Earth Class Mail: Review, Pricing and Alternatives (& coupon)

While so many services are now available with paper-free online statements, there are still some things that require snail mail and a permanent address to reach you. If you’re a small business without physical office, get annoyed with physical mail, or want more security and efficiency with your important business mail, then Earth Class Mail […]

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While so many services are now available with paper-free online statements, there are still some things that require snail mail and a permanent address to reach you. If you’re a small business without physical office, get annoyed with physical mail, or want more security and efficiency with your important business mail, then Earth Class Mail could be for you.

What Does Earth Class Mail Do?

Earth Class Mail caters to businesses that want one manageable address to receive all of their important business mail. When you sign up, you get to select an address from a list of cities. They offer multiple locations across the country, including addresses in Hawaii and Alaska. Once you have chosen an address, you can use it for all of your business transactions going forward, including as your company address.

The Earth Class Mail team will process all mail you receive for you. They will scan the exterior, sort, log, organize, and store it at their secure facility. If you want the contents scanned, they will scan it for you.  You can even send sensitive paperwork to your Earth Class Mail address since they employ HIPAA certified technicians to manage the mail.

All of this means that “checking the mail” becomes a digital, hassle-free process. Whenever you want to know what mail you have received, login to Earth Class Mail and review the front and back scan of every piece of mail being stored for you. They save these scans in PDF format with searchable text for easy reference.

In summary, Earth Class Mail offers:

  • An address in the city of your choice
  • Secure mail sorting, scanning, and storage
  • Digital copies of all your mail
  • Remote mail management

Once you have logged in to review your mail, you can take action directly through the website. You can request that a mail technician deposits a check on your behalf, forwards mail to another recipient (like your attorney or accountant), or request them to shred, recycle, or continue storing a piece of mail for you.

Let’s See It In Action

Moving Company Reviews uses Earth Class Mail to manage our business mail.   We find dealing with everything digitally offers a very nice boost to efficiency and security.   Here’s how it works.

Earth Class Mail Emails When You Get New Mail

When new mail arrives, Earth Class Mail sends you an email letting you know.  Here’s an example of a letter we received.  This one looks important, so we will click the “Scan” button in the email to have the contents scanned.

Earth Class Mail email notification

You Choose to Scan, Shred, or Ship The Mail Item

Once in your account, you have the choice of scanning, shredding, or shipping the mail item.  If the letter contains a check, you can also deposit the check.  This piece looks important, so we’ll scan it.

earthclassmail inbox

The Earth Class Mail inbox.

Earth Class Mail Will Email You When Your Scan is Complete

When your item finishes scanning, a notification will show up in your email letting you know.

earthclassmail scan complete email

Earth Class Mail scan completed email

You Can View, Print, and Save Your Scan and See Its History

Once you login, you can see your scanned mail item from the inbox view or from a detail view.  You can even see an audit trail of everything that’s happened to your mail piece, along with information abuot its size, weight, page count and other useful information.

earth class mail inbox

Viewing a scan from your inbox


earth class mail detail view

The detailed item view of a scan


earth class mail item history

A detailed audit trail and mail item history

If you want to print or save your mail scan, helpful buttons on the item viewer let you do that with a few clicks.

You Can Deposit Checks

One of the coolest features of Earth Class Mail is the ability to deposit checks you receive.   If you get a check, you can deposit it in a few clicks by filling out your bank routing number and account number.  This makes depositing checks a breeze.  If you get large checks that go over your bank’s mobile deposit limits, this is a great way to quickly deposit those checks.  You can even record these payments directly into Qucikbooks Online or Xero.

earth class mail check deposit

Earth Class Mail check deposit

If you just need a service to create and print out deposit slips, check out, they offer a free way to easily create deposit slips you can mail into your bank.  Just find your bank (e.g. Chase, Wells Fargo, Fifth Third, etc.) and follow the easy instructions.

Who Needs Earth Class Mail?

Earth Class Mail focuses on serving the needs of businesses, especially small businesses, remote companies, and sole proprietorships or online businesses that may need a permanent mailing address. They are also a popular solution for companies who need to deposit checks remotely. Earth Class Mail is ideal for:

  • Online businesses without a physical presence
  • Home-based businesses that need a non-residential address
  • Smaller companies that need mail processing services
  • Remote companies that do not reside at a central address
  • Companies who spend a lot of time out of their office
  • Any company that gets high value checks and would like to reduce he opportunity for fraud

With this audience in mind, Earth Class Mail is designed to integrate with several different services and applications. This includes QuickBooks Online, Xero,, Box, and Google Drive. These integrations will help you manage your mail quickly while saving documents, depositing checks, or sharing important information easily within your team.

The Pricing Structure

The pricing for Earth Class Mail’s services depends on the features you require for your business. Here’s a look at their three pre-made plans.

earthclassmail pricing

Earth Class Mail pricing

Virtual Address

You can get a simple virtual address for your business for just $69/month. This provides you with a non-residential address at which you can receive mail. If you only need occasional mail processing services, this might be the plan for you. This plan allows you to receive mail for up to one recipient, processing up to 15 pieces of incoming mail per month. You can get these pieces scanned in the envelope as part of the plan. It also includes up to 10 interior mail scans so you can see what’s inside. On-demand check deposits cost $10 per check.

Mail Automation

If you need a little more help managing your mail, you may opt for the Mail Automation plan instead. This plan costs $129 per month and best serves small or remote businesses that need digital processing for their physical mail. This plan also includes a standard address, but you’ll be able to receive mail for up to three recipients in total. There is no cap on incoming mail or exterior mail scans. However, you can only request up to 50 interior mail scans per month. On-demand check deposits cost $10 per check.

Mail and Check Automation

For businesses that need digital mail processing along with frequent payment deposits, this plan is perfect. It’s also popular amongst teams since there is no limit to how many recipients can receive mail at the address. This plan includes a premium address, unlimited incoming mail, unlimited exterior mail scans, and 50 interior mail scans each month. You can also deposit up to 30 checks per month as part of the plan. The cost is $179/month.

Custom Pricing

Earth Class Mail also advertises custom pricing to meet the specific needs of your business. You can always reach out to the team to schedule a free demo and talk about pricing a solution that fits your growing company.

Alternative Options

Earth Class Mail offers a compelling solution for businesses looking to make business mail less painful, it’s smart to shop around.  Especially if you’re working on a tight budget. The monthly cost of Earth Class Mail can add up, particularly for newer and smaller businesses that are just getting up-and-running. If you’re searching for an alternative solution, consider these options.

Check Deposit Alternatives

If you need a check deposit service, you may just need to rethink your bank. Many banks today offer mobile check deposit through their phone apps that allow you to scan a check on your phone and submit it for deposit. The bank processes your requests, confirms that they have received the check, and then gives you the go-ahead to destroy the original physical copy. Some big banks that offer this include Wells FargoChaseUS Bank, and Capital One.  However, companies depositing large checks often run into mobile check deposit limits, and get stuck having to go to the bank anyway.

You can also opt for a bank lockbox service, which is a cooperation between you, the post office, and the bank. It requires you to send your deposits to the lockbox where the bank agrees to come and pick them up and process them. You will use the lockbox address on invoices so that customers mail payments directly to this address.  Lockbox services usually start above $100 per month, and many carry high monthly minimum account balances.

Finally, you can use a bank scanner to deposit a check yourself from just about anywhere. While mobile deposits through banking apps work for a handful of deposits per month, bank scanners offer a better solution for businesses with higher check deposit volumes. You will need a bank that offers a remote scanning service, like Bank of America, and then buy the equipment to scan your checks from your home or office.

digital check scanner

A digital check scanner

Virtual Address Alternatives

If your business needs a virtual address above anything else, you have multiple options.

  • Davinci is a company offering virtual offices for businesses starting at $50/month. However, the service does not offer mail scanning.
  • Regus is another virtual office, this one offering over 50 locations across Chicago. Pricing starts at $50/month but this service does not offer mail scanning either.
  • iPostal1 is a newer company offering both virtual addresses and mail scanning. You can select from over 750 locations around the world starting at $9.99/month. They do not offer check deposit.  Local staff at mail stores scan the mail and are likely not HIPAA certified, compared to Earth Class Mail’s secure mail processing facility.
  • PostScanMail offers mail forwarding, scanning, and virtual addresses, but no check deposit. They have 94 mailing addresses in the United States starting $9.95/month.

For the cost savings, it may be worth it to forego some of Earth Class Mail’s luxuries. Ultimately, it comes down to your budget, and if you need to deposit checks.

Find The Perfect Mailbox Solution

Earth Class is an all-in-one service that makes handling your mail a truly hands-off process, but the price tag isn’t for everyone. Small businesses may want to look elsewhere because of the monthly fees that come along with the plethora of secure services Earth Class Mail offers.  However, compared to the cost of paying rent on a physical office, the price offers a compelling value.

Interested in trying Earth Class Mail?  Click here to sign up and get 50% off your first month.

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Doug Breaker

Doug founded in 2012 to make moving less stressful, more transparent and easier.

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