What’s a Bill of Lading and why do we need them for reviews?

A Bill of Lading Primer

The Bill of Lading (BOL) is one of the most important documents you’ll receive from your mover. Your mover should give this to you on moving day and it includes crucial information about your move, like your “from” and “to” addresses, inventory of your belongings and costs. You can read more about the BOL here. Think of it as a confirmation of everything you and your mover have agreed to. If anything doesn’t look right, talk to your mover before signing.

We’re not snooping; we’re just thorough

When you review your mover on MCR, we require that you attach your BOL in order for your review to be published. “Eek! But it has my address!” you may think. Don’t worry. We’ll never publish your BOL on the site and we’re not trying to be nosy. The BOL is just the very best way for us to verify that all of our reviews come from real consumers for real moves.

What we look for on the BOL

First, we need to be able to read it. Then, we check for the mover’s name, location and license number (these should all be part of their paperwork). To verify your move, we at minimum check for your from/to locations, your move date and your signature indicating that the move was completed.

What’s so great about ‘verified’?

We’ve all seen the questionable review that’s just too good to be true. How do you know what to trust? By validating each review with a BOL, we can guarantee that the reviews you’re reading are real. It’s also our way of ensuring that a mover can’t keep a bad review from being posted. If we can prove the move happened, we’ll publish the review to help others avoid a bad experience.

So, when we ask you for your BOL with your review, we’re really not trying to be annoying. We’re just trying to be the most trusted source on the web for mover reviews. Love this idea? Hate it? Let us know at support@movingcompanyreviews.com.





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