Specialty Movers

Sometimes you have more to move than just your typical furniture. For unique items like pianos or antiques, find a quality specialty mover to make sure your move is done right.

Piano Movers

When Is It Better to Use a Piano Mover Specialist?

  • When the Piano is of High Value
  • When the Piano is of Large Size

What Makes a Piano Mover Specialist Different?

  • Specific Piano-Moving Equipment
  • Air-Ride Truck with Proper Padding
  • Experience to Know the Number of Men and Technique Required to Move Up Difficult Stairs
  • Knowledge of How the Piano Assembles and Disassembles
  • Often Provide Piano Repair and Tuning as Well

Art & Antique Movers

What Distinguishes an Art & Antique Moving Specialist from a Full-Service Mover?

It is the service of building protective wood crating that distinguishes a regular mover from an art and antique specialist. Many full-service movers that claim to offer art and antique moving do not realize that it is crating that officially distinguishes a mover as a specialist in this area.

Choosing an Art & Antiques Mover

Some attributes to look for when choosing an art & antiques mover are:

  • Climate controlled transportation to prevent damage from heat or humidity
  • Air ride trailers for a smoother ride
  • 24 hour satellite tracking for accurate status updates
  • A full range of packing and crating to fit your needs such as one-way crates, two-way crates, travel frames and museum-quality materials
  • Experience in moving galleries and museums

Auto Movers

There are 2 main types of auto moving service for moves for Intrastate and Interstate:


  • Delivery time: 1-3 weeks (pickup window 1-7 days)
  • Schedule at least a month in advance
  • Can be shipped on either an open or closed truck
  • Sometimes cars cannot be delivered door to door due to narrow streets or low power lines
  • GPS tracking of your car is offered by some
Vehicle transporters are required to insure your car at its book value. Be sure to inspect your car before and after the transfer. Some carriers do provide more insurance than the required minimum, so you may want to compare. It is good to request proof of insurance from the mover for verification anyway.


  • Less Expensive with quicker delivery time, but adds miles and wear to your car
Whether or not your car gets great mileage should be a factor in your decision. The longer the distance, the more you should favor loading your car onto a truck. Your own auto insurance typically covers you for this type of service.


There are two main types of auto moving service for International moves:
  1. Roll On Roll Off
    • Car is driven on to the marine vessel and driven off upon arrival at the new dock. There should not be any items inside the car.
  2. Container Shipping
    • Car is loaded into a 20ft or 40ft container. You can load the car and container with other belongings.

Commercial Movers


Many aspects of commercial moving that differ from the standard household goods move.
  1. Office movers normally handle the detailed set up of all of the items at the new location.
    • Office movers must have a whole new level of organization.
    • Often they will:
      • Keep a highly detailed list and floor plan layout
      • Color code and number items of a given area
      • Use bar code labels to for tracking
    • Movers must be skilled at disconnecting and reconnecting computers and other electronics
    • Movers must be skilled at disassembling and reassembling office walls and furniture
    • Typically, movers offer modular furniture installation to compliment their service, as well as:
      • Panel wall cleaning
      • Library services
      • Shredding
      • Light rigging (moving heavy items up to 6,000 pounds)
      • Remove and replace furniture for carpet installation
    • They typically provide pre-move planning and onsite training classes.
  2. They are required to have additional equipment:
    • Computer carts
    • Library carts
    • Four-wheel dollies
    • Vault/Safe Jacks
    • Panel carts
    • Tub carts
    • Executive Dollies
    • Tote boards
  3. Larger commercial movers will have additional heavy machinery:
    • Crane to move items directly out of higher floor windows
    • Mechanically powered stair climber
    • Fork lift
  4. Some specialize in small office moves, while others specialize in large moves for:
    • Corporations
    • Manufacturers
    • Hospitals
    • Laboratories
    • Restaurants
There are many different niches, so take the extra time to evaluate movers in your area in order to find movers that best specialize in your needs.

Corporate Relocation


Corporate relocation has two meanings in the moving industry:
  1. Employee transfers that include additional services including help adjusting to the new area including:
    • Lease Breaking Assistance
    • Real Estate Assistance
    • Utility Set up
    • Neighborhood Orientation
    • School assistance
  2. Moving a corporation office to another location
Unfortunately, corporate employee transfer counselors and specialists are mixed with movers claiming to service corporate office moves.

Government/GSA Approved Movers


Find more information from here.

Military/DOD Certified


Look for movers that are "Military/DOD Certified". In order to verify military certification for your mover directly with the SDDC, visit the SDDC.