Insider Tips For Scoring Free Moving Boxes


Packing your things for an upcoming move? Depending on how much stuff you have, you’re probably going to need a whole lotta boxes. Sure, you have options when it comes to containers you can pack into your moving truck, but the classic cardboard box is a mainstay for a reason… it gets the job done.

Buying boxes is easy, but if you’re hoping to save on moving expenses, here are some suggestions for where you might be able to score free boxes. Some seem like no-brainers but some genuinely surprised us when we started researching these tips.

Happy hunting!

Friends, Family, Frequent Associates: A good place to start is within your network. Asking around is easier than ever these days. A few timely Facebook updates can find their way to helpful friends with boxes to spare.

Craigslist: Craigslist and other popular web-boards contain a ‘Free’ section, and cardboard boxes are a common sight among the unwanted wares. Search in your city or neighborhood and chances are you’ll find some posts from folks who just wrapped up their move and looking to unload some moving goodies.

Bookstores: Businesses of all shapes and sizes take shipments, so in general most will probably have used boxes they’d be willing to part with. But we’ve heard bookstores have some of the sturdiest boxes that have weathered the weight of freshly minted and vintage novels. With all businesses, call ahead or ask when the staff isn’t swamped.

Convenience store: Another business that’s constantly receiving shipments, your local store on the corner could have more clean boxes for you to use.

Fast food restaurants: Surprised to see this on the list? Many burgers and fries joints receive their shipments as frozen packages, which are less likely to leave behind residual funk.

Bars and liquor stores: Just like other businesses on this list, bars and liquor stores also receive shipments nearly every week. Bonus: these are usually uniform in size so you’ll have an easier time stacking these in your car or moving truck. Heads up: if you’re looking to re-use these boxes for shipping, be sure to cover up all the alcohol brands, logos and labels, which are restricted by the USPS.

Post Office: The US Postal Service often has free boxes you can pick up without any hassle.

These are only a few options, but it’s a solid start to your box hunt. When you’re all unpacked, remember to pass on your used boxes to help another happy move! If you think we missed any box gold mines, let us know in the comments!

Think this is too much of a hassle? You can purchase boxes online and get free 1-2 day shipping. Much, much easier. Aahhhh.    Or, head out and get some Home Depot Moving Boxes or Lowes Moving Boxes, both give good options at a variety of price points.


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