truck to go over everything and always with a great personality and smile. Thank you Dinesh!”

On the other hand, Janella from Pittsburgh had the exact opposite experience:

“Reservation for a 16′ truck, one-way move from Pennsylvania to Missouri was made in May for a July 30th move. We arrived at Budget several hours early only to learn that there was no truck available. The clerk directed us to call the 1-800 number, which we did. It’s been four hours and still no truck and no information as to whether we will have a truck today at all. Budget’s utter incompetence will likely cost us the movers we scheduled to load/unload the truck, delay our 10 hour drive significantly, and waste our time. A courtesy call in advance to inform me of the possible delay could have saved me tremendous stress, money, and time. Budget in the Pittsburgh area should be ashamed of its outrageous mismanagement. DO NOT RENT FROM THIS COMPANY.”

Barb from Cedaredge had another positive experience that seems to speak to Budget’s generous customer service:

“I rented a 16′ truck from Budget a few weeks ago and received great customer service from all of the employees that I met. I picked up the truck the evening before my move, Linda at the front desk was fast in getting me out the door and on my way! I didn’t have any problems with the truck except it was smaller than what I needed and we had to make two trips to the Western Slope from Denver. That was totally our fault in misjudging the size. I called Budget when I realized this and they let me use the truck an extra day for only $5.50 more! Terry figured it out at the lowest possible price! I’ve waited till now to write a review thinking this can’t be true, I’m sure I’ll see an extra charge on my bank statement or something. But I did not. They kept their word and were the best company to work with!”

Why The Variance In Review Scores?

Judging by the reviews available online, your experience with Budget Truck Rental will depend heavily on the location you use. Some locations appear to have fantastic customer service; others, not so much.

It depends on who you ask. Most negative reviews focus on sometimes questionable customer service and the lack of guaranteed reservations. As a general rule, Budget Truck Rental is true to its name: they have cheap rentals and plenty of them.

Customers universally enjoy the easy-to-use website, competitive rates, and smorgasbord of discounts and promo codes.

Price Compare Against Professional Movers

Using professional movers offers consumers an attractive alternative to renting a truck and moving themselves. The cost often comes in similar to doing it yourself.  More importantly, using professional movers most often results in less damange to your prized possessions and expensive belongings. What’s that busted flatscreen TV or ruined piece of heirloom furniture worth?

Getting quotes just take a minute, request free quotes now, whether you’re in Chicago, Tempe, or Sarasota.


If you have questions about moving, moving companies, or just want some impartial, unbiased information about the industry, visit MovingCompanyReviews.com. Our blog is home to everything ranging from moving tips to in-depth breakdowns of companies operating in this industry.

It’s time to take the stress out of moving.

Doug Breaker

Doug founded MovingCompanyReviews.com in 2012 to make moving less stressful, more transparent and easier.

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