Budget Truck Rental: Review: Pricing & Alternatives (2019) 

budget truck rental

Thinking about moving? If so, you’re not alone — more than 11% of Americans move every year! Moving is a complicated (and sometimes vexing) process. Moving by yourself is one option, but it might not be ideal. Many Americans are opting to use professional movers, transportation, and truck rental companies. Is a Truck Rental Company Right For … Read moreBudget Truck Rental: Review: Pricing & Alternatives (2019) 

uShip: Overview, Review, and Alternatives

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It’s often not until you pack that you realize just how much stuff you have to move. Even in a small space, we accumulate more items than we realize, be it clothes, furniture, or electronics. All of that stuff can easily fit into a box. It’s the big items–like home appliances, vehicles, and even pets – … Read moreuShip: Overview, Review, and Alternatives

Donating Furniture: The Ultimate Guide

You’re not alone if you’ve ever looked around and thought, “Wow, I have a lot of stuff.” Some people have more furniture than they could ever use in a lifetime. What are your options for furniture donation? You can try everything from national nonprofits to local groups to see which ones will take your stuff. … Read moreDonating Furniture: The Ultimate Guide

Moving Food Without Losing Your Mind

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Moving?  Read This Guide To Moving (or Getting Rid of) Your Food. It’s time to move houses and you booked a mover, packed the furniture and knick knacks, but what about moving your food?     Moving food is a pain!   There’s that awkward week or so before moving where you just don’t know what to … Read moreMoving Food Without Losing Your Mind

How to prepare kids under 10 for a move – tips and tricks from a child psychologist

MovingCompanyReviews note:   We’re delighted to have Kerry Brown Hasbrook, Ph.D., Licensed Clinical Psychologist, write this post for us.   Dr. Brown Hasbrook is a well known Child Psychologist in the Chicago area, and recently moved with her three children.    Her post below gives some fantastic tips and tricks on how to make the … Read moreHow to prepare kids under 10 for a move – tips and tricks from a child psychologist