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After a successful stint of small campus moves for friends and students that gradually grew by word of mouth, two friends decided to expand their business to fill a niche for a full service moving company with a lot of hometown heart. So in 2008, owner and founder Steve Reed and Jonathan Greer, VP of […]

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After a successful stint of small campus moves for friends and students that gradually grew by word of mouth, two friends decided to expand their business to fill a niche for a full service moving company with a lot of hometown heart. So in 2008, owner and founder Steve Reed and Jonathan Greer, VP of Sales and Marketing, recruited a few more friends to join their business. And because former college baseball players filled most of their lineup, Big League Movers was born.

In just five years since Big League Movers first opened their doors, they’ve quickly grown to be one of the biggest moving companies in Memphis and have since expanded into Atlanta, booking thousands of moves a year.

We chatted with Steve and Jonathan to find out how Big League Movers thrived in an industry tainted by rogues and a lack of transparency, by anchoring their business in a customer-driven culture that starts and ends with trust.

MCR: When booking a move with you, what can customers expect?

Big League Movers: We try and hold their hand from start to finish. Every touchpoint with a customer, from our sales team to the actual crew on move day, we make it our job to be that customer’s buddy. We also educate them on moving and let them know what time we’re arriving and what they can expect every step of the way.

We know it’s hard to find an honest mover. We saw a lot of room in the industry for a professional moving company with good ethics, morals and people you would feel comfortable letting into your home.

MCR: What steps have you taken to give customers and prospects peace of mind?

meetmoverBig League Movers: We pride our self on locally recruiting and personally vetting our staff with thorough background checks and references from friends and family. Our guys are very clean cut, polite and professional. These are the same guys we’ve had in our own homes who helped us with our moves. In fact, we have a page on our site with photos, bios and profiles of our great crew so customers know exactly who is coming to their home.

MCR: We saw that! Love the sports theme and the way you made the profiles into baseball cards with photos and stats for each person. So aside from building trust, what else is important to you guys when working with customers and prospects?

Big League Movers: Education, definitely. We want everyone to have a happy move, so we do our best to help prospects and customers make informed decisions about their move and share some professional advice on what we’ve learned from all of our years in the business.

MCR: Awesome. Can you give our readers some advice on how to find a great mover online?

Big League Movers: The most important thing is to do your homework. There are a lot of scammers and rogues out there, so make sure you’re looking at licensed, quality movers. You also want to compare estimates and definitely read reviews to gauge customer experiences. And don’t just take a mover’s word for it; secure a hard commitment in writing! We pick up a lot of moves for customers who booked with other companies who never showed up, leaving them in a bad spot. We also encourage everyone to ask A LOT of questions until you’re comfortable. Especially when it comes to understanding total costs and any extra fees upfront.

MCR: What would you say to someone who’s on the fence about moving themselves with a couple friends, the promise of free pizza and beer…or hiring a professional?

WP_20131022_008Big League Movers: Make sure you get a clear understanding for how long your move will take from both sides. Nine times out of ten, we’re going to come in quicker, so think about what that time saved means to you. We also recommend folks know how to properly pack and secure their belongings. Great movers aren’t just professionals at getting your stuff from point A to point B.

Moving day is also filled with a lot of stress, so be realistic with your expectations for managing stress. When you hire us, all we want you to worry about on move day is pulling up a nice glass of lemonade to watch us do our job.

MCR: Speaking of jobs, we always love to hear about some memorable moves. What are some of yours?

Big League Movers: You know, we’ve done our fair share of celebrity moves for plenty of athletes and musicians. But some of the things that really stand out right now are more about the stuff we moved rather than its owners.

We’ve actually moved the same 12-foot tall Hulk statue twice for two different professional athletes. And we’ve had the privilege of moving a piece of local Atlanta history: an official Olympic torch from the 1996 Summer Olympic Games when it was held in Atlanta.

MCR: What do you guys think about reviews and how do you track your customer satisfaction?

Big League Movers: We love reviews and customer insight. We always ask for it and appreciate when our customers share honest feedback with us. Good or bad, we absolutely hold ourselves accountable to that and will make changes where we need to.

We take a lot of pride in the fact that more than half of our business is due to repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals. Just validates for us the fact that there’s a lot of room in the industry for honest, ethical movers.

MCR: What do you see is the future for moving? And what are you doing to influence that vision positively?

Big League Movers: We see more technology and innovation changing the industry for the better, and we’ve adjusted our own processes to meet emerging expectations. Like creating instant chat on our site because we understand customers want us to be available to them on demand. Mobile is also huge, so we’re trying to get in line with that.

But we feel that no matter how the industry shifts and new things get introduced, a customer-driven mentality is still going to be the most important thing to help the industry move forward.

Yes, moving is a skilled labor trade, but it’s really about people and helping them transition smoothly from one part of their life to the next. Whether we’re doing a move or giving back to our community by lending our guys and trucks to programs like Toys For Tots – at the very core of everything we’re doing…is trying to give people a happier day.

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