Granot: Review, Pricing, and Feedback from Moving Companies

Granot is a software company dedicated to creating moving company software, providing moving estimates, and selling leads to moving companies. If you’re not familiar with Granot and what they have to offer, read below for our full review.  Sections include what Granot offers in their mover CRM, pricing, and reviews from moving companies.

What is Granot and What Do They Offer?


Granot has been in business since 2001 and offers a way for moving companies to simplify their day-to-day process. Their claim is affordable web-based moving software for moving companies. It’s operational software aimed to help moving companies streamline their businesses. They have a variety of software packages that do the following:

  • Manage sales
  • Manage inventory
  • Manage customers
  • Manage employees
  • Direct activities
  • Coordinate activities
  • Communicate activities

For example, Granot offers moving leads. Granot is a distributor for leads from other moving leads avenues. This goes directly to movers’ CRM software and movers can purchase leads by setting up automatic lead campaigns.

There are various different types of leads and different ways to filter them. For instance, a moving company using the software can get leads via lead amount, lead location, or a potential daily quantity. There is also what is called “leads on demand” where moving companies can purchases manually instead of using an automated campaign.

What Kind of Packages Does Granot Offer?

Granot offers an installation-free system, with five packages available.

  1. Basic Package:  In the basic package, the features include reports, maintenance tables, estimates, an email center, a dispatch operations calendar, and customer management. This package is the least expensive at $99 per month. It is ideal for smaller moving companies or companies just starting out.
  2. Junior Package:  In the next level of packages from Granot, the Junior Package has the same features as the basic package. The difference is that there is also a feature of some basic sales and operation features. This one is $140 per month and like the basic package, can be upgraded. This package is similar to the Basic Package but is more ideal for more established companies.
  3. The Pro Package:  The Pro Package has a few more modules offered than the prior two. Along with what you get in the Junior Package, there is individual follow-up screens per user and visual estimate scheduling. This one is $175 per month and is well-suited for any level of activity in a moving company.
  4. The Advanced Package: The Advanced Package combines all of the features from the other packages and adds more. This one also includes claims, closing contracts, a trip scheduling and calendar, and payroll management for workers and the sales team. It costs $250 each month. Like the others, it can be easily upgraded. It is ideal for an all-in-one solution for moving companies.
  5. The Supreme Package: Last but not least is the Supreme Package. This is the package that offers everything. With the prior benefits from the other packages, the Supreme Package has more. It has a full set of sales features that includes new estimates, an email center, and follow ups. It also has closing contracts as a module. This one has inbuilt flexibility that allows the moving company to have easy and fast customization on-demand.
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Granot Package Options

Installation, Add-ons, and Additional Fees

Along with the monthly fees mentioned, Granot has additional fees.

Add-on services include:

  • Leads Grabbing: 1 email $25
  • Extended Leads Grabbing: 5 emails $50
  • Multi Department $25
  • Agents Management $25
  • Storage Management $25
  • Custom Tariff and Accessorial Charges $50

Not all add-ons are available on all packages. For example, only the leads grabbing is supported on all packages and custom tariff and accessorial charges is only for the Professional, Advance, Supreme Packages.

The installation and setup fee is a one-time fee of $175. You can also add credit card processing for free. For those who want a customized printed estimate, that service is $150. And to customize your software and modify it for your needs, you must get a quote from Granot.

granot pricing
add on packages

What Do Moving Companies Say About Granot?

Reviews are an important factor in choosing a company to work with. The reviews for Granot are mixed. For instance, on Capterra, the average review is a 3.5/5 overall rating. One reviewer rated it a 5/5 while another rated it 2/5.

The positive reviewer wrote that it was easy to use and they loved it. Their only constructive criticism was that the software could be updated more often.

Yet, the negative reviewer had this to say:

Occasionally I would email the actual developer of Granot with questions asking if this, that or the other could be expanded/improved/renovated. The engineer did answer my questions a few times with instructions on a particular function, but never changed anything, then gradually did not email me back at all, since I was not the monthly purchaser of the software service.

They claimed it did not keep an accurate list of customers, did not notify in real-time, populates rates inaccurately, and the template for local moving does not work properly.

On the company’s own Facebook page, the reviews are more positive with an average of 5 stars out of 5. There, customers claimed the software was their company’s lifeline and that the company and software was excellent.

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The Bottom Line

If you run a moving company, it is imperative to have the best options for a smooth running business. Having software that allows you to do everything in one place is paramount to some. Whether you are a small moving company that only needs the basics, or a large company that needs the best software there is, Granot may be right for you.

Make sure you check out the pros and cons, the differences in packages, and look at the unbiased reviews from real customers. Keep in mind that one bad review is not necessarily indicative of what the company has to offer. On the other hand, constructive negative reviews allow you to see what the issues are and if they affect your needs.


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