Green Drop Donations: Review and Overview

It’s only when it comes time to packing up for a big move that the startling revelation occurs – you’re somewhat of a hoarder! In fact, you may be well on your way to getting your own TLC show! Before the stress of packing everything up gets to you, find out how GreenDrop Charitable Donations can […]

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It’s only when it comes time to packing up for a big move that the startling revelation occurs – you’re somewhat of a hoarder! In fact, you may be well on your way to getting your own TLC show! Before the stress of packing everything up gets to you, find out how GreenDrop Charitable Donations can help. Find out how you can give them to those in need – and simplify your move at the same time. Read on for eight reasons to consider GreenDrop donations for your big upcoming move.

moving day

moving day!

1. What is GreenDrop?

GreenDrop is a donation service that accepts gently used items for resale in thrift stores. The money raised from the sale of these once unwanted goods supports charities like Military Order of the Purple Heart, the National Federation of the Blind, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia, and the American Red Cross. According to GreenDrop’s website, “In 2015, charity proceeds from the sale of the donated goods to the thrift stores exceeded $2.5 million – supporting charitable programs locally and nationwide.”

You can find GreenDrop locations all over Delaware, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Virgina. You can consult their locations listing directly on their website or you can click here to schedule a pick-up.



2. What Does GreenDrop Accept?

Before scheduling a pickup or planning a drop-off, it’s probably a good idea to get familiar with what this charitable organization does and does not accept. GreenDrop accepts clothing, shoes, kitchenware, toys, unused and unopened toiletries, small appliances, small furniture, electronics, books, sporting equipment and loads more.

You can actually verify a more detailed list right here. The only things GreenDrop does not accept are items that are both too large and heavy, like dishwashers, or beds, children’s car seats and other items that may be dangerous once expired, and a few other common household items. To verify the complete list of unacceptable items, you can visit their website for more information.


3. How Do My Donations Work?

Once GreenDrop accepts your unwanted items, they are sorted and placed for sale at local thrift shops at reasonable and affordable prices. The money raised from the sale of these items goes right back into the community to finance programs many needy American families depend on. Your donation is also an environmentally-friendly choice according to Greendrop’s website: “Not only do you make a charitable donation, but you make a difference for the environment – by extending the life of unwanted items to individuals in need.”

4. Who Are these Charitable Organizations?

The American Red Cross services the entire nation, providing disaster relief and emergency aid to citizens in need. Without this humanitarian organization, natural disaster survivors all across America would be hungry, homeless, and alone.

red cross donation

The Military Order of the Purple Heart works to fund services for veterans across the country. Whether it is in the form of physical rehabilitation, welfare, or caring for surviving family members, this organization puts the care of our valued veterans and their families above all else.


An equally charitable organization, the National Federation of the Blind is the largest and oldest organization in America for the blind. Their mission is to help deliver services and tools to the visually impaired.


Finally, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul of Philadelphia believes in one core value: “Neighbors helping neighbors.” Your donations can quickly convert into what GreenDrop calls “critical dollars.” Proceeds are used to better the nation and provide care to those who need it most.


5. How Do I Donate?

A great feature of the GreenDrop program is that it is remarkably easy to donate. If you’re in the middle of a move, you probably don’t have tons of time to spare. To make donating simple and easy, you can either drop off your unwanted goods at one of the many GreenDrop locations in your area or call to schedule a pick-up.

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6. Home Clean-Out Service

After the death of a loved one, sorting through a lifetime of items can be an overwhelming task – especially for those still grieving the loss of their relative. GreenDrop offers a Concierge service that will come straight to your location and help you sort through all the furniture, clothing, and household items suitable for donation. This way, you don’t need to do all the triage of goods completely on your own, wondering what can be donated and what can’t. GreenDrop’s goal is to make donations as easy as possible.


packing is a huge help

7. Is GreenDrop a Legitimate Organization?

With many unverified websites promoting fake services, it can be tough to decipher whether or not one company is legitimate or not. The best way to confirm this is to check with the verified organizations they work with.

For example, the American Red Cross confirms their partnership with GreenDrop on their website, encouraging Americans to opt for donating rather than simply throwing away their products. You can also verify the company on the GreenDrop LinkedIn page, where you can connect with some of their 500 employees. You’ll also be able to confirm their contact information and read user reviews.

8. What Do People Have to Say About GreenDrop?

From the feedback on GreenDrop’s website, you’ll see that hundreds of people have had a great experience in working with them.

Jill K. from Rosedale, MD, says, “Thank you so much for coordinating my pick up and assisting me with getting much of mom’s items donated to Purple Heart. I appreciate everyone’s assistance and help in making my overwhelming job of clearing out my mom’s condo much easier. ”

Linda and Paul of Street, MD, echo those same positive sentiments. “We would be happy to recommend GreenDrop to anyone who needs this valuable service. We are happy to know that our donation will help the good work of the Purple Heart,” they wrote.

Yelp user Taheera B. of New Orleans, LA says she was satisfied with how simple the drop-off actually was. “The process was super easy! I pulled up with my bags. The gentleman came and asked where I wanted the items donated…He got my bags. I got an email. And that’s that,” she says. Another Yelp user says she will consider a GreenDrop donation again. “You can select where your donation goes to from several charities, in my case Purple Heart,” says Patricia G. of Arlington, VA. “I’ll be happy to drop off donations again in the future, thanks to the easy process, convenient location and helpful, pleasant staff.”


Whether you’re moving in Fairfax, Baltimore, or Montclair, donating your unused items through Green Drop Charitable Donations can make a big difference to the charities they support.  Green Drop offers a great service to anyone moving that needs to offload items they don’t want to bring with them.    Green Drop supports wonderful charities and their Concierge service (available in Philadelphia) offers a huge help to those with large amounts of stuff to donate.

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Doug Breaker

Doug founded in 2012 to make moving less stressful, more transparent and easier.

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