OrbitzMoving.com: What Happened to it? History and Overview

What happened to OrbitzMoving.com?

If you needed a moving quote a few years ago, there’s a chance that you came across a moving site called OrbitzMoving.com.   As a former Orbitz.com employee, this site confused me.   I knew Orbitz.com had nothing to do with it, but why did it steal use the Orbitz.com name?

While lots of people assumed it was associated with the travel company Orbitz headquartered in Chicago, that couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, OrbitzMoving.com was a less-than honest site that used the Orbitz name to trick unsuspecting consumers into trusting it.

Here’s some background about the site and what happened to it.

The History of OrbitzMoving.com

OrtbitzMoving.com was popular back in about 2005, when it launched. During its peak, customers who were looking for information about moving, or seeking a place to find a reliable quote consistently came across the website.

Despite the fact that moving is an arena where scams are (unfortunately) common, and that many consumers were aware of the companies that are blacklisted by sites like MovingScam.com, OrbitzMoving.com managed to confuse customers into trusting it by using the Orbitz name.   Not cool.

Back in 2005, the site featured a few funky graphics – a moon in a blood red sky, and links for seemingly disparate categories: “moving boxes,” “mortgage,” “lawn care,” and “dish network.”   Take a look at this screenshot from the WayBackMachine:

Orbitz Moving in 2005
Now that’s one ugly site.

Despite the seeming randomness of the page, it also included a review from what seemed to be a happy customer:

OrbitzMoving provided me with the professional service I needed for my long distance move. I recommend their services to anyone planning a long distance move. Thanks guys.” – Richard Myers, NY

Below that was an offer to save 65% on the next move, and a simple statement of who OrbitzMovers was and what they did:

“Finding the right moving company can be a stressful time. Service Network relieves some of that stress by providing you with five quotes from licensed and insured moving companies. When looking at multiple moving companies there is much to consider. It is our goal to make sure that we provide you with the necessary information to assist you in locating that perfect moving company. Our network is set up to fulfill your moving needs.”

OrbitzMoving.com lasted until late 2015.   They updated their graphics a bit, but the messaging stayed the same:

Orbitz Moving in 2015
Did anyone really vote for this site?

Thankfully the site stopped operating, and now visitors see a “site not found” error when visiting OrbitzMoving.com:

2018-09-26 at 10.45 PM.png
Where did it go?

What Happened When People Contacted OrbitzMoving?

Because of its association with a very well-known name, OrbitzMoving.com succeeded in getting people to contact it on a regular basis.

Here’s a story from one customer, who goes by the name dquaredl2 on MovingScam.com, who reached out to OrbtizMoving about his upcoming transition.

This review was posted on April 27 of 2006:

“My family will be moving from Maryland to Georgia at the end of June or early July. While searching for information on moving companies, I ran across a site called OrbitzMoving.com. Foolishly trusting the Orbitz name, I registered with them. Have received numerous e-mails and phone calls, several from companies that are on MovingScam’s Blacklist, and others that insist on doing inventory either by phone or e-mail and charging based on cubic feet. …”

For the record, landing on the MovingScam.com blacklist raises a major red flag when it comes to choosing a moving company.  Experts who advise consumers on how to choose moving companies tell them to beware of companies that are willing to offer comprehensive estimates over the phone.    Because giving estimates over the phone is remote and almost impossible to estimate correctly, it’s a safe bet that the brands behind it are doing something less-than-honest.

The reviewer goes on to say the following:

One guy claiming to “run a multi-million dollar company” called me within minutes of getting my e-mails…He was rather huffy with me when he insisted that it is perfectly legal for them to quote my move based on volume rather than weight if it is in their tariff….I tried to contact the OrbitzMoving.com site through the e-mail address they listed, and the message bounced back as undeliverable.”

This customer managed to get out of being scammed thanks to some information offered by other reviewers. This experience goes to show how damaging a company like this can be, and how dangerous it is to get involved with moving companies that have loose morals and predatory policies.

While the site was registered privately, there was a section on the site that said the following:

“Orbitz Moving is privately owned and operated. We are a subsidiary of a larger conglomerate company, Precision Management LLC, headquartered in Washington, D.C. Our team is dedicated to providing its customers with the highest quality of service possible. It is our goal to ensure that as a customer you are completely satisfied.”

Looking Ahead: Past ObritzMoving.com

While OrbitzMoving.com managed to make many people hopeful about an impending move, only to bomb them out with spammy emails and offers, it’s essentially fallen into being defunct.

The site all but went offline in 2015 and hasn’t popped back up since. Today, customers looking for moving quotes must still be careful about which companies they trust, but it’s a relief that this particular site is gone. While OrbitzMoving.com claimed to be voted the #1 moving site for having served millions of customers, it was far from it and only wasted consumer time left and right.

For fully transparent reviews from only the companies you would like quotes from, submit a quote on MovingCompanyReviews.com.   We fully verify every review on site with a moving receipt (bill of lading), and it’s our goal to connect consumers with the highest quality movers, whether you’re in Littleton, Henderson, or Brookhaven.   Good luck with your next move!

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