Top Qualities to Look for in Online Mover Reviews


If you’re looking to add a pleasant move experience to the top of your gratitude list, it’s important to do your own online research before booking a mover. To make it easier to identify the most insightful online reviews, (MCR) data revealed the qualities of a top rated mover review (according to five star reviews for the top 10 movers nationwide on When you’re searching to book a mover, make sure the below qualities are mentioned in the online reviews.

Top five qualities that make up a five-star review:

  1. Worked hard and efficiently (as indicated in 100% of reviews )
  2. Staff was friendly and professional (as indicated in 97% of reviews)
  3. Movers were on time or early (as indicated in 73% of reviews)
  4. Movers handled belongings carefully and protected the homes e.g. in bad weather (as indicated in 66% of reviews)
  5. Staff was easy to communicate with and proactively followed up post-move (as indicated in 52% of reviews)

Traits to identify when reading online reviews:

  1. Expert knowledge: When hiring someone to move your belongings, you want a crew who works quickly, efficiently and knows expert tricks of the trade. You will be in awe of how quick and seamless a move goes when it is clear that the movers are experienced and professional.
  2. Respectful: The best movers have friendly and respectful crews. These crews will make you feel comfortable, despite the fact that they are strangers who are in your home and handling your belongings. MCR reviews have mentioned that the best crews are even funny and enjoyable to have around.
  3. Timeliness: Top ranked movers on MCR repeatedly mention timeliness. No one ever complained that a mover came too early.
  4. Thoughtfulness: The best movers will take care of your home and belongings using the proper protective materials (blankets, shrink wrap etc) and will take special care to protect a home during bad weather like rain or snow.
  5. Honesty: If a problem occurs, the best movers are proactive about addressing it. Complications will happen, but it is the way that the movers handle issues that really matters. Several reviewers acknowledged that something went wrong but were impressed that the company owner or foreman stepped in to make things right – promptly and professionally.

Need a place to start your research? Visit to search by your location.Before booking a mover, interview at least three different moving companies to avoid booking an unprofessional or unlicensed mover.

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